Tuesday, August 30, 2011

☀ News & Updates: Alter-Eco needs a Change... ☀

Okay, so I'm not going to lie, I have been getting bored with Alter-Eco Clothing. Don't fret yet! I still love sewing and designing and creating new fantastic eco-friendly clothing!! But, I have had this system for over a year now that the majority of the designs are customizable items available in different sizes and color combinations. The thing is that I get tired of making the same things over and over again. Sometimes it's fun, in fact at first it was still lots of fun, but the longer I am doing this the more I feel like a zombie at work. Not the point or fun in having your own business. I have a creative mind that is ready to burst, and that creativity is feeling trapped in the repetitiveness that feels like a manufacturing line instead of my creative love-child. So! Here are the changes that are going to happen in the shop...

I am going to get back to creating One of a Kind pieces!! Which should be exciting for a lot of you who I know just loved the one of a kind pieces! I get to be more creative again and you get one of a kind items that no one else in the world has! Win-win right? 

For the items still listed in the shop, this will be your last chance to get those items!! So go go go and grab yourself one of these pieces as they will be the last!!! I may (and I mean May here!) re-create some pieces if you beg and plead with me but these pieces will be a bit higher priced. 

Sound good? 

Who knows, if Alter-Eco is absolutely BoOmInG then maybe I can reach a point where I can hire another seamstress to keep doing the customizable items. That would be awesome! :) 

If you guys have thoughts, ideas, opinions, I am always happy to hear them! You guys are amazing and I love you all so much! You allow me to do what I love so I am forever eternally grateful! Go ahead and give yourselves a great big hug!!! ;D 


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Monday, August 22, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays! ☺

Monday monday monday!!!! Come on, you gotta be as excited as I am right?! ;)

 Thank you Thank you! Make this your daily routine starting when you first get up in the morning! Say thank you for everything around you and everything throughout your daily routine! When your eyes open;" thank you for sight." When your feet hit the floor "thank you for touch." When you walk to the bathroom "thank you for being able to walk." You should have said thank you thousands of times by the end of the day! See how uplifting it can make you feel! And it will raise your vibrations and get your day started on a high note and maintain it!  
☺ Remove electronics from your bedroom! All those electronics are emitting negative frequencies! They'll make you not sleep as well and send negative vibes your way. Sleep is essential so unplug and remove them! And that includes your cell phone!!
☺ Live each day as if it's your last! I know, so cliche, but it's true! Make every choice today and this week as if it were your last. Make the most of things! Do the things you want to do! Stop limiting yourself or putting things off! Just do it! 
☺ Wear what you want! I've been amazed selling Alter-Eco at the markets by how many people would see something they totally loved but would say "I'm too old for that" or "I could never pull that off." It actually made me kind of sad. I wanted to shake them and tell them "YES YOU CAN!" Those that Did had the biggest smiles on their faces and actually tried on the item they had been shy about and they totally and absolutely rocked it! So wear what you want, because yes you can!! 
☺ Go on an Adventure! Make the most of the summer before it's gone! 
☺ Try not driving for the week. You may be surprised by the many different ways available to get around! Carpool, use the public transit system, ride a bike! If you don't have a bike of your own then borrow one from a friend. It IS possible!!  
☺ Remember you have a Choice! In everything you do, in your attitude, and in your life. You are the chooser, the decider. You get to choose positivity and happiness or negativity and stress.

There is an amazing week ahead of you! Embrace it and see the beauty of it! Don't take it for granted! Love life and know you are a shining gem!! 


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Friday, August 19, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Today is a Beautiful Day!! ☺

Today is a Beautiful Day!!
Because Today you get to choose to smile. 
You get to choose how you want your day to go. 
You get to choose to Love and to Laugh. 
Today you get to embrace and make the most of every second.
Today you get to choose to be Grateful for everything in your Life. 
You get to be Grateful to be Alive. 
Today you get to choose to Be the person that you Want to Be. 
Today you get to Live, Breathe, Dance, and Sing. 
Today you get to choose your Life. 
Today you get to look at the world through new eyes. 
Today you get to see the Beauty that exists all around you. 

Today is  a New Day. 
Today you get a Second Chance.
Today you get to choose to have a Beautiful Day! 


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

☆ What's Going On: Renewable Energy Stats! ☆

Another tid bit I'm grabbing to share with you lovelies ;) For those with some doubts about it being economically possible to go green and get away from our dependency on the oil industry and non-renewable resources. I found this interesting and felt it was worth sharing. :)


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Monday, August 15, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

Isn't life amazing? And wonderful? And beautiful and epic and fantastic?!! Why yes it is!!

☺  Say YES! Life is Amazing! Every morning this week and month and forever! Life is what you want it to be and our thoughts are the direct source to all of that wonder and happiness! Start your day with positivity! Remind yourself consistently that life is fantastic!
☺ Stop Worrying so much... I apologize because I mention this one a lot but it's usually a reoccurring thing for most of us. Stop stressing out!! Especially over things that have not yet happened. Have faith that everything will go smoothly and they most likely will! 
☺ "Do It Now!!!" Apply this attitude Now!! ;) No more procrastinating or putting things off! When something comes up do it immediately! Watch how your life may change... and get a bit more organized and easier! 
☺ Read Labels... whether it's food ingredients or beauty products, pay attention to what you are subjecting your body to. So many things these days cause cancer, asthma, and a whole onslaught of other illnesses that you could be saving your body from if only you pay attention to those labels. Get educated! Care about your lovely body! 
☺ Make use of "Waiting!" Instead of sitting there feeling impatient and anxious, take that time to focus on what you want in life, what you are grateful for, and focus on positivity. Stressing out isn't going to make things run any faster, in fact it will do just the opposite. So try it! Next time you're at that traffic light, construction zone, grocery or coffee line-up, stop and make it a positive experience! Raise those vibrations and you'll brighten your day!   
☺ Make a list of "Secret Shifters!" These are things that can change your feelings in a snap! If you're feeling down and need to get back on track this is the list to turn to. Make it a list of anything that makes you feel good; music, a memory, a picture, someone you love, nature, anything at all! It's important to have many because different "Secret Shifters" will work on different days. 
☺ Dance in the Rain! Naked!!! I love dancing in the rain, but after the suggestion from my sister, I am now determined to dance in the rain naked!! Next time it's raining see where you can get away with it! 

Have a fantabulous week!!! Make it amazing! Make it epic! And remember to keep that beautiful smile on your face!!!   


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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Brown Rice Banana Bread!!! Ⓥ

I have to say this is probably the most amazing gluten-free banana bread I've ever made or tried. I am super happy with the results! It turned out nice and moist and packed-full of flavor of course! Always make sure your bananas are over-ripe when making banana bread--it makes a HUGE difference! 

Brown Rice Banana Bread:

"Banana mixture":
3-4 over-ripe Bananas
Egg Replacer equal to 2 eggs. 
(just under) 1/4 cup of oil
1/3 cup Agave Nectar (or other sweetener, we actually used brown rice syrup)
2 Tbsp Almond Milk (or other vegan milk)
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

"Dry ingredients":
1 1/2 cups Brown Rice Flour
1/4 cup Oat Flour (you can find gluten-free varieties)
1/2 cup Tapioca Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Salt
1/3 cup Carob Chips

Preheat oven to 350° F. Lightly oil a 9-inch loaf pan and set aside. 

In a food processor, blend together all the "banana mixture" until smooth. You could also use a blender or just mash it all in a mixing bowl, just requires some more work. ;)

In a medium bowl, stir together the "dry ingredients." Add the blended banana mixture and stir until "just mixed."

Pour evenly into loaf pan and bake for 40-50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool for 10-15 minutes before removing from pan. 

Makes 1 loaf. 

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! We topped it off with some Rice Dream ice cream. Mmmmm!!!! :) 


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Weekly "Smile Up"!☺

Alright, so I admit that I haven't been posting as often as I'd like. And I know you all miss my ramblings about life. I definitely want to get back in the swing of things and I have a lot that I want to be blogging about and promise to make the time to post once again regularly! :) 

Well well then, what has been going on in the life of Bianca Jade... What about life is awesome? What about life do I have to be Grateful for? 

August 13th Weekly "Smile Up":

Life has been insane and busy--and since I already wrote up a big long post that most of you will likely not sit through to read, I will spare you any more chatter about Shambhala. If you want to know more, you can read the post. If it's too long for you, worry not, I won't be offended! ;) But regardless of that you should skip to the part about my Manifestation experience because it's a story that is worth sharing and worth reading and will have you, like me, believing fully in the power of manifestation and the Law of Attraction! And it will change your life!!!

☺ Making New amazing wonderful like-minded friends... which is another thing that I manifested into my life!
☺ Worked the Friday Night Market as part of the "I Heart Trunk Show" here in Nelson which was a lot of fun and got to meet some awesomely talented ladies! 
☺ My first Shambhala!!! 
☺ Watching Dub Fx (at Shambhala)--such an amazing show!!! 
☺ Our growing garden!!! We had zucchini a week or so ago and it was delicious!  
☺ Grasshopper Juice Bar!!! This new juice bar/smoothie/raw desserts place opened up a couple weeks ago and it is my new favorite place in town! Their patio is beautiful, the location is perfect, the food is delicious, the owner is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and the smoothie menu is like no other I have ever seen! Very stoked about this place!! :) 
☺ I don't say it enough, but I am very grateful for my husband. He has helped me out so much with the Markets, driving us to Shambhala, treating me with so much love and respect. I could not ask for a better partner. 
☺ More trades at the markets!! I absolutely love it!!! 
☺ Sharing love and community. 
☺ Adventuring of so many kinds!
☺ Trying new things and experiencing life to the fullest! 
☺ Randomly running into my mom and little sister while stepping out to buy thread. 
☺ My kitties, of course. They are so sweet and always brighten my day!
☺ Helping people out when they are in need. I had an interesting experience last night and I am so glad that I was there to help this girl out after her boyfriend struck her at the park across from our place. It's nice to help people out when you are able to. 
☺ Sharing wisdom and life lessons with other people. It's great to hear people's stories and to share your own. 
☺ Girl time!!! I have missed it and I have been so lucky to have so much of it in the past month or two. Girlfriends are a must!  
☺ Learning to be comfortable with Solitude. Taking the opportunity to grow and embrace it. A little solitude is good for self-exploration. 
☺ Sticking to what I believe in and doing things that way that I choose. 
☺ Getting to actually see customers in my clothing and watching them try things one and appreciate my work. One thing I miss from selling online. Although I still love all the photos you lovelies submit! :)
☺ Seeing my niece today and my sister. They are both so beautiful. 
☺ Seeing family in general. 
☺ Being able to depend on people. 
☺ Seeing friends that I have no seen in a long time.
☺ We've had lots of beautiful sunshine and I feel like our summer is finally here! Embracing it to the fullest. It did however rain, I mean downpour, the other day and so I went and enjoyed it and danced in it. Gotta embrace whatever life throws your way! ;)

Loving: Meeting People • Dancing • Music • Art • Manifestations • The Law of Attraction • Beach days • Dread Beads • Earrings • Scarfs • Furry Hoods/Hats • Leopard print • Sunrises • Girlfriends • Lace • Smiling • Other people's Smiles • Sharing laughter • Dancing in the Rain • Synchronicity • Living!

Interests for the week:
✯  Still reading "The Secret"... it's such an amazing book, I recommend it anyone! 
✯  Anxiously watching "True Blood," the only TV show I've really been watching lately. Not had a whole of TV lately which is great. 
✯  Watched a couple pretty awesome movies lately though.  
Music Playlist: welll, a whole lotta techno, dubstep, and DJ music from Shambhala. But for my Music Playlist... Dub FX, Invasive, RHCP, Paramore's "Monster," Audioslave and Soundgarden--I so love Chris Cornell's voice!!
✯  Food Faves: Black Beans Smoothies Banana Bread Thai Food Chocolate Peanut Butter Raw Cookies Falafel Coconut Water

Lessons of the week: 
☀ Believe without any doubts that your Manifestations will happen and they will! Every day you get a second chance at being Who you Want to Be. Be comfortable with Solitude. Learn, embrace, and grow from it. There's no point in harming your body with drugs or alcohol. You should be able to be yourself without it and still have fun. Be the person YOU Want to Be! Have faith in the Law of Attraction. Positivity is a cycle that if you choose to consciously maintain will bring you all sorts of magical wonders.  

I hope your lives are filled with as much love and positivity and wonders as mine does! And if it doesn't, make it so that it does! Share your week, your experiences, lessons, what you're grateful for! I love hearing your own stories! :) 


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Friday, August 12, 2011

☺ Inspirational: My Shambhala Experience!☺

I have had a super busy weekend! Life in general has been pretty busy and fabulous. I blabbered my mouth off in my latest Video Blog but I thought I would share a bit in writing as well about my Shambhala experience for those who don't or can't watch the video blogging. 

Shambhala 2011... 

Let me take you on this magical adventure to the massive music event that becomes home to 10,000-20,000 people every August, running as early as Wednesday (if you want to pay extra for early entry) until Monday morning. Welcoming you as you enter the gates, after the long drive up a dirt road, is the heavy bass of talented DJs and Dubstep music drumming all day and night, resonating throughout your entire body and becoming the new rhythm to your heart.  This annual event takes you to a farmland encased by forest and alongside a river close to Salmo B.C. (about 40 minutes from Nelson where I live). But you wouldn't know you were on a farm by the mass amounts of tents set up in various themed camps, flags, VW campers, stages, vendor and food booths, and a ferris wheel spread out across the land. Only the piggies and cows before the gates give you any indication of a farm at all. 

The trees are decorated with lanterns, artwork, decorations of wondrous and vast kinds. A labyrinth within the forest winds between the five stages, each with it's own theme and unique and elaborate decorations and details. The entire place is like some fantasy land where people walk about dressed like woodland creatures, adorned in furry hoods, fairy wings, pixie clothing, and even crazy costumes like Mario Nintendo characters, the Flintstones, and Bert and Ernie. Anything goes. As the weekend goes on there are also more and more girls walking around forgetting their tops altogether. Freedom celebrated and embraced, and who can complain about boobies? 

This Shambhala was my first year, which may seem strange for a girl who grew up in Nelson where just about everyone makes their excursion to the event every summer. To most, Shambhala is an experience of freedom but also of experimentation... and by that I mean a whole lot of drugs. This is the reason I had never been. Call me lame, "boring" or whatever you'd like, I just never got into drugs. Perhaps it had something to do with certain experiences about my family. Or perhaps even because there was a point in my life where I was either going to go down a very negative road (where I would abuse drugs as a method of self-destruction) or else allow myself to climb back up with my knight in shining armor. I chose the latter and so perhaps I always viewed drugs of any kind as self-destructive. But hey, this is just my opinion, formed by my own experiences and circumstances. I know for most Shambhala is an opportunity to do all the drugs you want and not have to look over your shoulders. And everyone is just out to have a fun and have smiles on their faces and do some self- and life-discovery. It is liberating for most attending. For myself, it was the thing intimidating me from ever going. 

This year--my first summer back in Nelson, having left for almost four years after high school--I was back facing the desire to go to this magical land. I always loved the idea of it all; dancing all night, sharing love and community, dressing up and prancing around like a fairy, enjoying the company of friends and strangers, peace and no judgement, and escape from society. But again, I had that nagging in the back of my mind about the drugs. I debated going, and after getting excited about it all I decided I wanted to go. Plus, I'd met some amazing new friends who I wanted to share the experience with. My friend, Talia, also had the same ideas as I had, and she had experienced a bad time four years ago when she had first been to Shambhala. We decided this would be the year where we both got to go and have an amazing positive experience. And we did. 

The power of the mind is a crazy and powerful thing. And this is where I feel the need to share my little story about just that...

The Power of Manifestations! 
I had decided that I wanted to go to Shambhala, but there was another road block. Tickets were $300.00 and I wasn't comfortable, or really had the money, to spend that much to go. I wasn't ready to let that stop me from going. I started pondering over all the help Positive Affirmations and Manifestations had already done for me. Of course, they seemed like smaller things, but I had been reading and hearing more and more about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting all your wants and desires into reality. I was really beginning to believe it to the upmost that I could and so I was ready to place my faith once again into it. 

The Saturday before Shambhala, while vending at the Cottonwood Market, I was talking to a lot of people about Shambhala--it being the common topic of discussion as everyone gets excited as the event draws closer. I was telling people that I had decided I was going, but that I wasn't sure how I would be getting there yet, just that I knew that I was indeed going. One new acquaintance told me about changing my wording from "wanting" to "choosing" and another lovely had told me about all the things she had accomplished simply through "choosing." So, I told my self that I was "choosing" to go to Shambhala. The next day, I told myself that I was going to Shambhala, but not only that; I had it set in my mind that somehow someone was going to give me a ticket. I had no idea the how or why, just that it was going to happen. And I believed it with upmost faith. I told my girlfriend, Andrea, about this as well who I spent a lovely day at the beach with. That night I got a phone call from her and she told me "Bianca, you're not going to believe this but... I have a ticket for you." As it turned out her friend could no longer make it out, a last minute change--which was unfortunate for her and my lovely friend as she had been looking forward to seeing her. But suddenly I had my ticket. And so I could no longer doubt the power of manifesting your life. 

We manifested Talia's ticket as well, although hers wasn't free. Our request for her ticket wasn't quite as clear I suppose, a sprinkle of doubt had ran us about a bit. But we ended up with a cheap ticket and it all came together really well in the end. 

The whole weekend worked out brilliantly and perfectly for that matter....

My Shambhala Weekend...
Talia and I got in Friday night. By the time we got there it was starting to get dark out. Our bags were super heavy with our tent and sleeping gear (and costumes of course!) so we were fortunate to be granted the kindness of a staff member who gave us a ride further up the fields to a better camping area. At first we were going to settle for a camp-spot in a more open area of the field, although we felt a bit uncomfortable with our location it being just the two of us, when a guy from Nelson came up to us and told us we should go and camp up with his "group" which turned out to just be him and a friend. But the spot was perfect, right in the shade of a tree (and near bushes to pee in) so we were grateful for yet another act of kindness within our short arrival. The shade of the trees would be greatly appreciated in the morning as well so that we could actually sleep in too! 

We set up camp, ate some food, and had some awesome girl-talk and bonding. After getting ready, and having a few drinks and more girl-talk, we headed down to explore the stages and music. The place was amazing, again, like some magical land, with food vendors set up late and a ferris wheel lit up to look out upon the land. It was hard to know exactly where we were with it being dark already, even with lanters hanging from trees and the lights from stages, so we headed to the most obvious stage we could find. The light shows were amazing! The stages were epic! The music was LOUD! And we danced the night away! 
We wandered about a bit, discovering a couple vendor booths still open, the first being "Bolli" where we discovered... the furry hoods!! I have been eyeing up the furry hoods by SpiritHood foreverrrr and have been really wanting one. Before even going to Shambhala I had thought to myself that I would have loved to have had one to wear there but I was obviously too late to order. So when we stumbled upon this booth I knew I was in trouble. It just so happened they had one furry hood left with the ears and not too outrageous (as in brightly colored or anything)that I knew I would wear even after Shambhala. It had to be mine, and so I made my first purchase. It's not so bad spending money every so often, it was something I really wanted and I certainly enjoyed it all weekend long! Not to mention the guy, Andrew, who ran the booth was super nice and had some great words of wisdom and I enjoyed meeting him. 

We checked out another tent with some of the most dazzling artwork I've ever seen. Absolutely breath-taking and mesmerizing. Afterwards it was time for some more dancing. 

It must have been about 4:30 in the morning by the time we decided to head back to camp. We had no way of knowing what time it was which was incredibly liberating, so we couldn't know for sure, but the sky was getting light out. It was beautiful. 
We tried to sleep on our yoga mats and sleeping bags on the ground. Fortunately the ground was much softer than I had thought it would be and it was warm enough out that we didn't have to worry about the cold. Still, we didn't sleep much. It's difficult when you can hear the music no matter where you are and when people are still wandering and stumbling about at all hours of the day and night. 

After several attempts at sleep, we finally got up and got something to eat before heading back out to explore--this time under the light of day. I can't put into words just how amazing this place was and the amount of work that must go into setting it all up. Epic and magical. It's all I can think of. 

We wandered through the vending booths where there was an insane amount of talent! It was very hard not to buy everything there. Next year I am hoping to take part in the vending area to show off Alter-Eco Clothing. 

We both spent some money and met some really amazing and wonderful people. And we got to prance around in our fairy wings under the heat as well. That is one thing I should say... it was ridiculously hot all weekend long so we were careful not to stay out in the direct sunlight too long. We also checked out the beach area since we hadn't got to the night before, where more reggae beats played. And we also found the "Wishing Tree" filled with all sorts of positivity and randomness, and even some sadness. Most of the wishes were about love which, one way or another, was incredibly beautiful. 

From lack of sleep, and because Talia had to work Sunday, we debating going back home for the night. She is a server and two nights of no sleep would likely result in many trays on the floor. Not such a great idea. We were both tired and the day I was most looking forward to was Sunday anyway so I wanted to make sure I was alive enough to enjoy it. I don't know how people stay out there all weekend long... maybe it's all the drugs... but I am glad that we went home that night. We packed up only what we needed and headed back along the dirt road to hitchhike. Along the way, we stopped to play with the piggies and it totally reenforced my longing to one day have a pet pig. They ran to greet us at the fence and fought for attention and pets, oinking away and gnawing on our hands. They were adorable!! 

We went back to the road and stuck out our thumbs. We were nervous about hitchhiking with it getting late but we were also both confident and set on something safe and positive coming along. As it happened, the people who picked us up couldn't have been more perfect. A small camper with a lovely friendly couple and their two children invited us up and were fortunately even heading all the way to Nelson. They were so kind and welcoming. Once again, the power of manifestations and a positive attitude.

It was a relief to shower away all the sweat, dust, and dirt, and sleep in my own bed. And see my loving husband. So thankful!! 

Sunday morning, I decided I would head back out before Talia, as she wouldn't get off work until about 10 pm. I was ready to hitch but something told me to check my facebook first. A good friend of mine, Kristin, and her boyfriend just so happened to be heading out there at just the right time. Another perfect event for the weekend, their company always something I greatly enjoy. 

Go with the Flow...

Once we got back into the massive festival, I attempted to find my friend Andrea. Trying to find anyone at a place like Shambhala is pretty near impossible, especially with little cell reception and I didn't have my own phone so was harassing poor Kristin to use hers. After a while I gave up, at least for the moment, and went to enjoy the only metal show that  weekend. I will admit it was a nice break from all the dubstep and DJ music! I also ran into another friend there. She gave me some good advice too; that you can't waste your time trying to find people at Shambhala, and that instead you have to do what you want to do and things will just come together regardless. I took her advice. 

Later on I ended up splitting off and wandering by myself. I'm not sure why, but it makes me uncomfortable to be by myself in a huge crowd like that. I think it has something to do with my childhood but that's another story altogether--and something I hadn't realized or thought about until this weekend, yay for epiphanies! After taking a moment, and a deep breath, I let it go and told myself to enjoy my solitude and be comfortable with it. And so I was. And it was fantastic. I explored the labyrinth and all the stages, which I hadn't realized were all connected until doing so. I did a little self-exploration and loved it! It was also along this journey that I ran into a wonderful friend that I hadn't seen in a while. So we caught up and it just so happened that Kristin was at the same camp as her so I found them again too. I met some new people and shared some great laughs! 

No more Drinking!

I would have one more great revelation and learning experience before the night was done. And that was my final decision to never drink again. You may or may not know, but I have told myself a couple times that I don't want to drink anymore. I just don't see the point. I have a perfectly amazing time without it and don't need it to have fun or to be myself and "loosen up." However, I also still get influenced by the social aspect of it. Everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't I? Which I realize is pretty silly coming from me--the ecoholic healthy vegan who is all about positivity, activism, health and being comfortable with yourself. Which is why I have said time and time again I am going to quit... not that I drank much to begin with, maybe a couple times a month, often months without it altogether. Regardless, I am not one to get totally wasted and a mess. I have always known my limit. But I'm getting off topic as usual...

I gave in to having one drink. Well, a shot, and had a drink in hand, and then we all headed down for the night to enjoy more music. Now, I had been waiting to hear back from Talia so that I could meet her when she was off work and back at Shambhala--I didn't want to leave her alone in the chaotic crowds as we had decided beforehand that we would keep to our "buddy" system so we could look out for one another. Again, cell reception was poor, and I was still using Kristin's cell phone. When we went back down to the stages, I split off from her to a different stage with my other amazing friend who I was excited to go dancing with. But then I decided I should keep an eye out for Talia. We just so happened to be at the most confusing stage again--the Fractal Forest. I was tipsy, teetering on drunk, and had wandered by myself to go see if I could find her at our meeting spot. I got disoriented and I got a bit lost and certainly overwhelmed. I had a moment of panic and realized I didn't want to drink, shouldn't be drinking, and never want to drink again. I felt silly not knowing where I was and having a hard time telling where I was and where I was going, with everything a blur and unclear. I realized in this instant just how bad it was to not be able to think clearly, but more so be in that complete control of your senses and be so disoriented. I threw out my drink, took another deep breath, and somehow sobered up really quickly. I kept my head clear and found my way back to where I needed to go. And I just so happened to run back into Kristin, with a text message from Talia with a clear meeting time and place for later on. All worked out well once again. 

Wrapping up the Night...

I was high on life once again and felt amazing! We wandered off to watch Dub FX--who I was ridiculously excited for and one big reason that influenced my decision to go to Shambhala this year. My friends didn't stick around the whole show, which was all good, as I forced my way to the front of the stage anyway and danced with the crowd and met more random lovely people. 

Later I met back up with Talia and we danced the night away once more, going to the show she was most looking forward to, Skrillex. We began our leave at about 5am, packed up the tent and lugged our heavy bags to the car she was borrowing to miss the mass chaos and lines to get out that would ensue the following morning. She was nervous that the car wasn't going to start, the battery being finicky and giving her a lot of trouble when she had drove in earlier. But I told her that it would start as everything had been so perfect and that there was no point in worrying. Once again, it all worked out and the car started and got us home safely by 7am. 

I can't say how wonderful the entire experience was. I got to meet amazing people, spend time with friends that I don't see very often, mingle, dance, laugh, and have a ton of fun! Everything was amazing. Even my moments of uncomfortableness were amazing lessons and I am very glad that I got to experience them. Life is beautiful. You have to trust yourself and have faith that everything will work out. Have faith that the Universe is an amazing place and that it is on your side.  

And here is that Video Blog of my Shambhala Experience...

Peace & Love as always! Manifest your life!!!!


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