Friday, December 31, 2010


Welcome to the 30 Day Self-Challenge

If you still need a reason WHY to commit to this awesome challenge... well, cuz it'll make your life what you want it to be! It'll make you Happy and fill your life with Positivity and get it on track to pure amazing awesomeness!! 
Still need more convincing? Read about the Challenge here: 

Remember to read the "Preparation" Notes before starting this challenge! Print them off and stick them on your fridge.

K, Lovelies, here it goes... 30 Days of self-commitment!!! 


Day 1. Set Goals and Find an Inspirational Photo: So kinda two parts. And a good one that you can do right at home if you're feeling hungover from the New Year's partying ~_^. I'm not a believer in the "life goals" of planning out your distant future--it takes you away from the present moment and therefor from happiness. But Self-Goals are important. Now is the time to set these for yourself because they are going to be your conscious commitment throughout this challenge. Maybe your goal is simply to Be Happy. Maybe it's to change your life completely. Maybe it's to meet new friends, to be confident, to be Here & Now, to have a Positive Mental Attitude. Maybe it's that you want your life to be f*#king awesome! Whatever your goals are let them be your reminder whenever you're feeling a lack of excitement to the challenge.
Next, find an Inspirational Photo that you can identify yourself with that will inspire you to Postivity and Happiness. Keep this in your wallet, at your desk, your fridge, anywhere you can easily see it. This picture will be your reminder, your answer to life's questions, your encouragement. It can be a slogan, a person, any symbol that will have meaning to you and remind you of your goals. 

Day 2. Do a Cleanse: And change your diet! I recommend one of the following (instead of the many other silly cleanses in existence that don't particularly make sense): a Juice Fast, a Raw Diet, or the WildRose Cleanse. Try to do it for at least 3 days to a week (if you're doing the WildRose Cleanse then it's for 15-30 days). Not only will this do your body a world of good (and get rid of that crap you've been eating over the Holiday season ~_^) but it will also teach you self-discipline and persistence--things that you will need to apply to your general mental attitude if you want a true change in your life. When you're done the cleanse, don't go back to your regular eating habits. Change your Diet! Over half the world is allergic to wheat, dairy, and sugar. Cut these out of your diet entirely--I promise you will notice an amazing difference in your energy and your health. While you're at it, cut out coffee, alcohol, refined flours, and if you can, meat. If you need more reasons why read the book "Skinny Bitch". It'll be a good wake-up call. Now don't get whiny, this IS a Challenge. And you want an awesome Positive life don't you? Remember; You Are What You Eat! 

Day 3. Step Out of your Comfort Zone: Try experiencing something totally new that intimidates you. We all have our own "comfort zones" where we like to stay. I'm here to tell you to break those walls! Go and do something you wouldn't normally do. Put yourself in a situation that makes you feel a little tense at first, something that makes you uncomfortable. Do it and let go of your mind. Ease into the experience and enjoy it! Be observant and Open. Embrace it and Be with it. And try to do this all the time. Say goodbye to inhibition and just do it. You'll be surprised by the new experiences you could be missing out on all because of your mind. 

Day 4. Exercise: Start today and find something that you enjoy doing. There are not a lot of better things you can do for your mental and physical health than exercising at least 3-4 times a week. It's proven to be more effective than silly anti-depressants (which I highly dont' recommend). Use today to find that form of exercise that you enjoy doing, that you can stay committed to. As an extra note; while you're exercising use this time as a sort of "meditation" time. Repeat in your head that you love your life, that you love yourself, that you are a happy awesome kick-ass human being and that you are going to make your life what you want it to be. Give yourself a mantra to repeat. You will be amazed by the power of this! 

Day 5. Meet Someone New: Try to meet someone new, and even better, make a new Friend today! I know that it can be tricky, but at least meet someone new and get their name. Try to meet someone new every day! We are incredibly social creatures and human interaction and connection is rewarding and important for our souls and our "Selfs." It helps us to grow, learn more about ourselves, and learn more about others. It enriches our relationships and our lives. So do it! Everyone can use more freinds!

Day 6. Leave Home All Day: Leave bright and early and don't return until you're ready for bed. Don't plan the day out ahead of time, just get up in the morning, grab your bag, maybe a snack or something, and head out the door. See how you entertain your day. And whatever it is that you do, enjoy it! Embrace each second of this day, it will be a great Here & Now teacher. 

Day 7. Stick Happy Notes all over! Write out and stick little Happy quotes, messages, smiley faces, or what-have-you all over your home, in your wallet, on your mirror, on your front door, anywhere and everywhere! Surround yourself with Positivity! Next, go around town and post more messages all over the place. Place them where people can see them--just don't litter! Spreading positive energy and joy could change someone's day, and especially yours!

Day 8. Do Something Generous: Whether it's as simple as feeding someone's parking meter, paying for the drive-thru order or person in line behind you, or surprising someone with a little present on their desk, give a little. It's good Karma and we could all use a little more postivity going around. Plus, what goes around comes around. Learn to be giving, kind, and generous to others. Spread the love! Do at least five generous things today! 

Day 9. Have a Game Night! Invite family, friends, new acquaintances, anyone and everybody you desire! Have a Potluck (even better, have a Vegan Potluck to force yourself and others to step outside the box and try something new!) and bust out those Board Games! Be a little dorky and childish, you know, learn to live a little! Make it a regular weekly event if you can. 

Day 10. Take Photos of Everything: It's a wonderful way to appreciate what's around you and teaches you to be more observant. You know, actually See what's around you and Open those eyes! Take photos of anything and everything; people, objects, nature, anything that draws your attention. 

Day 11. Consciously Be Positive: It doesn't matter  what it is that you're doing today, but the goal is to be Positive and Optimistic all day! Be very very overly extremely conscious and aware of doing this and put every ounce of your being into being Positive and Smiling. Every second of today. Smile all day long at everyone, whether they smile back or not. Pay particular attention to this today so that you can continue with this attitude throughout this challenge and throughout life. Get out there and spread some joy and love! 

Day 12. Take Yourself out on a Date: Yup, that's right, go solo! Today is a day for you and to get to know you. Most people aren't comfortable enough to take themselves out on a date. There's something about "being alone" that frightens and intimidates us. Learn to enjoy it and to embrace it. It's only awkward and uncomfortable if you let yourself feel that way. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more others will be drawn to you. We also don't do something just for ourselves often enough, so this is a day, or evening, to do just that. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie. A walk in the park perhaps? Whatever your little heart desires! 

Day 13. Be Adventurous: Yup, I'm asking you yet again to step out of your comfort zone--there will be a lot of this throughout the challenge ;). Do something a little more adventurous this time though, something epic and big. Just go for it and stop thinking about it. Maybe it's something you deep down want to try but have been too afraid to. Go for it! 

Day 14. Go Out Dancing: Or moshing, or head-banging, or whatever it may be that you enjoy. The point is to go out, listen to blaring music, be energetic and jump around and sweat off some energy. Find a local show to go to, a club, a house party, any event you can find. It's a great opportunity to let yourself go, meet new people, and just plain have a blast! 

Day 15. Get in Touch with an old Friend: And hangout! Catch up over tea/coffee or lunch. Get back in touch with someone you were once close with; a childhood friend, an ex, anyone you feel like really. And get in touch with as many people as you can. If you can't meet up right away, that's ok, but at least put the effort forward to get in contact, and follow-through with the meet up when it becomes possible. 

Day 16. Spend all day at Home: Call in sick if you have to. This is a day for You. Spending the day in your pijamas is even better. Sleep in, watch cartoons, play games. Whatever you do, just don't be productive ;). No work allowed! Read a book, draw, write, sing, dance, jump on your bed! Whatever it may be, be lazy and enjoy a day completely to yourself where you don't have to do your hair or makeup, get dressed, or worry about the day. Just Be and have some fun!

Day 17. Tackle Procrastination: Most of us have things that we keep putting aside, from big projects to minial tasks. Today is a day to finally tackle them all. Don't leave the day with a single procrastination left over. Get a clean slate--and from now on try to never procrastinate again. If something needs to be done, just Do it! Immediately! And then you can get on with things much easier without it nagging the back of your mind. 

Day 18. Forgive Someone: Holding grudges for things long past is pointless. Get over it and move on. Forgiveness is rewarding and chances are the person that needs forgiving needs more compassion in their own lives too. Be the bigger person and forgive at least one person, although I encourage you to forgive everyone, even if it is a tough thing to do. Everyone deserves to be forgiven, and it will set your heart free from all that negativity. Remember that everyone makes mistakes in life and you are no exception. Forgive and move on. 

Day 19. Be Spontaneous! Do something totally without thinking, that you just feel like doing today. And do something that you've always wanted to do but always second-guess about or make up excuses over doing or keeping putting aside. Whether its big or small, just go for it! Be a little impulsive and selfish--and be conscious to never regret any decisions you make. 

Day 20. The Yes Game: Today's challenge is the "Yes Game." And I encourage this one to last throughout the challenge and thereafter. The rule is simply this; you must say yes to everything. Watch the movie "Yes Man" for extra inspiration on this one. You'll be amazed by how many things you don't do because of our resistant minds. Jump in and say yes to every opportunity that presents itself. 

Day 21. Give Hugs! Walk the streets and see if you can give as many hugs as you can. Go with a friend. Spread love and joy all around you! Thank Jetta for the inspiration behind this one and watch the video of her own expedition on the streets. 

Day 22. Go Out without Alcohol: Yup, I'm telling you to go out again but this time skip the booze (if you haven't already). This may take a lot of will-power and strength for some of you, but do it! Show yourself that you don't need it--because you don't! Become comfortable with yourself, learn to love yourself! You can act however you want without the need for getting tipsy or completely wasted. Trust me, you can have just as much fun without inhebriating yourself, plus you don't get a nasty hang-over and aren't damaging your health. Love and embrace Who you Are and show the world that all you need is You to have a blast! 

Day 23. Earth Day: It's always good to teach yourself how to entertain without the use of electicity. Play a boardgame in candlelight. Maybe have a romantic dinner? Build a child-like fort? Whatever you do, turn off all electricity for the evening. And don't turn on the computer or televison all day. Even see if you can go the entire day without any electronics. Do the Earth some good and explore new activities for yourself. 

Day 24. Read a Book: You may be weary, but I'm talking about picking up an inspirational or "self-help" book. A book changed my life, maybe one will change yours too. There are hundreds to choose from! Find one that speaks to you or maybe that was recommended to you by a friend or someone you know. I always read books that have been recommended to me. Once you're done with it, pass it on to a friend and tell them to do the same. 

Day 25. Volunteer Your Time: Whatever it may be, spend the day doing something for others. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, food bank, an environmental group, contribute to your community. Be giving and selfless. Spread some good karma. 

Day 26. Learn Something New: Pick up something that you've always wanted to do. Learn an instrument, a sport, a craft, a job, anything your heart desires. Keep your brain alive and buzzing. Plus creativity is a wonderful way to connect and inspire and grow. 

Day 27. Clear out your Closet: Sort through the possessions you have, decide what you need and what you don't need. If it's valuable to you and holds meaning, hang on to it, if it doesn't let it go. Don't have anything in your home that has no value or memory to you. This includes your wardrobe! Don't wear it? Pass it along, donate it, sell it. Remember; things do not bring Happiness

Day 28. Discover a new Restaurant with a New Friend! By now, with all those people you're supposed to be meeting you should have at least one new friend that you can invite out with you! Get to know them better and explore where you live by going somewhere you've never been. New food and a new friend--lots of newness, plenty new for experiences! Oh, and leave your server a nice tip! ;) 

Day 29. Love Love Love! Read this post and then write down a full page of things you love about yourself. Do it with a huge ridiculous smile on your face! :D And then write a full page about everything you love about your life and the people in it. Spread some love. Give all the people you love hugs and tell them how much you appreciate having them in your life. And look in the mirror and do the same with yourself, while you're at it, give yourself a hug too!

Day 30. Get a Happy Diary: Read this article about the negativities of your typical diary and how to have a "Happy Diary" instead. Go out and buy a new one today. Now it's time to re-enforce that Positive Thinking! Write in your new diary every day, whether its one simple line or a mini novel expressing Optimism, Happiness, Love, Joy, Grattitude, or any other Positive Thought. Keep this going now that the challenge is over and let it remind you to live your life full of bliss and to always focus on the Positive! 


Good luck! You can juggle some of the days around if you need to, just remember that I will also be writing up posts for some of the days for extra elaboration ;). And remember that these are lessons and things to be doing as often as possible. 
This Self Challenge could be your boost to getting what you want! What have you got to lose? 

Let's kick-off this New Year with a bang! Get Excited!!! Life is Amazing and Awesome!!! 
Remember; You are f*#cking Awesome and you can do Anything you set your mind to do!!!  

I want to hear about your experiences so be sure to share them and support each other! 
Hello New Year!!! Hello New Life!

Peace and Love!

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☺ 30 Day Self Challenge -- Preparation ☺

I want to hear who is going to commit themselves to the 30 Day Self-Challenge! Why? Because I want this to be your moment to become Self-Commited--commited to something new and exciting, committed to changing your life into something beautiful and wondrous and exciting and Happy!

Before I post the Challenge these are some "notes" to remember throughout it and to keep you committed and on track...

Don't Resist Change.
Never get Discouraged! Ever!
Be Proud of your Commitment to yourself!
Change takes time and work. Things don't change overnight, but these are steps to get there.
Be Patient and Kind towards your Self.
Enjoy the Ride and the Moment.
Just do your best.
Never Compare your experiences or your life to others. You and your life are unique and yours. Read more here. 
Smile all the time.
You Can--never doubt yourself.
Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want.
Have courage.
You can do it if you Believe you can.
Remember Why you are doing the challenge.
Remember; this is a Challenge--if it were easy it wouldn't be called a challenge. But also remember...
It is a commitment to Better your Self and your Life. To become Positive and Happy.
Don't dwell. 
Embrace and accept all experiences and outcomes. 
Take Responsibility for Your Life. 
Be Positive. All the time.
You're f*#king awesome!  

Let's hear it! Are you in? 

Peace and Love,

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

☺ Are you Ready for a Kick-Ass Life? Self Challenge! ☺

The New Year is upon us and many of us will look back on 2010 with a huge mixture of emotions. Hopefully you're looking at all the Positivity of the Year instead of the bad. If you aren't, or even if you are, read on...

The end of 2010 signals the beginning of 2011-- a brand new year! For me, I'm looking at it as an opportunity to Kick-Ass, make Changes, and Be Unreasonably Happy. But not in your typical "Resolutions" way. 

I'm introducing *drum roll* The 30 Day Self Challenge! And I Dare you to do it too! And to get anyone else you can find who needs that extra boost in life to get on board as well! 

I don't know about you, but I want to live my life to its fullest potential. I want to embrace each day. I want to meet new people. I want to experience something new each and every day. I want each day to be full of laughter and Happiness. 

That's what this Challenge is about. To kick-start the year (or any time in your life) with a boost of inspiration to keep you going long after the challenge is over. 

I'm going to change my life!!! Are you?

Go on! Get excited! About Life, about Positive Thinking, about that Happiness you want to experience all the time

I'm putting myself out there. I'm going to break some walls and rebuild myself. I'm going to Be who I Want to Be. 

No restraints! No more self-doubt or self-pity, no feeling insecure, no second-guessing yourself and life. Let it all go and become fully open. 
Surrender to life instead of resisting it. Embrace change and opportunity and welcome new experiences.

I Dare You to Change Your Life!

Become who you want to be. Become open, social, compassionate, loving, Happy.

Don't be afraid of change, run with it at full speed and embrace it with every piece of your being. It is a key to Happiness. 

Don't feel like you can commit? Do it anyway! Make your life Exciting! Step out of your little box and treat every day, every moment, as a gift worth embracing. 
Learn to Love your Life!

Time to make the changes we want and need to have a beautiful, inspiring, loving, Happy Life! 

This is a Fun new way to tackle those "self-improvements," to have a fun and exciting New Year! To make this year better than the last! 

I would love to hear about your own experiences throughout this challenge--Be involved! Post about it right here on the blog, on the facebook page, on twitter, on tumblr, or even email me! Let's support each other and have fun with this together! Let's inspire each other to be Happy and Positive! 

Get ready to have a Kick-ass Life!! ReInvent Yourself

Much Love,


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Vegan Websites ♥

Whether you want to know more about being Vegan, need more support or information regarding being Vegan, or are just plain looking for more resources, these websites are some of my favorites that are worth checking out. 

☆ Vegan Action: This site is amazing, full of tons of information regarding anything Vegan. They have a great section of why you should go vegan (for the animals, the planet, and your health), a resources section to help you along your way, even more resource links, Vegan FAQ's, and their campaigns of some awesome work--including being responsible for the awesome Vegan Certification!! 

☆ Sarah's Place (a vegan curios shop): Ok, so I LOVE Sarah Kramer's cookbooks ("La Dolce Vegan" & "How it all Vegan") and her fun personality is pure awesomeness, so obviously I had to include this website in the list. It is seriously a MUST for Vegans. You can find "a quirky collection of modern and vintage curios items; from her favourite vegan products to rare vintage artifacts to the bizarre and of course you can also purchase Sarah’s autographed cookbooks - personalized just for you!" She also has a super fun daily Blog. There's a Store too ~_^. Oh and did I mention she's Canadian. ♥ 

☆ Viva Granola: Is essentially your source for all Vegan products. You can find anything you could desire right on this wonderful site. They have everything; clothing, food, cosmetics, body care, candles, kitchen items, books, DVDs, jewelry, pet goods, anything and everything. Self-described as "Canada's Vegan and Cruelty-free Shopping Experience." 

☆ Karmavore: Ok, so first off, the name Rocks! Secondly, the site is adorable, easy to navigate through, and equally rocks! This one is another Vegan Store, with clothing & footwear, food, some body care, cleaning supplies, and books. Everything you need all in one place. Win! 

☆ As it says on the website; cutting through the BS. This is a great source for information, articles, and even has a recipe section. You'll either love me or hate me for posting this one, but whether Vegans like PETA or not, they are a great source for information and inspiration. I may not agree with everything that they do, but they are responsible for a huge number of people going Vegan (myself included) and at least get you thinking on many animal-rights topics. This website has tons of info as well as a Vegan "Starter Kit", a getting to know animals section, their in-depth "meet your meat" video, environmental impacts, and of course lots of recipes! This is a GREAT source for anyone interested in learning more about the animals on your dinner plate and that first kick to go Vegan. 

Got any favorites you'd like to share? ^_^

Peace & Love

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

☮ Be The Change: Consumer-Based Society ☮

As a general whole, we live in a very Negative Society. Most of us are actually aware of this, but that is often as far as the thought process goes. For those that don't already, we must start asking; Why? What we can change? What we can do?

The problem routes to the biggest downfall of humankind; Money. It is always about Money. If you look at any problem in the world I guarantee it will route back to the almighty Dollar. 

What's wrong with this? 
It has equalled a loss of ethics, of compassion, of equality, of respect for our planet and of ourselves. Our Wars, our destructive greed for oil, our raping the lands for resources, our incredibly unhealthy diets, all the cheap products and over manufacturing, all of these "Things"; they're all a result from the money-makers with dollar signs in their eyes. 

Economy is placed over Ecology. We may choose to ignore it, but this simply doesn't work. And all these economic crashes are proof of just that. Global Warming is another. But if there is money to be made in anything, the survival of our planet and ourselves, our health, wildlife, anything crucial to life is disregarded without a second thought. All for Things that we simply do not need and, ultimately, for money money money. 

It's not entirely our faults though. No, I'm not saying don't take responsibility--we are all responsible for becoming the solution and Not part of the problem. But our Society is built on a very powerful system of constant advertising and subliminal messages thrown in our faces on a continual basis to make us believe that we Need to buy things to make us happy. That we Need to buy things to make us beautiful. That we Need to buy things to make us socially accepted. Our Economy relies on your dissatisfaction with yourself and with life, and then your temporary satisfaction or "high" when you buy something new; something that usually becomes forgotten in anywhere from a day to maybe a couple of months until the next new Thing comes out on the market. 
If you were perfectly Happy with yourself, with life, and with what you already have then your need for consumerism would become very minimal. Our Society can't have this. Our Society Needs you to Need Things. Our entire world is based on these principles. If you actually start paying close attention to everything around you, you will see just how embedded into our lives consumerism is. Holidays are based on consumerism. Children's toys teach them at a young age that you need things. I'm not just talking about the buying of toys, but the toys themselves. Just look at Barbie. TV shows and movies teach us these same principles in one form or another. Magazines, billboards, everywhere and anything you will find these messages, you literally can't escape them. Consumerism is all around us, Everywhere!  

The other downfall of the system is this; if you Don't want to be a greedy consumer, you are practically frowned upon. Your social status becomes in question. The people around you think you're weird. Our society is built on this system of consumerism being so incredibly normal and embedded in our lives that we wouldn't think to question it. But people are beginning to more and more. And so what do you do when the rest of the world is not quite there? Be strong and stick to your principles! Be confident in YourSelf and in your Choices. Most people aren't confident in themselves, they're not really given the chance to discover themselves because our Society is there to distract them from actually Being. Our Society makes us believe that we Are the Things that we buy. Our Society makes you believe that you can find Happiness and your Self by buying things. But materialism truly means nothing at the end of the day. It does not bring Happiness,  it does not bring a greater sense of Self or self-worth. They are Distractions, to keep you Needing and Wanting. And it is a "Comfortable Blanket" so to speak, one that makes you not really want to leave it, but on the other hand never finding true happiness in it either. But you will keep searching for happiness in it because that's what you are made to believe. But we find our Selves and Happiness when we move Away from these greedy talons. And I'm talking about pure unreasonable Happiness, not that temporary "High" or what some of us think is happiness. We find genuine Happiness when we can learn to be happy with what we already have, when we learn to love ourselves as we are, when we embrace nature and connect with it instead of abusing it. 

It is no secret that this Neediness and Greed is destroying our Health, our Happiness, our sense of Self, our Environment, and our Homes. 

It is no big secret that our world is now based on Consumerism. It began after World War II to keep the Economy functioning after an economy based on war. Best quoted by Victor Lebow, an economist and retailing anylyst, published in 1955: 

"Our enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfactions, our ego satisfactions, in consumption. The measure of social status, of social acceptance, of prestige, is now to be found in our consumptive patterns. The very meaning and significance of our lives today is expressed in consumptive terms. The greater the pressures upon the individual to conform to safe and accepted social standards, the more he does he tend to express his aspirations and his individuality in terms of what he wears, drives, eats--his home, his car, his pattern of food serving, his hobbies. 
These commodities and services must be offered to the consumer with a special urgency. We require not only “forced draft” consumption, but “expensive” consumption as well. We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced, and discarded at an ever increasing pace. We need to have people eat, drink, dress, ride, live, with ever more complicated and, therefore, constantly more expensive consumption. The home power tools and the whole “do-it-yourself” movement are excellent examples of “expensive” consumption." 

We know and feel deep down that there is something most certainly wrong with our current way of life. It's time for a Change. Let's be the revolution. Let's move into a world where we live harmoniously; with our planet and with our fellow selves. There is no need for Greed and Hate. 

Let's be Loving and caring. Let's enjoy Nature over our television screen. Let's be Happy! 

Let's start thinking before we impulsively Buy. Do you really need that? Is it fair-trade? Earth-friendly? Is it Local? Who and What are you supporting when you Buy? Choose better options--they are Always out there. 

Let's be the Generation that Thinks, instead of mindlessly Consumes. Let's place love and relationships and experiences over Things that distract us from truly Living. 

Let's "Be the Change you wish to see in the world." 

Peace & Love,

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

☯ What's in my Closet: Vegan-Themed Shirts!! ☯

I very rarely keep a t-shirt as a t-shirt but here are some of my favorites from my personal wardrobe, altered or not. The theme? Vegan of course ~_^ Some are Eco-friendly too! But here's a great conversation starter to get people interested in the reasons why someone becomes Vegan & a fun way to show your love for animals ^_^...

Sick on Sin "Not My Dinner (Pig)": This is probably my all-time favorite top ever! The Pig is soooo cute and Piggies are my favorite . I revamped this one into a cute lacey racer-back.

Alter-Eco Clothing "Vegan": Yeah, this one was made by myself ~_^ and is available as a Custom Order in the shop ^_^. Organic fabric and upcycled animal-print letters that spell out "Vegan."

Skelanimals "Animal Testing Breaks Hearts":  I've had my eyes on this shirt foreverrrrrr! I finally decided to treat myself to it for my birthday this year when PETA sent a birthday %off "gift." Apparently it was a good choice as they don't seem to have it in their shop anymore! Needless to say, I love it! It's not organic but it does support a good cause of course. 

Trashrags "Milk Sucks": Her shop may be closed for a while but I had to share this amazing shirt anyways. Plus Jetta is awesome and has a wicked blog too ;) This tee may be in your face but I'm that kinda girl and I love it! ^_^ 

Rocky The Zombie "Buddy Not Beef": As you may already know, I LOVE Rocky the Zombie ^_^ Her prints are adorable! She made this awesome shirt as a kind of request--it's even printed on an Organic shirt ^_^. 

What's in Your Closet? Have a favorite Vegan tee? Please share, I'd love to see them! ^_^

Peace & Love,

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