Welcome to this Happy Place!

This is a Positive Place! It is a place to feel good and to feel inspired. It is a place to grow, to learn, to share, to laugh, to smile, to change, to feel awesome and to feel alive. It is a place to feel "Re-Loved!" 

ReLove is about You. It is about Me. It is about our Mother Earth. It is about the world we live in. It is about Love. It is about Life. 


 There is simply not enough Love going around these days. We live in a rather negative society that tries to suppress our happiness: making us feel insecure consistently with thousands of ads and subliminal messages; distracting us with materialism; making us feel helpless and fearful. Why? Because if you are Happy then you are Happy with your Self and your Life and that takes money and control away from the "bigger powers." God-forbid you wake up and start living and being Happy! 

However! Focussing on the Negative gets us no where. It's time to take back Love and Happiness and Kindness for one another! 
I am here to help you wake up, stay awake, enlighten and uplift your beautiful soul, feel inspired, and share in the feelings of feeling-good, Happy, and Loved! Love is what we all need to get back to, and it is something that we all know and feel inside, it just needs a little nudge to return again. "Plan" "existing together"

Do you not think that our disrespect for the planet, for animals, and for each other isn't a reflection of our own unhappiness and disrespect for ourselves? Really think about this. You know it's true. 

When we feel Happiness and Love within ourselves we feel Happiness and Love for everything else around us as well. The same thing goes when we neglect that love and happiness from ourselves then we neglect it from everything else around us. I believe that if we are genuinely happy then helping lovely Mother Earth, the People around us, and the Animals that live here, comes naturally. 

So, in comes "Plan" "existing together"... 

ReLove Earth! 

It is too easy to forget about our planet, again because we forget to care for ourselves as well. But we live here. Yes, that's right, we live on Earth. So what will we do when we destroy it all? It is sadly happening faster than most of us would like to admit. 

I like the frog in the boiling pot of water comparison…

If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out. It's hot and dangerous, why wouldn't it?  But if the frog is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
Right now, we are sitting in the pot, and even though you may not want to believe it, the water is quickly reaching boiling point.

It is time to wake up to this and start respecting Mother Earth, not just because it'll save the place we live, but because it is the loving thing to do.  

Reduce your environmental impact and Carbon footprint. Make Green choices and changes.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Demand sustainable energy choices from your government.
If we feel the need to consume, then be aware and be environmentally responsible. Make the commitment to buy only sustainable products. 
Buy Fair-trade. Buy Organic. And Buy Local whenever possible.
Put Ecology above Economy.

ReLove Animals! 

Yes, you are going to find Animals Rights topics here. Why? Because they are living, breathing, emotional creatures just like you and me. We are not the only living creatures on this planet--although I know it's much easier to just believe that we are. So let's live in harmony with those others that are living here and share the love with them as well. 

Adopt a shelter pet instead of supporting breeders. 
Spay and Neuter your pet to stop the overpopulation and neglect of animals. 
Become Vegan! (or at least transition to it, stop consuming so much meat and dairy)
Don't wear animals for fashion. 
Respect wild animal habitats. 
Stop contributing to industries that are causing habitat loss, endangered species, etc. 
Be nice to animals. All animals! 

ReLove People!

As much as the plan is to exist together with the earth it is also to exist positively and harmoniously with each other. And I am not just talking about the people around us, I am talking about living in harmony with Your Self. 
Let's start being Nice to each other, sharing love for one another! Stop being judgmental and stop looking down on others. Let's stop judging ourselves and feeling insecure and badly about who we are. Let's embrace our beautiful souls and love who we are. Let's be loving all around. Love Your Self! Love the People around you! Love Everyone! 

So the Plan is this; 
Let's exist together in happiness and love and respect. Together! 
Let's start Respecting Mother Earth, Respecting Animals, and start Respecting our Selves. 
Love your Self and be Happy. Because no positive changes ever came from a negative person.

So get involved, stand up, and join the Re-Love-ution! Remember it all starts with One person. Each of us make the whole.

"Be the Change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi.

What You'll find on this Blog!

Aside from a whole lot of fun and love, this blog touches so many different topics… limitless really. 

I have various segments I do every week and so much more! You can check out the tabs on the right side of the blog for all the segments, or the "Weekly Line-Up" section in the tabs above! 

From Vegan goodness, Health, Eco-fashion and Goodies, to Activism, Animal Rights, plus Tons of tips and info on how You can Green your Life. And a super large focus encouraging a Positive Attitude and how You CAN be Happy and have an awesome kick-ass life! 

ReLove has lots for you to explore, learn, and share. And I promise lots of fun, silliness, and excitement!

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