Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We all know how easy it is to get sucked into the online world. You sit in front of your computer with the intention of only being on for five minutes, then you look at the little clock in the corner of the screen and somehow it's been 2 hours. I for one can say that when I'm not sewing or working my butt off, I often get sucked into the kick-ass world of DIYSCENE (www.diyscene.com) where we are gradually building a mini army of DIY Goodness.

What's even better? You can find lots of hand-made upcycled Goodies made by many very talented fashionistas ^_^ These awesome DIYers will often be mentioned in my Blogs so look out ~_^

So for my first DIYSCENE Blog, I figured it was time to get into the spirit of Back to School. And here's my little story on that....

We all get a lil bitchy...


Fabulously Fierce makes the most amazing Lampshades I've ever seen and this kick-ass Bitch Lampshade was made from a shade she had found in a flea market ^_^. And hey, you may not be able to bring it school with you but you could certainly look forward to it while doing homework in your room. ~_^

And of course we get a lil nerdy....


Culture Revolution's Totally Unique rings are all eco-friendly and made from upcycled items! Check out the Etsy store for more of these awesome keyboard rings!

And we wish we were at home watching cartoons instead...


This adorable She-Ra Dress from Poppy's Wicked Garden is made from vintage she-ra cotton! How awesome!!!!

We need pretty bags to carry all our things in right? Of course we do!....


Chyld is the mastermind behind this stunning messenger bag, made from recycled corduroy pants!!

And what about that school uniform?...


Well who wants boring when you could wear one of Glamarita's sexy Skirts made from upcycled men's neckties?! Goodbye traditional!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


So now that I have the lovely Meat-Industry blog out of the way...onto something a little more upbeat.....BOOTS!!!

I have a boot Obsession. No questions asked. Shoes not so much, but Boots make my heart flutter ♥♥.

But let's face it, the majority of boots out there are made out of dead animal hides and are generally the very opposite of eco-friendly. So what does the Vegan & Eco-Conscious Lady do? Search online.

First let's get one thing straight. All you Vegan Babes out there who refuse to be cruel to animals but then go on to buy PVC & Plastic Footwear...well I shake my head. If you're going to be against cruelty to animals then it doesn't make sense to be cruel to our Planet either. After all, without our planet where would the cute animals live? ~_^

Many other alternatives exist. But Vinyl and other plastics are just AWEFUL AWEFUL AWEFUL for our planet!!!! So pay attention to what your Vegan Footwear is made out of when purchasing.

So, Plastic iz bad. Got it? Good ~_^

Now that that is out of the way, there are MANY other eco-friendly options for the Animal-Friendly Boot-Lover in all of us ^_^.

I have been looking around the web for some time and found these goodies to share with you....

MOOSHOES for one is just an AWESOME awesome website for Vegan Goodies in general and has many many Boots (and shoes) to choose from ^_^.

A favorite of mine are the "Brighton Boot from Earth Shoes" I own a pair myself and am completely in Love !!


The customer service was EXCEPTIONAL as well!!! Super friendly and shipped out my boots pretty quick which was nice. So very happy with the purchase and with the service so I definitely Highly recommend the site! And if you're lucky enough to live in New York then you can check them out in person on Orchard Street!!!

I also recently discovered they have a taller boot as well ^_^ called the Earth Newton Boots


Next, I just LOVE these:


Alas they seem to be sold out everywheeeerrrre! :(

Still they rock! They are made of hemp and the inside is organic cotton. And if that wasn't good enough for you, welllll then; the buttons are coconut and the soles are made of recycled car tires and bamboo!! All this eco-friendly goodness jam-packed into one kick-ass Boot!!! ^_^

These next two pairs of Boots are just Adorable! ^_^ They aren't organic or particularly eco-friendly but at least they're not Plastic :p and they're still Vegan.


These adorable fabric Boots have a faux-wool knitted upper that you can wear tall or scrunched down. Cozy warm but don't get them wet...as they are fabric ~_^


They're plaid!!! What's not to love?? ~_^

So there's my first blog regarding Boots. I'm sure there will be more to come the more I search ^_^



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