Friday, December 18, 2009


I don't know about you, but I remember when I was a child and Christmas Day was the most magical day of the year. Well, let's face it, it is the smiles on children's faces that really complete this wonderful time of year, whether its your own son or daughter, or a nephew or niece, or even a little sibling. Time to face something else; this day can easily become incredibly wasteful, not to mention all those plastic toys are damaging to little growing bodies. There is a Merry Eco-Friendly approach as always ^_^. And with these stuffed-animals I don't think you can really complain.

The Needlings have been a personal favourite of mine for a long time! I bought one of these adorable characters for my little sister last year for Christmas and she's completely in LOVE with it!! Each Needling Plush is individually hand-sewn and embroidered. To top it off Heather (the mastermind behind these cuties) has created individual names, personalities, and stories to go along with each one! I've spent hours just reading each story!

Sewn Natural makes the most adorable Organic Stuffed Animals I have ever seen! This Elephant and Monkey are personal favorites. They have a Fleecy Organic Cotton body and stuffed with natural wool! Available at their Etsy Store ^_^.

Pogo also has some adorable Eco-friendly Recycled/Bamboo-stuffed Bears that are of course handmade and can also be found on Etsy!!

I discovered this sweater felt baby Dino on Etsy by Natalie Mae as well and I couldn't refuse sharing this everyone! It is super cute and "has tiny Organic cotton yarn claws,shiny glass eyes, re purposed wool plaid tummy and is filled with soft and huggable bamboo batting." Not to mention is it One if a Kind!!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Animal-Friendly Wear

I've been dying to share these awesome shirts with all you Vegan and Animal-Friendly people out there ^_^ so I'm taking a moment to do so.

Rocky the Zombie is a favourite of mine from DIYScene. This shirt just went up, although I have been waiting anxiously for it for a while ^_^. "Buddy Not Beef" features the always awesome Zombie but this time with an adorable Moo Cow as well! Absolutely awesome and a must-have for an Vegan, it is also printed on Organic Cotton!!

Next, straight from the doors of PETA and their online catalog store ^_^

This shirt is a favourite to be sure! I love Skelanimals so when I discovered this shirt I almost died! "Animal Testing Breaks Hearts" is the logo with some adorable favourite characters--the Monkey is my favourite! ^_^

I remember seeing this shirt pop up a while back on Ebay and I'm so glad that I found it again! ^_^ This "I'm Scared of Needles Too!" shirt has a message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops and the Monkey is too cute! And yes, I'm sure you've now gathered, I love monkeys!

This is tooooooo adorable! I think everyone should own one! The message speaks for itself: "Hug me, don't club me"

This Shirt is just too awesome! This "You Eat What?" Organic Shirt is from Terre Rouge on Cafe Press and features some adorable wide-eyed animals. 0.0

Lastly, I leave you with a great big smile along with being Vegan. This "Go Vegan" shirt from Vegan Pimp on Cafe Press definitely does the trick...not to mention it is printed on Organic Cotton shirts!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide ^_^

It's that time of year, and I haven't had the chance to post yet so this is coming a little late, but still, better late than never, right?

I will be posting a couple times per week with more Eco-Friendly Goodness to add to your Holiday season this year! ^_^

We all know how wonderful Christmas is. Pretty Christmas trees and Christmas Lights. Smiles on little children's excited faces. The love of Family and Friends. But of course you can't forget, the materialistic Christmas Shopping. I'm not saying don't buy Christmas presents, but I am saying at this particular time of year it is good to step back and observe the environmental impact of the season. Plastic toys up the galore. Packaging that goes to waste. Gift tags for one time use. The zillion of un-eco-friendly prezzies.

Well, this year you can give Christmas Presents to loved ones and at the same time give a lil something for Mother Nature. Here are a few Must-Have Goodies!! ^_^

I'm starting with Self-Inflicted DIY. Why? Because Heather is an awesome fellow diyscener and because her shop ROCKS!! This woman can do Everything! She's super crafty, and is such a sweetheart! Do you need any more reasons to love this girl?! ~_^

Gift-Wrapping and cute Gift tags are important right? Well they're also wasteful! But You can now be eco-friendly in the best ways possible! Heather sells these amazing Christmas Gift Tags...

They are made from Recycled Paper and are PLANTABLE!!! So there is no wasting involved and give back to mother-nature! To top it off she makes these with her 3 year old daughter which is just adorable! Family time is important and so is being Eco-friendly and it seems Heather is super woman in both these aspects ^_^.

Want more from Self-Inflicted? Wellll she also makes the coolest Oatmeal Soaps that are VEGAN approved! You can scent them with a number of yummy flavors And they are available in several super fun shapes!

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, this crafty Gal Also has Organic Cotton Wrist-Warmers and Neck-Warmers in her shop!

In today's blog I am actually going to blog myself haha ~_^ I will be doing about two sellers per blogpost and will be posting a few times per week up until Christmas with more fun Gift ideas! ^_^

Alter-Eco Clothing is full of eco-friendly goodies, including Custom items if you can't find your size or color preference. You will not find a single item in the store that does not have Mother-Nature in mind. A couple recommendations?

Choose your color and your size with this cuddly Organic Cowl-Neck Shrug that can also be worn off the Shoulders! ^_^

Or go for something a little edgier with this ripped Blue & Burnt-Orange Bamboo top!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1-- Be EDUCATED & Make the RIGHT Choice!


Yes I'm talking about those long lines of people awaiting the prick of that needle for the H1N1 Vaccination and it honestly makes me shake my head. Thousands standing in line for a vaccination they know nothing about, most probably getting sick just standing in a stuffy mall or venue for hours on end. Perhaps some have looked into the vaccination before making their decision but I can't help think that they haven't or else they would not be standing in line. Still, I want to write this blog-post so that you CAN make an educated decision. I'm not saying DON'T get Vaccinated. That is your choice (well perhaps it won't on). But I am saying KNOW what you are doing and be educated before you make that decision.

If reading isn't much to your liking then I do ask that you AT LEAST skip ahead and watch the videos so that you can see the reality of the situation. They are informative and they certainly give you a bit of an-eye-opening.

The reality is that this is a FLU, nothing that your body can't heal on it's own. And it is BETTER for your body to heal it on its own so that it still has those antibodies when the next one comes along. Vaccinations do create antibodies but because they are forced they are only temporary unlike our bodies naturally created ones.

A normal part of beating any flu is allowing our immune systems to do what they are meant to do. Our bodies will conquer the flu automatically and effectively, creating antibodies and overcoming the infection by relying on fundamental human physiology. Thousands of people, back in June of 2009, have already been exposed to the H1N1 flu and have created these antibodies so that the virus no longer has an effect because our immune systems are healthy. So, what happens when you give an H1N1 vaccine to a person who already has H1N1 antibodies? Well you are exposed to all the risks of a vaccine with none of the benefits, since their bodies are already immune.


Now you may be wondering, what ARE the Harms of a vaccine? Well to get to that let's first start with what's actually IN the vaccine...


Like virtually all vaccines, the H1N1 flu vaccine may contain the following ingredients:Thimersol (Mercury), Polysorbate 80, Triton X100 (detergent), Aluminum Gels, formaldehyde, Antibiotics, MSG, Sulfites, Egg Protein, Tissue from aborted human (or animal) fetuses, live or dead viruses, and Adjuvants, including Squalene which can all lead to serious side effects, as they break down the human immune system.

Doesn't sound like something I'd want to put in MY body! And have you ever noticed that they do not TELL you what is in the vaccine? Even though you are exposing yourself to something as toxic as Mercury, which is known to diminish health, poses a threat to growing fetuses, and studies have shown that it causes profound effects on the nervous system including psychotic reactions like hallucinations, suicidal tendencies and delirium.

Not to mention on top of that you are directly putting common allergens into your body and other chemicals, and who wants aborted human or animal fetuses? Seriously?!


First, you should know that the H1N1 Vaccine was put onto the shelves with minimal to no testing at all as this was deemed a "pandemic" and forced onto the shelves. So essentially anyone getting this vaccination are doing so without any testing. YOU are the test subjects. And what's worse is that not the health organization, not anyone, will be held accountable if you become sick, ill, or die from the vaccination.

They will not be held responsible for the effects of the vaccine due to the small time frame they allow to report any symptoms.

Why you should be concerned?

The lack of testing is scary enough, as we have all now become guinea pigs. But on top of that there is an issue of contamination.

A woman in Austria has filed criminal charges against several officials and against BAXTER because of vaccination CONTAMINATION. 72 kilos of vaccine material were contaminated with the live bird virus and was still given to the people without them knowing of this, back in February of 2009. So far they have done NOTHIING about this and this could be the same issue with your vaccine. For the full story check this out:

Gary Null (to learn more about him check out his website: has reviewed thousands upon thousands of research on vaccinations and the so-called "studies" and has discovered that not only has there been no convincing evidence that any vaccine at all has long term study trials, but in these supposed studies they left out the virus part. Kind of a key ingredient there don't you think?

On top of that, there is a HUGE conflict of Interest, as almost, if not all, the studies supporting the vaccine were done by the vaccine manufacturers. The FDA doesn't conduct its own independent studies and relies solely on the studies of the manufacturers. This is much too close of a relationship to not have a conflict of interest. If that wasn't bad enough, over 50% of the people sitting on the FDA and CBS's Vaccine Advisory Program were from vaccine manufacturers. Their rational? That there are not enough experts who are independent to sit on the committee. You can bet that this is all about dollar signs.


Gary Null has also done extensive research on autism and vaccinations, including the relationship between the ingredients (not just Mercury) and neurological damage. In this video he speaks out at the NYS Assembly Hearing, 10-13-2009. This is a MUST-WATCH!

He asks the questions:

Are Vaccines safe? If so, where is the proof?

Are vaccines effective? If so, where is the proof?

He has been working with thousands of victims of the Gulf War who were vaccinated. Thousands of them now have lesions, diseases, brain neurological disorders that have nothing to do with post traumatic stress disorder, which is what they have tried to place all the blame on. The government has still refused to help them and have denied any connection to the vaccine. (Again watch the video for more information on that).

Now if this does not concern you, you have to think about the fact there are still no long-term studies for vaccinations and we still do not know what harm they may do in the future. And remember that no one will be taking the responsibility or blame if you do get sick years later.

They are willing to inject pregnant woman with this vaccine and not be held responsible for those injections. They won't be held responsible if your child develops autism or brain chemical imbalances. You have to consider here as well the linkage between vaccinations and these neurological disorders. There is essential a "drugging of our children" of our time.

10 million American children don't go to school before they get a class 2 drug, the same class as cocaine!

Are these chemical imbalances really just a new epidemic of the past 25 years? An epidemic that didnt happen to any other generation before it? Consider that there are no cases of autism in adults. And still world health organizations refuse to acknowledge that autism is affecting our children possibly because of the vaccinations.

Do you really want to take that risk? When our bodies are meant to naturally fight off virus and bacteria themselves?

Children of today's societies are seriously lacking exposure to bacteria and germs. You see the commercials all the time of over-cautious parents and all these anti-bacterial sprays, wipes, soaps, and absolutely anything else they could think of. Exposure to these germs is GOOD for your children because it allows their bodies to build its natural antibodies to fight off the flu and other health problems. So let your child get dirty and let their bodies be healthy!


Fighting off any flu or disease really comes down to being HEALTHY!

When you think about the people being affected by the H1N1 "pandemic" and those who are actually dying from it, it comes down to a matter of immune systems. The people who are dying or have serious complications are people with poorer health, and this comes as no surprise because these people are always at greater risk. There is no difference between this and anything else.

I'm sure if they did a correlations studies to people's diet and lifestyle, they would notice that a weakened immune system, which is greatly caused by how we choose to live our lives and what we eat, makes a difference to how your body can fight off this new flu. How many people exercise daily or get close to the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables? How many people eat whole grains? How many people breathe enough clean fresh air in a day compared to inside air? How many people even drink enough water a day?

They say it is targeting young people, your body has an amazing immune system if you DONT suppress it, I doubt that they care about peoples lifestyle and weakened immune systems based on their choice of lifestyle.


What exactly does WHO mean by a "pandemic"? Does it mean mass fatalities?

A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic of a disease. It does not necessarily mean mass fatalities. A pandemic refers to how far across the globe the disease has spread, rather than its severity, and as such a pandemic can result in a low fatality count. It may start mild and become severe, or vice versa. It may also start mild and stay that way, or start severe and stay severe.

Here is the statistics from the Center of Disease Control Prevention:


If the fact that they have the power to Force Vaccinate doesn't raise your concern I'm not sure what does.

H1N1 has now been raised to a Phase 6 Pandemic, which means that the FDA was given the power to do essentially anything in its path to prevent the spread of H1N1. This includes the fast-tracking of drugs and vaccinations.

They were given 1 billion dollars to fast-track the swine flu vaccine.

So what does a Phase 6 Pandemic mean?

In Canada there is the possibility of BILL C-6 which FORCES us to Vaccinate!

For Canadians at this moment, the most serious threat to their rights and freedoms is Bill C-6 which has been passed by our Parliament, and was recently in the Senate for 2nd Reading. The 3rd reading could pass it into Law.

If it passes, it would provide our Government with draconian means to remove supplements, to force-vaccinate the population, to remove all our Rights and Freedoms, including the right to Due Process, which has been our right since the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 AD.

Similarly this is the same case in the United States and other Countries.

In some states, like Massachusetts, they have already passed the Pandemic legislations which means they have the power to enter homes without consent of occupants, to investigate and quarantine individuals without their consent. This directly takes away your freedom of choice. So what ever happened to the land of the free?


Every year in the United States, on average:

5% to 20% of the population gets the flu;

more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications; and

about 36,000 people die from flu-related causes.

There have been just over 900 people that have died so far in the states during this new flu, and yet this is a pandemic that needs a non-safety tested vaccine full of harmful chemicals? Doesn't quite add up if you ask me.

World Health Organization:

As of 17 October 2009, worldwide there have been more than 414,000 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009 and nearly 5000 deaths reported to WHO.

That is Worldwide! The numbers are really quite small.


This is where you can do more research if you desire, and draw your own conclusion.

But does it not make you realize how completely out of proportion this all has been blown? The media has been feeding you fear to get this vaccination so that they will make money. Be smart and consider your options. Do you really need to get the H1N1 Vaccine? Is it really worth the risk? Make your own decision but make sure it's an educated one.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Two beautiful ladies in my life are Pregnant; my sister and my brother in law's fiance ^_^. In celebration, I thought it appropriate to make a cute Eco-Baby blog-post for them and to share with other mamas ^_^.

Babies and children are so important and they deserve only the best! Here are a couple Eco-friendly Goodies to dress your rockin baby with ^_^! This theme, once again, with some of my awesome friends over at DIYScene.

Rocky The Zombie hand-prints all her awesome artwork onto clothing! They are soooo adorable, unique and just so much fun! I have a shirt from her as well & just love love love it!!

What's extra exciting is that this cute lil number is printed on an Organic dark red Tee, and I am told there are more to come. ^_^

BrookeVan Gory Designs is an adorable Etsy shop from a rockin hot Mama (also a friend at DIYScene), inspired by her gorgeous new baby boy, Gory, of course ~_^. She has tons of the cutest upcycled baby "Gory Pants" that are a must-have for your new cutie as well as many other fun treats, definitely worth checking out!!

Rockerbyebaby is another rockin Mama (from DIYScene)

with lots of Eco-friendly goodness in her Etsy shop. She has an Adorable Skull-Print Organic Tee, as well as lots of burb rags, and other fun alternatives in support of the Eco-friendly movement -- becasue we all know the importance of washing & reusing as opposed to disposables!

Pretty Little is another Etsy shop and they have the cutest Booty Boots! Or as my 2 year old sister would say "Bu-boots" ^_^!! They have cute Pirate Booties with skulls and crossbones, as well another favourite of mine is the cute little koala bear Booties! They are made from 100% Merino Wool, which is biodegradable and an all-around environmentally friendly alternative to leather and synthetic materials.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

VEGETARIAN VS CARNIVORES...which is healthier?

This week's blog is a question that quite literally irks my nerves. I have a friend that strongly believed that being Vegetarian/Vegan was unhealthy. This friend had no evidence to back up these thoughts except for what our society tells them to think. Another perfect puppet of society.

While being Vegetarian is generally healthier, I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this topic because it all depends on the individual. Why? Because let's face it

, how many of your carnivorous friends eat their 8-12 servings of veggies a day? I know most of mine don't. And then if you're vegetarian it's equally important to make sure your diet contains the nutrients you might be lacking from meat-eating diet. So let's break it down shall we?

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet:

Let's start with bringing a stop to the carnivore's generalization that being Vegetarian is unhealthy. Here are a few reasons why being a Vegetarian can be healthier.

Some studies show that veg

etarians suffer less from heart disease, some cancers, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and that they live longer than meat-eaters.

Other obvious benefits of being vegetarian is that their diet contains lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein.

It also contains higher levels of carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and phytochemicals.

So then what could a vegetarian diet possibly be missing? Here are a few myths we'll put to bed.

NUTRIENTS Veggie VS Meat & Dairy:

There is the claim that a Vegetarian diet lacks certain nutrients and vitamins than that of a typical meat-eating dairy-consuming diet. Animal and dairy products are seen as a key source of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B12 and Zinc. And then there's the commonly asked question of Protein, of course, because how on earth can you get protein without meat? Don't worry, I will get to that for the narrow-minded. As for the other nutrients, aside from the fact that most of them are now added to a variety of foods such as non-dairy milk products as well as cereals, they can also be easily found in other plant-sources. And guess what? These same nutrients are added to a large majority of products for you carnivores as well--guess you're not getting all your nutrients either then are you?

All the little myths and misconceptions aside, it really all comes down to having a healthy and balanced diet, and this goes for both Vegetarians/Vegans and Carnivores alike!


Some argue that a vegetarian diet lacks Omega 3 (which is easily sourced from fish).

However, fish is not the sole sources of Omega 3, it is also fou

nd in a number of plant-based sources such as soy, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, canola oil, and especially flaxseed and hempseed. Problem solved.


I feel silly having to address the issue of protein, but I would enjoy bringing some enlightenment to this issue.

First off, on average people consume twice as much protein as we need. Not only is this certainly quite the waste of resources and dead animals, but consuming too much protein also puts stress on the Kidneys, and can cause B6 deficiencies because our bodies require this vitamin for protein intake.

Meat may be an easy source of protein but it is also an unhealthier choice. Humans are not carnivores by nature. We do not have the same digestive tract as other carnivores because we do not contain the same levels of hydrochloric acid as they do, and most of their digestion occurs in their stomachs, whereas ours is in the intestines. We can not completely digest animal protein like other carnivores can, which means chunks of undigested meat may stay inside your intestinal tract for anywhere from 20 to 48 hours--and if you're not healthy much longer. So quite literally, this meat is decaying inside of you and produces poisons that become pathogens and toxins within the body. Not to mention meat in the supermarket is colored with sodium nitrates and sodium nitrites to make it look appealing rather than its

natural gray-green color. These color additives are cancer-causers in humans. Meat is also full of antibiotics, sedatives, growth hormones, and chemical feed mixtures which are carried on into your body with consumption. These antibiotics kill off most of the good bacteria in your long intestinal tract. On top of that, some of that decaying meat will never leave your body and creates an inner lining on the intestinal wall which interferes with proper digestion.

While meat does contain about 5 to 10 times the amount of protein as most vegetable sources, since we over-consume protein as it is, we are eating much safer amounts when being veget

arian. And there are lots of good, healthy choices of Vegetable Protein that don't contain the same unhealthy cholesterol, and saturated fat levels of red meat. Take Quinoa for example, one cup contains about 28 grams of Protein. Or how about a cup of Lentils which contains 10 grams of protein. Other easy sources are beans, nuts, and even vegetables. While we're on the subject, the world's biggest and strongest animals, such as elephants, gorillas, and rhinos just to name a few, all build their strong bodies with vegetable protein.

Once again, balance is everything. And being vegetarian means you do still need to make sure you consume your average daily amount of protein, while you meat-eaters might want to be reducing yours. ~_^

You already know the problems with animal protein, so you understand you have the same issues to face for the consumption of Iron through meat-sources. And to put those rumors furthermore to rest, Vegetarians do not have a higher incidence of Iron deficiencies than Meat-eaters! Dried beans and dark leafy vegetables are especially good sources of Iron because Iron consumption is increased when consumed with foods containing vitamin C as well. You can also find good levels of Iron in chickpeas, spinach, pinto beans, and soy products. Once again, problem solved.


Vitamin B12 and Zinc are one area that require special attention for Vegetarian and Vegan Diets. Because these are not readily absorbed by the body from vegetarian sources, Vegans usually require a supplement. Vegetarians can still get this vital vitamin from Eggs and Dairy Products, and of course Meat-Eaters have the advantage with their carnivorous diets which all contain high amounts of B12 and Zinc. Don't begin to fret yet though fellow Vegans, B12 Can be found in other sources that allow you to still stay away from decaying flesh and baby cow's milk.

Vitamin B12 has been found in high levels in Nutritional Yeast; about 2 rounded teaspoons will provide your daily recommended intake. Both Vitamin B12 and Zinc are both now commonly supplemented in fortified milk & meat alternatives, as well as most cereals in the western world--always check the labels to check how much it contains. Of course, the easiest soluton is to take a supplement or multi-vitamin just to be safe. This is my preferred option and I recommend anyone take a daily multi-vitamin anyway to make certain they are getting all their daily vitamins and minerals. ^_^


You hear it all the time; adds on TV and on billboards are drilled into your brain on a daily basis...Milk is a good source of Calcium, and you need it to have strong bones. Well it wouldn't be a lie to say that this information is biased and inadequate. "The dairy industry and milk processors invest hundreds of millions of dollars each year to guarantee that Americans will continue to drink milk and eat dairy products, investing their money to continually let Americans know that milk tastes good and the intake of milk and dairy products must be continued to insure good health."

So now maybe you're thinking, What? It's not true? I don't NEED Milk for calcium? The fact of the matter is no, you most certainly do not. So then, no, Vegetarians do NOT lack Calcium!

Looking at this chart you'll notice that the first 7 foods listed are plant-based, while the dairy products are below and mixed in closely to a number of even more plant-based sources. Now, of course this chart is not a full list of calcium sources, but it's an example so stay with me here.

It's time to crush the rumors right?

Adequate amounts of Vegetables are BETTER Sources of Calcium than Milk and Cheese. And no, it's not just Kale and Broccoli, ALL vegetables contain calcium. Why is it better than Dairy products? Because plant-sourced Calcium stays in the bones and is more easily absorbed then the calcium found in milk products. Plant Proteins also do not result in calcium loss such as the way of Animal Protein (which, yes, of course is found in high amounts in milk products); Animal Protein has been shown to create calcium loss through the urinary tract, up to 50% of the consumed calcium.

So why is calcium loss a problem? Because it leads to osteoporosis, not a Lack of Calcium as we are led to believe. And so what's the difference between lack or loss? Calcium loss is all the excess calcium that doesn't get absorbed by the body. This excess Calcium then builds up on the arterial walls which becomes atherosclerotic plaque (Atherosclerotic heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US), and the excess calcium also contributes to arthritis.

So really we're just going in circles now aren't we? Which is really better? Stealing Milk and dairy from baby Cows which our body doesn't even absorb properly? Or naturally found calcium in plants that our body will more easily absorb? To me the answer to this is fairly obvious.

Calcium in Milligrams per 100 Calories



Watercress...................... 800

Turnip greens.................. .650

Collard greens................. 548

Mustard greens.................490

Spinach........................... 450

Broccoli.......................... 387

Swiss cheese................... 250

Milk (2-percent).............. 245

Green onions................... 240

Okra............................... 213

Cabbage......................... 196

Whole milk..................... 190

Cheddar cheese.............. 179

American cheese............. 160



While it is true that most Vegans/Vegetarians are generally more health-conscious people it is still in the hands of the beholder. A Vegetarian diet has many benefits over a Carnivorous diet when eating right and eating balanced. So you Carnivores can think what you like but the facts are there. It all depends from person to person. Take care of your body, exercise, watch what you eat and you will be healthier. Vegetarians and Vegans are some of the healthiest people in the world, keep that in mind the next time you decide to frown upon your Vegetarian and Vegan friends or encounters. ~_^


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Friday, September 11, 2009

Many of you may or may not know, I just got married on September 6th . So now that the wedding planning is over and I have a moment to breath, I decided to share some lovely Eco-Friendly Wedding goodies that I found along the way. I know any help in finding Earth-Conscious items is appreciated by many of you beautiful brides in the midst of planning your own Special Wedding day so here's a little sneak

The Wedding Dress is of the upmost importance I know you brides will agree ~_^, so if you haven't chosen your Dress yet I highly suggest one from these Green options ^_^

If I hadn't made my own dress I would have purchased one from Wai-Ching Bridal in a heart-beat! This designer makes absolutely stunning and unique creations using peace silk and hemp fabrics.

Each dress is absolutely breath-taking! I could do an entire blog just on this designer ^_^. Well, need I say more? Take a look for yourself...

Next up, Rene Geneva!

The site is entirely eco-friendly and they have the most STUNNING Eco-friendly Corsets and Dresses I've ever seen!

These two are my favorites on the site,made from a hempsilk base with silk trim. The skirt also has golden, chemical free peace silk adorning the ruffeled edges!! Two Beautiful combinations!

Adele Wechsler makes Wedding Gowns with certified organic hemp silk, vegetable dyed silks, and remnant fabrics. On top of that the dresses are fair-trade labour and are made in Canada ^_^.

Annatarian is yet one more option using eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo and soy and will even create your perfect dress using a keepsake (such as your mother's old wedding gown).

Another gorgeous Eco option from Isadoraclothing. This Etsy seller makes the Dresses from organic cotton/bamboo jersey or oragnic cotton/soy jersey.

To finish off, this next Dress is from a fellow DIYScener: Glamarita! She has gorgeous dresses and are all made completely from recycled men's ties!!! Plus they're available in many color combinations!

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