Monday, January 30, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Coming at you a little later today, hopefully you are already having a beautiful morning and spreading your vibrant beautiful energy on to others. ;) Keep the good vibes a rollin'…

KEEP SMILING! Whenever you catch your reflection in the mirror or a window and you're not smiling, Start! :) It's contagious and Seeing yourself Smile triggers your brain into happy thoughts and will actually make you Feel happier as well. :) 
Don't OverThink… Sometimes we get stuck in our own Minds, creating problems that weren't even there in the first place, simply by over thinking. Stop over thinking. Take action if it is needed but stop creating problems out of nothing. Let things be. 
Spread only Positivity. Speak only Positivity. Think only Positivity. Be only Positivity! Make every word out of your mouth, every thought in your head, every action in your being Positive. 
Find the Balance in Apologies… We often apologize to people entirely too much. We apologize for bumping into someone. We apologize if we're late. We apologize when we feel insecure or inadequate about something. Stop! There is a time and a place for apologies, but half the time we are probably apologizing for things that don't need to be apologized for. On the flip side, you don't want to never apologize either, there is a certain level of polite behaviour after all. ;) Find the balance and pay attention to what you may be apologizing for that you shouldn't be. 
Stop Belittling… or putting others down just because you don't think they have a good reason to complain. Realistically, I do think we shouldn't complain so much, however that does not mean it gives us permission to tell others how to think or feel. 
Feel Good about You! I swear I'm not trying to contradict my last point, just some friendly words of advice. ;) Feel good about yourself, about everything about you. Write down a page full of all the things you love about You. Focus more attention on how you feel about yourself instead of on how others feel. 
Slow down… and breathe! I noticed the other day on my way home from Jus Dance (2 hours of fun dancing) how nice it was to just leisurely walk home. I have no where to go or nothing to do so I took my time. Even when we do have somewhere to be or to go, we should learn to slow down and enjoy the moment. So slow down. :)

Have a fantastic week and Create a Nice Day! And Smile Smile Smile! xo


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Raw Hazelnut Chocolate "Cake" Ⓥ

I found this recipe at Finding Vegan  -- one of my favourite sources for vegan food recipes and inspiration (be warned, you may drool all over your keyboard and immediately convert to veganism). ;)

I have a huge love for raw desserts; ridiculously delicious desserts that are actually Good for you?! What's not to love? I seriously prefer raw desserts over any cooked ones I've ever had. Pure bliss I tell you!   

Raw Hazelnut Chocolate "Cake"

2 cups hazelnuts
1 cup pitted dates
3/4 cup cocoa powder, divided
1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons Agave (or maple syrup), divided
1 medium avocado
Crushed hazelnuts for garnish

(recipe says it makes 5 2×3-inch frosted cakes. But we made 8 smaller ones as they are super rich and made the recipe go a little further)

We had the extra fun of getting locally grown hazelnuts which meant we had to crack them all--if you can buy them in the store I'm sure it makes making these much faster. ;) I think almonds would work well as a substitute if you don't want to spend the extra on hazelnuts, but I haven't personally tried it yet so don't take my word for it. ;)

First, pulse the hazelnuts in a food processor into a finely ground flour. Next, add in the dates, 1/2 cup cocoa powder, and 1/4 cup agave and process until it forms a thick dough that sticks together. 
Lay the dough out between two sheets of parchment paper (I never tend to use parchment paper as I never have it on hand, but I imagine it makes it a little less messy) and roll to about 3/4-inch thickness. 
With a sharp knife, cut the dough into either 10 or 16 equal sized rectangles (remember that however many you make will be half the amount of "cakes" you get in the end as each "cake" needs two slices of dough). 
Make the frosting by blending together the remaining agave, cocoa, and the meat from the avocado until it's well blended and smooth. Taste-test to adjust the sweetness to your liking. 
Spread about a tablespoon of frosting over half the cakes. Layer with another slice and spread an equal amount of frosting on top of that piece. 
Garnish with crushed hazelnuts if desired. 

Enjoy! These may look fairly small but remember, they are super rich! And healthy ;). 


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Thursday, January 26, 2012

☺ Lovely Life ☺

Life is a funny thing. It has so many ups and downs, twists and turns, unexpected events that can create a whirlwind of emotion and change that whisks you off your feet and transforms your life and very essence into something new and wondrous. And where you land in that whirlwind is up to you. I say it time and time again, because I like the reminder and because I know others need the reminder as well; Life is what you make it. Life is what you Choose it. You can't control a lot of things, but you can damn well choose your attitude. And in choosing a Positive and Loving attitude then you create a Positive and Loving environment, relationships, and overall life. It's all connected in this wonderful circle in life. The Law of Attraction works. It is real. Whether you choose to believe in it or not is up to you, but it won't stop it from happening. So again I leave the advice; learn about it so you can have it work for you instead of against you. 
Life's unexpected moments truly are splendid though and it is amazing how you can change your life into something positive and what you can control in that life simply by changing your attitude. Things that might be boring or that you may have a negative attitude towards can be given a new life, a second chance, just by changing that attitude. 
It always astounds me. In a wonderful beautiful magical kind of way. Things can change with the flip of a coin. And all the beautiful things you've been focussing on through positive affirmations and have been manifesting come together. I will tell you it is a splendidly fulfilling feeling when your manifestations become reality, a feeling I can't quite put into words except to say it is blissful and gives you that feeling of unreasonable happiness and sense of accomplishment or achievement. You did that! It's pretty neat. 
Anyway, that's my little ramble. Every so often I simply feel the need to have one of these little happy explosions pour out into words to share with you all. I have these rambles because I feel that happiness fill right up inside of me and comes pouring out in a way that I have to share because it feels like that happiness needs to be spread and be passed on to others. And I hope that it does. I hope that it gets passed on to you and that you will pass it on to others as well. Because that is the beauty of life. That connectedness. That sense that we are all one, we are all in this beautiful magical journey together, all somehow connected. Free flowing energy all around us. It's truly wonderful and splendid and beautiful. Indescribable really--although as you can see, I certainly did try ;). 
Much Love to all you wonderful amazing souls! Hope your day is splendid and filled with unreasonable Happiness, Bliss, Laughter, and Smiles that make your cheeks hurt. ;) 


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

☺ Vote for the Next Two Silk Screen Tees! ☺

Last vote I promise! ;) 
I decided to show you all the images and now you get to truly choose and vote! I will be making Two New Silk Screens! Vote for your first choice in the first Poll and the second poll is your second choice! :)
I only have room for two, but the rest will eventually hopefully get out with your support. ;)
Also I will be making necklaces and coloured prints available for order this week. xo

If you guys have any other ideas, wants, wishes, that you would like to see then please leave a comment as well. :)  
Poll ends this Friday (the 27th)

First Choice:
<a href="" title="New Silk Screen Themes!">New Silk Screen Themes!</a>

Second Choice:

<a href="" title="New Silk Screen Themes (second choice)">New Silk Screen Themes (second choice)</a>

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Monday, January 23, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Weeeoooooo!!! Yuppers, it's Monday! That time again! What a splendid surprise! 
I, myself, have had rather low energy this month, I think maybe it's something to do with the winter, shorter days, and just wanting to be nice and cozy inside. Wellll! Here are some tips to liven up your week! ;) 

Balance Balance Balance! It's one of those things I think most people struggle with, and that's understandable, it's a difficult one to figure out sometimes. The right amount of time spent on socializing, resting, working, and playing. What a task! Well, just work on it, you'll figure it out eventually. It may be nice staying inside while it's cold outside but no one wants to do nothing all week, that in itself will wear you out (mentally). Even if you feel unmotivated, get out and Do Something! Have some Fun! Go sledding, see friends, dance around at a club! Whatever you feel like, just get out of the slump of doing nothing... but also remember to take down time as well. ;)
Change up your Routine! It is all too easy to get into routines, and when we do, we may feel as if they are "comforting" but really they are just making your life mundane and unspontaneous (yes I'm making up words, I'm allowed). Totally change your day around and change up your routine! It'll give you an extra boost, a refreshing charge of energy and momentum. 
You are not Alone… ever, in anything. Trust and know this to be true. There are hundreds, and thousands, of people in the world that can relate to you. If you feel as if you are alone in your hardships know that you are unique but you are not alone. And accept the aid of others but also seek out love within yourself. And be gentle with yourself. Love goes a long way.  
Don’t let your past define who you are today! Your past brought you to where you are today, but it is not Who you are. Remember that You get to choose Who you are. Every single day you get a second chance to be the person you want to be. You get to Choose. Your past does not define you. You Do! 
Manifest a cup of tea… I did a Podcast yesterday regarding the Law of Attraction. This week I want you to try to manifest something small, like a cup of tea/coffee, or a copy of the book "The Secret." Learn about the Law of Attraction and allow it to change your life. I know, I mention the Law of Attraction a lot and that you should learn about it, but it's because it works and it's reality and I know it would help you if you could accept it and learn about it. xo 
You can’t make it to second base with your foot on first... If you have a problem, evaluate the situation and take decisive action. Don't put it aside, create it into something it's not, and procrastinate. You cannot change what you refuse to confront. Remember that making progress involves risk. But it's a risk worth taking. 
Practice Being in the Moment… or in other words; live in the Now Now Now. Remember; the place is Here and the time is Now. Pay extra attention to this this week. Whenever you feel yourself wandering, bring yourself back to the present moment. That is where Life is Happening. 

Have a fantastic week and Create a Nice Day! xo


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Vegan Cashew Alfredo Sauce! Ⓥ

I am absolutely falling in love with the versatility of cashews! They are truly amazing and you can do so much with them, particularly in vegan recipes calling for a cheesy substitute. They work perfectly, especially if you have the right recipe. You've already seen the "Mac n Shews" recipe, so here is another one! :)

Cashew Alfredo Sauce:

1 cup Cashews (soaked for 10 minutes or longer)
2 cups Vegetable Broth
2 Tbsp Olive Oil (or other oil)
1/2 tsp Salt
dash of Black Pepper

Place ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Takes approx. 5 minutes. 
Heat and Voila!
If you want to thin it out more you can add a little water, add it slowly so you don't add too much. This makes the recipe go a little further as well. 
My favourite recipe to do is to make this with chopped up Broccoli, Kale, and Zucchini. Heat up the veggies in the sauce for about ten minutes until the veggies are lightly cooked. Top over pasta or eat by itself. Amazing! :)
Makes approx. 2-4 servings depending on what you're making it with. 


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Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Best Avocado Pudding Ⓥ

I've had Avocado Pudding before, but this one tops off all my favourites by far! I got this from a friend at a potluck and now I get to pass it on to you! :) 

Avocado Pudding

1/2 cup pitted Dates (soaked at least 10 minutes)
1 1/2 cup Avocado (2-4)
1/2 cup Cocoa 
2 Tbsp Vanilla
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Sweetener
Water or Non-Diary Milk

Place all the ingredients in a Food Processor or Blender and blend until smooth. There will probably be small chunks of dates left in the mixture, yummy treats! ;)
Add water or vegan milk to get desired consistency.
This recipe makes a large amount, perfect for potlucks! If you're just making it for yourself you may want to half it or so--because otherwise you'll eat the whole thing and feel guilty afterwards. It IS that good! ;) 


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

☺ New Silk Screen Options... ☺

I want your lovely opinions on the next two SilkScreen themes that will soon be available for order. I only have room for two, but I have lots of sketches down for ideas that I am eager to get out eventually, but for now I can only do two more. ;)

These are the "Themes" not exact wording for the actual tees. In brackets are the cute animals/drawings that will accompany such themes. 
If you guys have any other ideas, wants, wishes, that you would like to see then please leave a comment as well. :)  

<a href="" title="New Silk Screen Themes!">New Silk Screen Themes!</a>


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Friday, January 20, 2012

☺ Make the Best of Life at all times ☺

Make the best of life at all times. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life or in the life of those around you, you still inherently get the choice of how you are going to act and if you are going to be positive or negative. Period. Any excuses after this are all yours. 
Got a cold? Not feeling so good? Take advantage! We often complain about not getting enough time to do absolutely nothing, well here is your chance. Snuggle up with a blanket and some warm tea and read a book, write, draw, watch a movie, or just plain catch up on some sleep. 'You' time has just been handed to you. Plus, if you are sick, it's usually a sign from your body to take a rest, that you are not being respectful of yourself, or to get back to being healthy. Something is out of balance so listen to your body.  Goes back to what I've said before; your body is smart and knows what it needs. 
Even with things you don't feel as if you have any control over, like maybe you're tight on money, having a negative attitude and stressing about it will only make it worse. And this comes back to the simple Laws of Attraction. If you are constantly focussing on the fact you don't have any money then you will continue to not have money. Whereas if you decided to stop worrying about money and started appreciating the money that you do have, then guess what? You'll start to receive money in mysterious ways. Trust me because I have been at either end of this a few times this past year. Whenever I noticed my bank account was low, I'd stop getting orders and continue not having money. As soon as I stopped looking at things that way and started focussing on having lots of money I started to effortless have income coming in. Law of Attraction! 
When others are having a hard time around you one of the worst things you could do is just play the sympathy "poor me" card with them. If people are low or having a hard time the last thing they need is more of that same energy. What would help them is having smiling faces and positive energies to surround themselves with. Positivity is contagious after all (just as negativity is) so be positive. That is how you will be able to help them. And remember, it's been proven that Positive thoughts are much stronger than negative ones, so you have that on your side too! Feed them positivity instead of adding to their ordeal. 
The bottom line is this; there is always a Positive. There is always a better outlook. No matter what your life has given you, what circumstances, trials, or events, you can still make the best of life. Don't put life on hold just because something "unfavourable" has happened or is happening. You still get to choose. And that Positivity will always always always get your further in life than dwelling on something negative. 
So smile, no matter what, because you can and because you are allowed and because others could always use that positivity as well. Make the best of life, at all times, no matter what. 
Remember you're allowed to Smile. 


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

♥ ReLove's "365 Day Bucket List" ♥

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about the "365 Day Bucket List" I introduced to my Shop section a little while ago. I'm pretty (very) excited about it! Why you may ask? Well, not only is it a fun way to start off the New Year, but it is also a fun challenge that will keep on rolling all year long to keep you motivated, pumped and feeling fantastic! 

*in terrible salesperson voice* Are you tired of feeling "blah" and bored? Well look no further! The 365 Day Bucket List will get you Pumped Pumped Pumped! Excited! Doing things you would never normally do! And it could be yours for the low low price of three dollars!!!

Like my cheesy sales line? ;) Well, all silly joking aside, the purpose of this special little Bucket List is to truly inspire you, to add that extra motivation when you need it and get you all-around Pumped about Life! 

What is the Bucket List exactly?
It is a list of 300 tasks to complete in 365 days! These tasks are anywhere from as basic as to Smile, to bigger tasks encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone (like going Skinny Dipping!;)). The point of this kit is to get you excited about your day, about yourself, and about Life! And to discover more about yourself and experience life to the fullest.
Tick off tasks as you complete them. And enjoy the cute drawings too! (your Bucket List comes in black & white so you can colour them in when you're bored! Or I can colour them in for you before this gets shipped off to you. ;))
You can complete tasks at any pace you want. Some days you could complete several tasks while other days you may do none. It is a great list to turn to whenever you're bored or lacking that motivational boost to feel wonderful and inspired and blissfully happy. Remember, Happiness is in the Now and within you already. This List will help you embrace each day and live in that Now and experience that unreasonable Happiness all the time. 

Also included is the "Happiness Manifesto" with ten things you should do every week to ensure your life is Happy! It is a brilliant list I altered a bit that helps to get you on the right track in life and to ensure that happiness flows more freely and smoothly. 

Really, I just wanted to make something extra special this year that you could physically hold and turn to whenever you're feeling a little low. I knew many of you would appreciate it and I've already received excited and positive feedback (so thank you too!). 
I wanted to give you (and myself) a personal challenge to add excitement and fun into your every day life, while still providing you with a "challenge" that will help you get to a happy state of mind. For those of you who joined me last year in the "30 Day Self Challenge" then you will certainly enjoy this BucketList. The idea is very similar, but this one lasts all year long! 
It is meant to teach you a thing or two about living each day to its fullest. It is also meant to give you more confidence and the freedom to be silly and, ultimately, be free to Be You. And to generally just to have one hell of a kick-ass year! 

If you enjoy my "Motivational Mondays" posts then this List is also a Must! xo

I, too, am doing this Bucket List and will be sharing my adventures with it on my Lifestream. Wouldn't be much fun after all if you all got to do it but not me. ;)

Of course, the bottom line is this; Have fun with it! ;) This cute little booklet is sure to get your year feeling fabulous and fun every single day! Wooot wooot! 
Love you all! 


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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

☆ Fur: Mean and Not Green! ☆

Each year the fur industry kills over 50 million animals for fashion, not including rabbits (no reliable data on rabbits killed worldwide for fur is available). 

There are plenty of arguments, points of view, opinions, and attempts to make the Fur industry appear nicer in nature than it actually is. But I can sum up very simply Why the Fur Industry, at the end of all the arguments, truly sucks and could not appear kind in any form: Fur is Murder. 
However, I can't just leave you with just that, I want you to be informed after all. So I will share the realities behind the fur industry, why it's cruel, how it's not Green, and shed some light on some debated questions. 

Products with Fur

First, remember that Fur items are not restricted to the obvious fur coats and jackets, many other fashions use fur as well. Fur is used in a variety of other products including fur trimmed garments, hats, gloves, decorative accessories, footwear, blankets, stuffed animals and ornaments, pet toys and toys. 
Fur Trim in particular is the new rage that you should watch out for; from suit collars to glove linings, it is used as an accessory for many fashion items we often forget to think about. Fur-trimmed items are currently a half billion-dollar industry, expected to overtake the number of animals killed for full-fur garments. And since the trim doesn't place as much importance on the pelt quality or colour, the quality and care given to the animals used for their fur diminishes even further.

Many shoppers are not aware when the fur is real or fake, others forget to check if there is fur in what they're purchasing, and many more are led to believe that it's just a "byproduct." 
It is not.

Number of animals used for each fur coat:
Beavers 9-15
Bobcat 16-22
Cat 20-30
Chinchilla 30-200
Coyote 12-16
Dog 15-20
Fox 10-20
Lynx 8-12
Marten 50-60
Mink 30-70
Muskrat 25-35
Nutria 26-34
Otter 10-16
Polecat 45-55
Rabbit 30-40
Raccoon 30-40
Sable 60-70
Seal 6-10
Where Fur Comes from

Eighty-five percent of the world's fur comes from factory farms. 
Minks are the most commonly bred animal for their fur, followed by foxes--over 75 Million each year! This fur usually comes from the kittens when they are only about six months old
More than half the world's mink are bred in Scandinavia where there are more than 10,000 fur factory farms.  Two thirds of all fox bred for fur come from Finland.
Rabbits are also killed by the millions for their fur, particularly in China, Italy, and Spain, and exported around the globe. It used to be a byproduct of their meat industries, and there is still the misconception that this is still where it comes from, but the demand for thicker pellets meant it changed to an industry all of its own. 
Chinchillas, lynxes, hamsters, and many other animals are also slaughtered for their fur, as well as endangered species
US breeders are experimenting with beaver, lynx, raccoon, wolverine and coyote whilst in Eastern Europe even domestic cats are being reared for their skins.
Canada also produces plenty of fur and pelts from their annual Seal Hunt--which is a whole other issue altogether. See this article: Canada's Annual Seal Hunt ( 
Fur also often comes from cats and dogs, an estimated 2 million are killed for their fur in China each year in horrific conditions. A 1998 investigation by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) exposed that the international fur industry (mainly China and Asian nations) slaughtered domestic cats and dogs for the manufacture of fur-fashions. 

In an industry where the fur usually isn't labeled, who's to say what animal it is you're wearing. It could be a lovely little puppy.


People will try to justify it anyway they can think of but the reality remains; the injustice for the production of animal-sourced products is cruel and vain. There is simply no way of justifying it. In every circumstance, and especially when you're dealing with large-scale fashion trends (which are most fashion trends), then animals have to suffer so that you can "look good." Talk about vain. 

Factory Farming:

Eighty-five percent of the world's fur comes from factory farms, which is more than 45 million animals worldwide, including raccoon dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, and chinchillas. These animals are raised in cages and killed each year for their fur. The practices are the same as any big industry; bred in small cages, living short lives, and endure mistreatment followed by a painful slaughter. 
These animals do not live happy normal lives. They are not free to roam in outdoor pastures, play happily with each other, or experience any of the things that are natural to them. Instead, they will live short distressed lives, raised in small wire cages that are painful to their soft feet and where they are cramped and unable to move around. They will not be able to do any of the things that are natural to them; rabbits will never jump and dig, minks will never be able to swim in water, foxes will never roam and hunt. This causes them tremendous stress and suffering, and leads to abnormalities in development. They are forced to live in their own waste which leads to further health problems. They are also usually sprayed with pesticides (yes, the animals themselves are sprayed!) and fed nutrition-less corn-based or meat-byproduct diets which make them sick. They will suffer from numerous physical and behavioural abnormalities induced by the huge stress of their caging conditions. Hundreds of animals die each year from exposure or starvation, while others die from disease, lack of shelter, and neglect. 
And at the end of their short miserable lives, animals raised on fur farms are killed by inhumane and cruel methods that preserve the pelt, such as gassing (using vehicle exhaust), neck-breaking, lethal injection, and electrocution (using electrodes clamped in the mouth and inserted in the rectum). Minx are commonly poisoned which leave their bodies in spasms for up to ten minutes until they finally die. On Rabbit farms, the animals are hung upside down on a conveyer belt  before slitting their throats and skinning them alive. Many more are skinned alive, particularly in China, where they will be skinned and then their bodies dumped in a pile left to slowly die. 

Most of the animals have their ears hole-punched and males are castrated without anesthetics. Breeding these animals means artificially inseminating them for pregnancy where they are trapped in locks and have a mechanical arm shoved up their uterus. 

Fur farmers also selectively inbreed animals, particularly foxes and minks, to create a specific coloured fur. As with most inbreeding, this causes genetic mutations as well as physical and psychological damage. 

On top of that, Fur factory farms follow a regular calendar; animals are mated in February, give birth in May, weaned 6-7 weeks later and each year's offspring are killed in November at the age of just 7 months.

And, remember those domestic animals used in the fur industry? Well, those cats and dogs were either raised in cold, unsanitary breeding compounds while others are strays, and some were even pets that were most likely stolen. Dogs are bludgeoned or bled to death, while cats are often strangled by wire nooses.

I want to emphasize again here that most of the fur coming from factory farmed animals is taken from animals that are only a few months old. ‘Fur' rabbits are killed at several months old by which time they have developed a thicker skin and coat. Mink and Foxes are killed when they are still kittens at only six months old. 

In the UK Fur Farming is illegal and banned on the ground of it being immoral. 


The United States, Canada, and Russia are the main nations that use Fur Trapping. 
Millions of wild animals, including bobcats, coyotes, foxes, lynx, raccoons, and wolves, suffer and die in traps each year. Countless dogs and cats, deer, birds and other animals—including threatened and endangered animals—are also injured and killed each year by the indiscriminate traps, unfortunate enough to wander into the traps before the intended prey. Such traps may include steel-jaw leghold traps, body-gripping traps, and wire neck snares, all of which are inhumane devices that inflict great pain and suffering. One of the most common used traps is the steel-jawed leg hold trap, which is so cruel it was also banned throughout Europe. Both the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association have also declared to be inhumane. 

"When the steel jaws of the leghold trap slam shut on the victim's leg (an action similar to slamming one's hand in a car door) injuries such as torn flesh and broken bones are often inflicted. Animals then often go to great lengths to escape, some even chewing or wearing through their trapped limbs."

When trappers come back to kill the unfortunate trapped animals they will usually avoid the use of guns as bullets are expensive and may ruin the pelt. Instead, the animals are usually beaten to death or simply stood or stomped on. 
The following is quoted from a document called the "Get set to trap" issued by the California Dept. of Fish and Game. 
‘Two examples of adequate tools are a heavy iron pipe about 18 to 24 inches long, or an axe handle..It is highly recommended that the animal be struck two times, once to render it unconscious and again to render it either dead or comatose. To ensure death, pin the head with one foot and stand on the chest for several minutes.'
"Humane Trapping"
Although the Trapping industry has had numerous attempts to conceal the cruelty, with extravagant claims of "humane" treatment, the reality remains and is too obvious to dismiss. 
The Fur Industry created the "Agreement of International Humane Trapping Standards" which is an incredibly misleading name. This was created for Fur Trappers by Fur Trappers and is really just a "seal of approval" for the use of cruel traps. 
To create such standards and discover "humane" methods of trapping millions of dollars of research went into this misleading agreement, and subjected animals to cruel Animal Testing. Researchers lured wild animals into traps to study how the animals suffered and died. Points would be given if the animal didn't fracture their leg, break their teeth, tore their tendons, ligaments or broke their spinal cord. The studies would also look into internal damage as well as how long it took for the animals to die or become "irreversibly unconscious." 
Well that right there certainly sounds humane. 
And all that just to have the same traps (such as the cruel leghold trap) with a few minor changes that still cause immense pain and suffering. Seal of approval granted.  
For a more in-depth read on the "Humane" standards I encourage that you read this article:

["humane" trap]
Fur and the Environment

"It takes more than 60 times as much energy to produce a fur coat from ranch-raised animals than it does to produce a fake fur one. Plus, the waste produced on fur farms poisons our waterways. And don't forget unlike faux fur, the "real thing" causes millions of animals to suffer every year."
There is a continued attempt to make fur appear "green," especially in some latest "Fur is Green" campaigns. If you believe these great lengths they have taken in attempts to prove their point, it is time to take another serious look for yourself. The Fur Council of Canada's "Fur is Green" website is really quite laughable, with claims that only "crazy" animal-rights groups are bashing the fur industry (and that such animal-rights advocates are even so crazy as to suggest we stop eating meat! *gasp* how horrid!).

Many fur trade advertisements have even had to been withdrawn or amended following complaints to advertising standards authorities in a number of countries.

The simply truth is this; Fur is not Green. Fur is far more damaging on the environment than faux fur. 

There was a time when leather and fur was naturally preserved and tanned, but these days mass amounts of toxic chemicals (including formaldehyde) and dyes are used to preserve that fur (and to insure that it does not rot in the buyer's closet!), meaning the fur is no longer biodegradable either. So despite the fur industries' attempt at propaganda, it is anything but green. It takes approximately 60 times the energy to produce a fake fur garment as it does to produce a fake fur garment.  
And, there is more to the environmental impacts the fur industry has on the planet. Because most Fur is, indeed, Factory Farmed, it means they are responsible for the degradation of natural waterways and land habitats. They are responsible for greenhouse gases, such as methane, released into the atmosphere, along with thousands of other toxins. The animal wastes contain high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus that are released as their waste has no place to naturally biodegrade as it would in the wild.
"an estimated 2.7 million tonnes of faeces and urine are produced annually on mink and fox farms creating pollution problems due to inadequate storage and disposal."
"the U.S. mink industry adds almost 1,000 tons of phosphorus to the environment each year."

Fur factory farms also consume vast amounts of resources. The use of feed ingredients such as marine mammals, fish and cereals, threatens wild populations (directly and indirectly) and is also an unnecessary waste of a resource--an equivalent energy content that could meet the needs of over 9 million humans. There is also the transportation of that 4 tonnes of feed, releasing even more emissions. Then there's the staggering 2.4 billion litres of water estimated to be consumed by farmed mink and fox alone (an equivalent to the annual needs of more than 3 million humans).

Lastly, there is also the significant environmental issues raised by the disposal of the 40 million mink and fox carcasses each year, be it by incineration (airborne toxins), burial (toxic breakdown products) or rendering (high energy consumption and effluent production). 

Certainly NOT Earth-friendly! And the workers are usually under-paid and subjected to hazardous conditions and health risks, largely subjecting immigrants and workers who have no where else to turn. 

Already Dead 'Fur' Animals:
One more point I'd like to address is people's justification to still wear fur when it is from an already deceased animal. Well, okay, it may already be dead so I can see your point. However, if you truly love and respect animals then you will see why this is still wrong. Would you wear your pet's fur at home if it died? Probably not. 
Animals are living, emotional creatures with complex and deep personalities, just like your pet, and just like you or me. To wear their fur, even if they are already dead from natural causes, just seems wrong. It is disrespectful at the very bottom line. You wouldn't dig up a human body to use some part of their body for a fashion statement. It is disrespectful and immoral. Let their bodies return to the earth in the natural sacred cycle of life like they should. 

Choose to be Cruelty-Free! Go Fur Free! 

"To ensure the survival of species, most animals produce more young than Nature can support to maturity. These young animals will die of hunger and disease or will be killed by other animals. We can use part of this surplus without reducing wildlife populations." ~Fur Council of Canada. 
Basically the fur industry believes it has a right to play "God," as humans tend to do, yet again at the expense of suffering animals. Really the attempts to justify the killing of innocent animals for the sake of fashion, and their attempts at making it sound "green," are a long-stretch. They do try to sound pretty convincing and I can see how people could fall for it to justify their own selfish wish to wear fur. But, really, what the arguments for fur production have to say is vague and highly debatable at best. And, at the end of it all, there is still the point I started this article off with: Fur is Murder. Not only that, but Fur is Murder for the sake of vain fashion. And not only that, but fur comes from baby animals who never get to live out happy, free, natural lives. What better point do you really need? 
The bottom line becomes this; is it worth the suffering and cruelty to animals just for some vain fashion statement? Would you wear your pet for the sake of fashion? 

There are so many other fashion alternatives out there that there really is no excuse in this day and age. Plus that's a whole lot of bad karmic energy to be carrying around with you. Ditch the animal cruelty and find alternatives. 


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