The cutest Etsy shop around! Sure to make you smile with all the adorable tees, necklaces, magnets, pins, purses, and more! Vegan-, eco-, and Happy-themed with all original artwork by the lovely Miss Bianca Storm.

Now also available on RedBubble for even more Cute and Uniques items! Including Tees (Adult & Kids! iPhone Cases! And more!) :)

Alter-Eco Clothing
Eco-friendly Fashion. Styles inspired by SteamPunk, Gothic, Punky, Elegant, and everything in between. Organic, Bamboo and eco fabrics, Upcycled, Vegan, non-toxic. 

ReLove's Goodie Kits!

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Going Vegan Guide!
"Your Go To Guide on Everything you Need to know about Going Vegan"
Whether you're making the transition or are still in the beginning stages and still have a lot of questions or are finding yourself struggling a bit, this guide is for you; specifically made to get you started, informed, in the right direction, and to make your new vegan life fun and spectacular--and easy! 
You'll find advice, tips, and coverage on issues that you may have questions about or may need help with. 


The 365 Day Bucket List!
A list of 300 tasks to complete in 365 days, this cute little booklet is sure to get your year feeling fabulous and fun! These tasks are anywhere from as basic as to Smile, to bigger tasks encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. The point of this kit is to get you excited about your day, about yourself, and about Life! This is a personal challenge that is sure to add excitement and fun into your life, and teach you a thing or two about living each day to its fullest. Tick off tasks as you complete them! Enjoy the cute drawings (your Bucket List comes in black & white so you can colour them in when you're bored! Or I can colour them in for you before this gets shipped off to you). 
I, too, am doing this Bucket List and will be sharing my adventures with it on my Lifestream. :) Have fun with it!


The Happiness Kit!
The Happiness Kit is a lovely ensemble of items to inspire and brighten your day. Loaded with love and positivity, this kit is designed to aid your journey in a Positive manner. 
Packed with Tips, a "Happy Guide," Inspirational Pins (by the lovely Jetta Vegas of the Radical Uprise), Prints and Photos, a pretty Charm Necklace (to keep close to your heart and remind you to smile), and other lovely goodies to make you smile.
*some items may differ slightly from the photo.
Add a little Positivity to your life with this wonderful Kit! My way of saying Thank You to you and giving you back something in line with ReLove! 


The Vegan Kit!
The Vegan Kit is not a starter guide--just to make sure there's no confusion. This kit is more of a Vegan "pride" or inspirational kit. Honour and love your Vegan Lifestyle, whether you are a long-time Vegan or totally fresh to this wonderful lifestyle!
Included in this kit is a lovely Vegan Charm Necklace (to remind you of your lovely passion--and to keep you on track and remind you to be vegan), a mini recipe book, a cute Piggy keychain, Pins (by the lovely Jetta Vegas of the Radical Uprise), Stickers, Vegan food goodies, photos, and other rad stuff!
*some items may differ slightly from the photo
Inspire Vegan Living, share your love and enjoy this awesome Vegan Kit! 


Get your kits today while quantities last! 
*If purchasing something from the Etsy shop as well, I'll ship them together and you get free shipping on the kits, just let me know so I can refund shipping charges. xo

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if we could send you money concealed in an envelope to pay for one of the kits as opposed to using paypal?

  2. I'm okay with that. :)

    email: so I can get your address and you can get mine.

  3. These kits are really awesome ideas!


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