Thursday, May 31, 2012

☺ Powerful Affirmations ☺

Choosing to look at life positively, loving yourself, manifesting your hopes and desires are all common topics for me to talk about here at ReLove, but sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. If you're not sure what "positive affirmations" are, read up about them Here. Saying daily Positive Affirmations is probably the single biggest key to changing your life into something more positive, into the life that you want, and discovering more about yourself. This practice will reprogram your mind (for the better), build your confidence, and make your life what you've always wanted. It can help you overcome stress, depression, illness, and so much more. It can help you become the person that you want to be. The following list are affirmations I used when I first began practicing Positive Affirmations, and ones that I use today and will continue to use, because they work and, well, because they are powerful. The power of Positive Affirmations will transform your entire life! 

"Powerful Affirmations"

I will listen to, respect, and nurture my needs for health and happiness.
I choose to Be Happy. I Am Happy!
I am responsible for my own happiness. 
I choose to live my life with love and positivity.
Life is in the present moment, I choose to live in the Here and Now.  
Life is good and kind and exciting. 
Good things are coming to me. 
I am going to have an amazing day today!
I will release stress and allow emotions to flow freely. 
I will go with the flow (instead of resisting life).
I am consciously working on improving my life, being positive, seeing good, learning, and being unreasonably happy. 
I Choose My Life!
I will see the good in any situation. 
I Am the person that I want to be, because I get to choose who I am. 
I am the author of my own life. 
I am open, honest, and use my voice. 
I am strong, resilient, and important.
People like me, I like me, I am fun, I am awesome. 
I love myself. I love my life.
As I love myself, I allow others to love me too.
I am Positive, Happy, Love, and Light. 
My relationships are respectful, loving, joyful, fulfilling, and fun. 
I deserve love, good things, and happiness. 
There is a reason for everything, I will choose to see it or be patient until I do. 
Everything is going to be okay. Everything will work itself out. 
I will keep my mind on positive thoughts. I will Be Positivity.
I listen to my heart, intuition, and emotions. I will listen to the physical signs my body sends me to appropriately deal with problems in my life--whether it's health, relationships, work, etc. 
Thank You for perfect health. I have energy, alertness. 
I feel good today! 
I will listen to my inner most truth. 
I can! You can do it if you believe you can! 
I will step out of my comfort zone and be open to the experiences coming my way.
I will say Yes to opportunities and invitations. 
I have abundance and wealth in all areas of my life. 
Every day gets easier and more beautiful. 
I am whole, harmonious, wealthy, abundant, healthy, balanced, loving, and happy.

It is also to say affirmations in the form of gratitude--meaning to say "Thank You" or "I am grateful for" with each affirmation. This is a list to get you thinking, your personal affirmations can include any, some, or all of these. They can be material, emotion, relationships, absolutely anything. Be sure to include specific details into your affirmations--such as, if you want to be a more outgoing person, repeat to yourself every day that you Are an outgoing person. 
As well as these it is good to repeat every day all the things that you were grateful for during your day and all the things you are grateful for in your life--from the small to the big things. 
Lastly, remember to make your affirmations positive--focus on the things you Do want, and not on the things you Don't want. This is very important so be sure your attention and thoughts are on good things. (click here to read more details on this)
You absolutely choose your life, so get in the habit of expressing gratitude and repeating your desires, wants, and dreams every single day to make them a reality. This practice truly absolutely works, so be persistent and positive and Manifest your life! 


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☺ WINNER of the Love Peace Vegan Giveaway! ☺

After tallying up all the entries a number has been selected as the winner through a random number generator. 

Congratulations to Melita Jagodic!! (you have been emailed to claim your prize!) :)  

A big huge warm Thank You to everyone who entered! And another big huge Thank You to Linh of Love Peace Vegan for hosting this amazing Giveaway! xo

And for all those who didn't win, you deserve to treat yourself anyway, so if you haven't yet, hop over to the Love Peace Vegan etsy shop and buy yourself something nice. ;)  

Thanks again! 


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Blueberry Super Power Smoothie! Ⓥ

This smoothie is spectacular and filled with ridiculous amounts of goodness! Perfect after a workout or in the morning and it will fill you up for hours! Yum!  

Blueberry Super Power Smoothie
1 cup frozen Blueberries
1/2 frozen Banana
2 pitted Dates
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp Hemp Seeds
1/2 Tbsp Maca Powder
1/2 cup water
1/2+ cup Almond or Hemp Milk
1/2 Tbsp Coconut oil
1 heaped Tbsp Almond Butter
2 Tbsp amande vanilla yogurt (optional)
1 Tbsp Hemp Protein powder (optional)
Soak the Dates, Chia, and Hemp seeds in the 1/2 cup water for 15 minutes (if you don't have time in the morning then soak them overnight in the fridge). What I like to do is place them right into my measuring cup fill about 1/2 cup of water and top it up with almond milk and let it soak for as long as possible. Then I add more almond milk when I'm making the actual smoothie.
Add your soaked mixture to the rest of the ingredients and blend together in a food processor or high-speed blender until smooth. I like to add the amande yogurt for extra creaminess, and the hemp protein for, well, added protein, but they are absolutely optional. Add less or more almond milk to get your desired consistency. 

Makes 1 large smoothie. Enjoy! 


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

❀ Meet Fellow Vegans! ❀

These lovely "interviews" are with other fellow vegans, to inspire and share their stories and lifestyles and love for all things vegan. Oh, and to prove we don't eat grass and have a ton of kick-ass fun! ;)   


Meet Ebba! 

Name: Ebba 
Age:  20
Country: USA
Vegan Since: 2006
Pets? Three cats: Big Al, Theo, and Emeelee
A bit about yourself: I'm studying Psychology at Indiana University, I'm deaf, and I'm married to a US Marine :) 

What did your diet look like pre-vegan? 
I was a vegetarian for three years before switching to veganism, but prior to that, it was a pretty standard omnivorous diet.  I come from a meat-and-potatoes kind of family.

What does your diet look like now? Any fun new foods you had no idea existed until becoming vegan? 
I eat a ton of fruit, and seriously, a jar of peanut butter a week.  I sneak kale and spinach into my fruit and soy yogurt smoothies :) I'll have raw weekends just for the fun of it, but I've had trouble eating a raw diet and getting enough calories to sustain my physical activity.  Quinoa is a food that I found after becoming vegan, and it's now one of my main staples. 

What is your favourite food or meal to eat now? 
Lately I've been on a stir fry kick. I make them out of whatever veggies I have lying around, some cashews, and rice. 

What made you become vegan? 
My first year of high school, my bio class dissected fetal pigs, and when I pulled ours out of the bag, it felt like a human baby in skin texture, weight, and in the bones.  Something sort of clicked with me regarding the interconnectivity of the animal kingdom. I figured that it wasn't my place to contribute to the horrible conditions under which animals raised for food are kept. Plus environmentalism played a big role.

How long was the transition, and were there any slip-ups? 
I didn't really have a transition; I just switched.  It wasn't too hard. Most of my slip-ups came from family and friends trying to cook for me without realizing what is and what isn't vegan.  Honey and sugar processed with bone char seemed to be the biggest obstacles. Makeup and toiletries were bigger issues because I didn't know what all of the ingredients were, but finding beauty products that passed turned out to be very rewarding :) 

How do you feel since going vegan? (changes in your health, mood, body, etc.) 
My mood has improved, and health-wise, I never feel overly bloated.  And my skin is always clear!

Biggest challenge about making the switch? How did you get through it? 
The biggest challenge came from not having supportive friends and family.  My husband and parents were really not into it at all.  I got through it simply by persisting. By year 4 of veganism, everyone finally settled into the fact that I was committing to a lifestyle and not in just a teenage phase. 

Do you have any other vegans in your life? (family, significant other, friends, roommates, etc.) How do they handle your veganism and how do you handle them? 
I know a few vegans, but I don't get along well with them because they look down on anyone with a non-vegan diet. I feel like the superiority vibe is counterproductive since no one wants to change to become like someone who makes them feel bad about themselves. I'm not close friends with any vegans, though my husband eats vegan food at home since it's easier to cook one meal for the two of us.  

How do you deal with ignorant/annoying/difficult people and questions about your decision? 
I don't meet too many of them. Because a lot of the vegans around here aren't very nice, people usually are totally cool with my veganism when I give them rational reasons for my switch. The key is just to make it clear that you're a completely reasonable person and not to be pretentious about it.

Favourite part about being vegan? 
I feel good about alleviating some of the burden on the environment!

Any tips for others thinking of going vegan? 
Don't be pushy about it.  Also, if you're going to someone's house, tell them in advance that you're vegan. It's just as bad to throw it away the food as to eat it.


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Monday, May 28, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

I'd like to quickly apologize for the lack of posts this weekend, been ridiculously busy with epic summer fun and adventure (I hope that you have been too!), and my weekend happened to be extra long. Hopefully you've been so busy you haven't noticed my lack of blogging. ;) Well, while weekends are fantastic there is no reason why the rest of the week can't be equally fantastic! 

☺ There is a time and place for everything. Realize that every experience has a different benefit at a different time and place. For example, weekends are often the time for epic fun, spontaneous adventures and socializing. Because this is the ideal "fun" we sometimes get mopey about the rest of the week that may be more mellow. But that mellow time is just as important as the outrageous fun. Balance is everything. The fun you experience during the week may be more subtle, but it is there and it is important. Realize this, see the benefit, understand balance, and appreciate each moment. There is a time and place for everything.  
Listen to Dub FX. Because they are amazing, inspiring, positive, and upbeat. And because their music rocks! ;)  
Be honest with yourself and others. Being dishonest to save someone's feelings wastes time and usually just prolongs the inevitable. People need to hear the truth more. This doesn't mean you have to be mean about it, always communicate with love, but Do be honest and upfront. Being honest opens up your relationships with others instead of suppressing the growth and potential that relationship could have. Honesty is one of the highest forms of love. So be honest!
Go for a Hike! Grab your hiking shoes, a friend and/or dog, and go on an adventure! Hiking is a wonderful way to get out into nature, fresh air, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, and it is also fabulous exercise. Getting outside will also improve your sleep at night, make you more alert, and connects you to the world around you. An all-around win!  
☺ Look for the Good in Everyone & Everything! Instead of focussing on everyone else's negative traits, try seeing the good in every person and every situation and everything around you. Your life is only as beautiful as you decide for it to be, only as beautiful as you choose to see it. Good exists everywhere, so focus on the good, not the bad.  
Who Loves Life? Now repeat after me; "I LOVE LIFE!!!" And now repeat it again and again over and over until it's true. ;)        
"Just be glad, and you always will be glad. You will have better reason to be glad. You will have more and more things to make you glad. For great is the power of sunshine, especially human sunshine. It can change anything, transform anything, re-make anything, and cause anything to become as fair and beautiful as itself." - Christian D. Larson 

Have a beautiful day, week, life! Much Love from me to you! 
Create a Nice Day! xo


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

☺ Learning to not get Overwhelmed ☺

It's really quite easy to allow little problems in life to creep up on us and become overwhelming. This often happens before we can realize it too, and suddenly we are faced with all sorts of stresses that we never dealt with (because we kept pushing them aside) that all come back to make us feel flushed, stressed, and, well, overwhelmed. 
I know that getting overwhelmed too easily was one of my own continuing struggles as my life became what I wanted it to but certain areas still needed improvement. I tend to (I'm getting better at this) take on a lot at a time, which in turn becomes a pressuring feeling of being overwhelmed by the work load and time efficiency. I figure this is a subject that most others can relate to, whether it's from work, personal, or just plain life.

So what to do about it? 

Awareness, as with anything, is the first step. Recognize when you are taking on too much at one time, when relationships are draining you, and when life is becoming too much. 

Hit the Reset Button
There are lots of simple steps you can take that will make that overwhelmed feeling vanish quickly and your time spent with more ease. The biggest thing though is that you must, must, must give yourself a moment, just for you, to breathe and to think. It's like hitting the "reset" button on your mind so that you can go on with your day in a better mood and with a more efficient mindset. Once you are giving yourself a moment, let out any emotions that you may be bottling up. Remember "let emotions flow and then let them go." Feel better? Hopefully at least a little, and there may be times when this simple step is all you need to do to get back on track, to feel more focussed, and realize what you need to do for yourself. Other times it's not as easy, so on to the next steps…

Remind yourself of Positive Thinking. 
Force a smile and a laugh, remind yourself that you are in control of your mood and your life. Think Happy Happy Happy. Tell yourself you love life and love your Self. Remind yourself that nothing is worth stressing over. Whatever will be, will be. Go with the flow and remember that "stress happens when the mind resists what is" (~Way of the Peaceful Warrior) so stop resisting what Is and learn to accept what you are given and work with it instead of against it. 

Having some key phrases or mantras to repeat to yourself is another very helpful trick, and will help you to do get back on track and reset those negative brain waves back onto positive ones. We all process things differently, so figure out what the best way of doing these affirmations is for you personally. Maybe it's just thinking or meditating. Maybe saying them out loud. Perhaps reading them. What I (personally) find most effective is to write them down. It helps to visually and mentally process the ideas and truly lets my mind reset. Even better, write them down and then repeat them out loud or in your head.

The point, in finding ways to cope, is to find ways in which to reset your mood and therefor allow yourself to get back on track, get on with your day, come back to the Here and Now, and be Happy. You know, opening up your heart and getting back to the loveliness that is life. And getting back on track to a positive mindset and being able to let silly stresses and ordeals go. You truly must really sit with your thoughts and allow yourself the time to reset, and to think straight so that resolutions may come more easily to you. Which brings me to the next step…

Take a Second Look. 
Once you've taken that step back and that moment to yourself, it's time to reassess your situation. If time or work is your issue then just take it one step at a time. Tell yourself that you have enough time to do everything that you need. Take a deep breath before getting back to your busy life. Tackle one task at a time. Looking too far ahead and getting overwhelmed by something that hasn't, or might not, happen is silly and self-defeating. Stay in the present moment, stay focussed on your task at hand, where you are at right Now. When you find yourself getting stressed out as your mind wanders back to deadlines or the future, stop, take a deep breath, and bring yourself back to the present moment. Solutions are always found and present themselves in the present moment. Have faith that everything will be okay and that all your problems will be resolved. 

Ask yourself; will it matter in a year from now? A month from now? A week from now? We tend to get stressed out for no good reason and one of my favourite little mantras and reminders to ground myself is saying just that; "will it matter in a year from now?" because chances are it won't. You won't remember how you were stressed out, why you were stressing, or that you felt down about a certain thing. Most of the time we feel silly afterwards for stressing because there really was no point. Chances are the sources of your overwhelmed feelings are simply bumps in the road that will pass you by and you'll never look back on ever again. Everything works out in the end, remember that. Just look at your life now. And if your life isn't what you want it to be, then start making changes so that it is. You have the power to be in control of your life, of your emotions, and your future. 

I won't lie to you, it can be tricky and it can take some practice, but keep at it and it becomes much easier and the bumps become fewer as well. And I'll say it again; you must take the time to be with yourself to truly reset. Giving yourself that time can totally transform the rest of your day so make it a habit. Not only will you feel better, but you'll feel more productive and clear-headed. So give that time to yourself. And remember that no solutions ever come from stressing out. 
Stay present, stay grounded, take a deep breath, and take things as they come.  


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ⓥ Super Foods! Ⓥ

Superfoods are all the health rage these days, and why the hell not? Who doesn't want amazing exotic treats that increase your health, keep your heart healthy and fight off cancer. I know I do. Here are some wonderful special super foods and their health benefits, as well as how to incorporate them into your diet. 

Cacao is the antioxidant powerhouse! Raw cacao beans have ten times more antioxidants than blueberries, twenty times more than red wine and thirty times more than green tea! Even cooked cocoa is still one of the highest antioxidant rich foods. Antioxidants protect your cells from the damaging molecules of free radicals which are thought to the underlining cause of many chronic diseases, reducing the risk of many kinds of illness from heart disease to cancer. Antioxidants found in foods such as cocoa are also anti-aging agents and have also been shown to improve cardiovascular health, enhancing blood flow, healthy cholesterol levels and, in some cases, reducing blood pressure. Cacao also contains "blissful" chemicals that enhance mood and decrease depression. 
Chocolate lovers rejoice--but not too soon… look for raw cocoa powder and add it to your smoothies to get the most health benefits. Or, again, make raw truffles! If you are looking for it in chocolate, stay clear of sugar-laden chocolate bars, as there is so very little cocoa that you really aren't seeing any health benefits--not to mention all the sugar and other crap that is bad for you. Instead, opt for dark chocolate that is sweetened with something more natural and dairy-free. Look for a high cocoa content. My favourite? Endangered Species dark chocolate. 
Maca is a wonderful super food, usually available in pill, liquid, or powder form. Why is it amazing? Maca has a high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients, fully loaded with vitamins and nutrients that support brain function and regulate hormones. It helps to rebuild the adrenal gland, which is the body's centre for handling stress, so makes a great mood booster. Maca's root plant is also traditionally used medicinally to enhance stamina, endurance and sex drive--making it a natural aphrodisiac, and has even been shown to increase fertility in men. Because of it's ability to increase stamina, people swear by it for their workout and to help build muscle mass as well. 
Easiest way to add Maca into your diet: add anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon into your smoothies. It is also great in raw truffles or treats. 
Hemp is one the most nutritionally well-balanced foods on the planet. Usually eaten as shelled seeds, oil, butter, flour, or protein powders. Hemp is not only a healthy, raw source of protein, it is also a complete protein that is easily digestible, containing essential amino acids and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Such amino acids that are necessary for cellular detoxification and for proper enzyme formation, as well as muscle growth and repair. The omegas and fatty acids reduce inflammation in the body, and is one of the most powerful nutrients for balancing hormones. Raw hemp provides such a huge array of health benefits, including: weight loss, increased and sustained energy, rapid recovery from disease or injury, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, improvement in circulation and immune system as well as natural blood sugar control, promotes healthy skin, hair, & nails, and increases metabolism. Pretty super huh? 
The best part about hemp is that there are so many ways to incorporate it into your diet! Hemp butter can replace other nut butters. Hemp oil and/or hemp seeds (or "hearts") are great to add on a salad. Hemp protein powders can easily be added to smoothies or shakes. Oh, and, raw truffles--almost forgot. ;) 
Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a Brazilian berry that is packed with antioxidants, amino acids and omega-3's. It is heart-healthy, preventing or decreasing heart disease, diabetes and depression, and can help lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol. The extracts from the berry also help destroy leukemia cells. Açaí is known to help boost energy levels, improve digestion, promote sleep, promote healthier and younger-looking skin and cleanse the body of toxins.
Like any berry, eat as such; add some to your smoothies, over cereal or in raw treats. You can also find acai juices. 

Goji berries are a small tart Himalayan berry that has been said to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet and had been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Goji berries pack more vitamin C than some oranges and more beta-carotene than carrots. Health benefits have been shown to treat diabetes, hypertension, malaria, fever, cancer and other ailments. They are also one of the rare fruits that contain protein, and since they are meant to be eaten raw, the protein absorption is undisturbed. They are also a perfect blend of carbohydrates, protein, fat and dietary fibre, making them, well, a superfood.
Again, eat them like any other berry and eat them raw to keep the most health benefits. Add them to raw cereals, bliss balls, truffles, smoothies, or eat them on the go. Goji berry juice has also become more and more popular and can be found in health food stores. 

Of course, there are so many other amazing super foods and beneficial foods out there to increase your health. I would also, lastly, like to remind you that eating super foods is only going to do you good if you are doing other things to keep your health up to speed. Eat plenty of veggies, fruits, and balanced meals (and go vegan!). You should also stay active, exercise, after all, is crucial for good health. And make sure you are doing things to keep stress at bay--like being happy and positive and optimistic, you know, all the stuff I always encourage here at ReLove 
What's your favourite superfood? :) 


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Monday, May 21, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Summer and nice weather have me buzzing! I hope it has you too! We had a ton of unexpected sun here and warm weather that kind of spoiled us last week. It's gotten a little colder this week, overcast, and rain possibilities, but one thing I remembered was that positive attitude; at least I don't have to wear a winter jacket! And I'm still having a ton of fun rain or shine! I can still walk outside and enjoy fresh air, I can still be comfortable outside without freezing, and I can take advantage of rainy days by getting more work done around the home. See? There's an upside to everything! ;) 

Take the Positive Path… Ask yourself this; in a day do you think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts? Do you do more things out of love, kindness and goodness than out of bad? Do you speak more words of gratitude and appreciation than complaining and negativity? You always have two choices in life, so choose the positive path and make your life all that it can be.   
Go for a walk! Find somewhere quieter if you can, like a park, and go for a good walk, even if it's just ten minutes. Leave the iPod at home and enjoy the sounds of nature and of your surroundings. Let your mind flow freely and listen to your thoughts. Oh, and smile, smiling is important. You want to end your walk feeling blissful and peaceful minded.   
You cannot give what you do not have… in other words; to give unconditional love and peace in all other aspects of your life you must first strive to find it within yourself. You cannot give what you do not already have within you. Each of us has incredible power for change and influence, but it starts with One, the individual, your Self. Change must come from within ourselves to bring inner peace and love to all other aspects of our lives, to bring about peace to the turmoils. So start with yourself, and everything else will follow naturally after.     
Observe the Chemtrails… and show others that they are there! I don't know what it's like for you, but where I live the chemtrails are getting worse. The more people that know about them the faster we can all stand up and do something about it! If you have no idea what I'm talking about read up on this post:
It's Yes Time! I've been lacking that motivation for one reason or another lately, making up excuses and feeling lazy. So lately I've committed myself back to saying "yes" to invitations, and let me tell you what an incredible week I've had because of it! Silly evening soccer games and frisbee, meeting new people, random parties and outings, spontaneous visits with friends, hikes, waterfalls, festivals, ridiculous amounts of laughter, and so much more that would take too long to all write down. Basically, this week has been far better than my other recent weeks. So pick up that "Yes" attitude if you accidentally dropped it along your path and watch your life open up! :)       
We believe what we tell ourselves…  so make sure what you tell yourself is nice and positive. Believe in yourself, tell yourself that anything you want to do is possible. Tell yourself how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are, how important you are. Tell yourself that you are worthy of wonderful things. Tell yourself that there is always love and hope and good things coming your way. Tell yourself you are positive and happy. Tell yourself your life is beautiful and worth every second.
"It isn’t what happens to us that causes us to suffer; it’s what we say to ourselves about what happens." - Pema Chodron Learn to be aware of your headspace, become aware of what your thoughts tell you about any given situation. Are you thinking positively or negatively? Remember that it's all about your outlook, so choose a positive outlook and you'll eliminate your need to suffer. 

Have a beautiful day, week, life! Much Love from me to you! 
Create a Nice Day! xo


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Friday, May 18, 2012

☆ Carbon Footprint of… Tea and Coffee?! ☆

Another awesome infographic coming your way, today by "Green Steve" regarding the carbon footprint of your tea and coffee! While the original post is directed at you lovely brits overseas, and while the statistics are from the UK, I think the lesson itself can easily be applied to North America, if not most of the world. It's all about being more conscious of our footprints and doing what we can to reduce them. Small steps add up, never forget that. 

So, without further ado, check out the carbon footprints of your tea and coffee! ;)  

Cuppa Paradox Infographic
Courteousy of Green Steve


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

☺ Stop Taking Yourself so Seriously! ☺

I think one of the best pieces of advice I was ever give was this: "stop taking yourself so seriously!" 
Why do I love this piece of advice so much? Because I think it's a blatant wake-up call that most of us need. When things in life get difficult, when bumps appear along our paths, when we have those days when everything seems to go wrong, we usually end up with some sort of mental breakdown. Then we tend to start asking far too many questions and asking why why why. Asking why can be a good thing, to take a lesson from an unfavourable ordeal, but we tend to over think things and begin to dwell instead of releasing when we should. We also tend to focus on the negatives and so we bring about more negative things to feel bad about--remember the law of attraction's spiral effect? 
Well, this scenario happened to me almost exactly three years ago, when absolutely everything was going wrong. What was worse was that I was just waiting for the next thing to go wrong, wondering what it would be. I was expecting things to go wrong! Because that was the kind of day I was having. I knew nothing about the law of attraction back then and was just beginning to realize the power of positivity--clearly not quite there yet though. I ranted about it on Facebook, and I received all sorts of comments of people trying to make me feel better and relating to the spiralling bad day and repeated breakdown because of it. Looking back, really it was a "poor me" move, but I do understanding feeling the need to vent. Now I understand that venting and dwelling on negativities is terrible, but now I also understand that spiral effect and am able to stop it from happening. Anyway, I'm getting to a point, I promise. ;) One of the comments that was left was by a good friend of mine who gave me some wise words that really resonated with me…

 "In order for the mind to re - program it must "breakdown". Then begins the period where you get to consciously decide what the mind does and doesn't need. 
The mind is typically occupied by fear and preservation.
Which space is your mind currently living in. Now or not now........... ;)
lmao.........Stop taking yourself so seriously."

The comment was helpful in several ways, not only because there was great insight on the benefits of a breakdown, but the way it ended really struck me. "Stop taking yourself so seriously." It was one of those wake up calls and I have honestly been doing my best to live my life that way ever since.

What is the point of over-analyzing, over-thinking, and dwelling? What is the point in taking yourself so seriously all the time? Isn't it far better to ease up, take things as they come, and enjoy the moment? There's no point or purpose in allowing yourself to get so wound up about things that you will probably forget about in a week. It took me a while to learn important lessons about positivity, about going with the flow, living in the moment, and, well, not taking things so seriously, so I want to remind everyone of patience in your journey and, really, to just go with the flow. It is not worth feeling down on yourself if you are not where you want to be yet in your mood and state of mind. Remind yourself that everything works itself out in the end and to always find a reason to smile. Let yourself go and have a little fun. Your journey to happiness is as beautiful as you choose to make it, it doesn't have to be this intense serious voyage. Yes, you will experience amazing transformations within your soul, but these are wonderful changes that you shouldn't be serious about. Just because you are becoming "enlightened" doesn't mean you have to be this "calm" "zen" "hippie" all the time, trying to be wise and insightful. Learn to laugh at yourself, at your life, at all the silly moments. Create silly moments. You are allowed to stumble, tumble, cry, and then smile and laugh all in the same day. And learning to laugh at yourself is one of the best things you will ever learn. You are "waking up" and that is something to be happy about no matter how many bumps you encounter along the way. Life is not suffering, life is not serious. Life is happy, joyous, beautiful, fun, ridiculous and fantastic if you choose for it to be. 
So stop taking yourself so seriously and enjoy the moment! ;) 


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♥ New Artwork at ReLove's etsy shop! Necklaces, cards, journals!♥

Just a quick post since I tend to forget to do these types of posts that share what's new and exciting in my shops. ;) Lots of new stuff at with more coming all the time :)
I just finished drawing, colouring, and creating these adorable cards printed on recycled mid weight paper :) I will have more coming with some "Birthday" themes. If there are any that you'd like to see be sure to leave a comment letting me know. Also, these cards are usually customizable for the text. 

And brand new to the shop are three adorable blank journals with my original artwork on the cover. 100% recycled paper inside and the cover is recycled mid weight cardstock. I wanted to create these because I am always encouraging people to keep a "Happy Diary" so I thought these would be super cute for that, and to doodle in of course. :) 

Lastly, I just finished another set of drawings that are all ready and are available in necklaces and magnets. :) Also, I have more shirt designs coming as soon as I get photos, but for now you'll have to be left in suspense ;)  


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

♥ Love Peace Vegan Giveaway!!! ♥

I am overly excited to share another lovely giveaway with all of you! This one is hosted by the positively inspiring Linh La of "Love Peace Vegan"! :) 

"This clothing line was created to raise awareness for those that cannot be heard, the health of humans, and our Mother Earth. Thank you for being veg, going green, 2 save the planet"
~Linh La of Love Peace Vegan

First off, I don't think I could possibly say enough good things about this amazing wonderful woman! She is a fellow kick-ass eco girl as well as a vegan. Her etsy shop is adorable and no two pieces are exactly the same. Her classic "Vegan" graphic is beautiful and classy with a modern touch that is perfect for anyone and everyone. Plus you can find anything from tops to pants to hoodies to dresses to adorable wristbands! 
As if this wonderful woman and her shop weren't amazing enough, her shop is not for profit purposes! The point of the shop is to help Earth and its fellow inhabitants with proceeds going to support several charities like Ocean Conservancy, Humane Society, Nature Conservancy,, and more!

Now, before I go on to my little interview with Linh La, I would like you to see for yourself just how fun and positive and inspiring this woman is! These two videos are a MUST watch and will guarantee a smile on your face! She is such a fun and inspiring person and I am so thrilled to be sharing her wonderful personality and work with you all! :)


Tell us a bit about yourself.
LL: (Pause for 172.6 seconds) . . . 
Well. Type A Personality. Lover. Vegan. Cancer Sign. Designer. Ego-Slasher. Asian. Meditator. Traveler. ESFJ. Seeker. Sinner. Student.  Evolving Being.
Now, take a little bit of each, and you have me! Vwah-La! 

How did Love Peace Vegan come to be?
LL: I was scouring the internet for shirts with Vegan Graphics that matched my aesthetic and I could not find it. So finally, one day, I made one. I wore them everyday and a stranger of a lady suggested, I should sell them. LIGHT BULB! My friend Galaxie introduced me to Etsy and here it is! 

How long have you been vegan and what started your cruelty-free lifestyle? 
LL: I was Vegetarian for about 17 years and then Vegan for over 4 years now. My body told me to: I was 7 years old and my stomach suddenly had these major pains and I could not eat anything. I was in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. The funny thing is they could not find a reason. My mom was a vegetarian for about a month. When I came out of the hospital, I distinctly asked my mom to become a veg-head. I never turned back since. Even when I was starting to eat food as a baby, I would chew the meat forever and then spit it out. I don't think I was ever meant to eat it.  

What other projects are you currently working on or a part of? 
LL: I am the creative director of all the Loving Huts in the USA where I work with the interior and graphic design ( 
I do freelance work and photography with "Linh La Design & Consultation". (
My mom and I own a Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant.

How do you spend your time when you're not saving the world?
LL: Relaxation. Meditation. Dance. Design. Laughing. Trying to find enlightenment in every corner. 

One thing you can't live without?
LL: Aw man. My computer. It connects me with the world-wide-web, allows me to design, and is just marvelous!

Best piece of advice for life in general?
 LL: My favorite quote that I am living by: "“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” Edward Everett
I think human beings are spectacular creations. We are so powerful, but I think we are afraid of that power or not willing to let it reach its full potential. With my eyes, hands, and feet, I will try to do everything that I am able to do. I am just one person, but my quality of a person will make a difference in this world as long as I am here! Let's save the world now, shall we?!

Join Linh La on Facebook for the latest updates! 
See customer pictures with charity activities!:  

Check out more from Love Peace Vegan at:


Linh La is kindly offering a "Mysterious Pack of 3 wristbands"! 

There are lots of fun ways to enter this amazing giveaway! :) Super easy mandatory entry, and lots of fun ways to get extra entries! 

This contest will close on May 25th at 11:59 PM PST. A winner will be chosen through an online randomizer.

How to Enter:
*Required* Leave a comment on the blog with...
1. Visit Love Peace Vegan's Etsy Shop and leave a comment (*on this blog!*) with which item(s) is your favourite!
Easy peasy! 

Extra Entries: 
You Must post a separate comment for each extra entry in order for them to count! And you Must leave a comment in order for your entries to count!   
One Comment = One Entry! 

#2. On the Blog: 
- Follow this blog publicly – include your name in the comment for being an old or new follower of the blog. 
*please verify that you are publicly following as sometimes for whatever reason it doesn't show up. ;p

#3. On Facebook: 
- “LIKE” ReLove Planet on Facebook (
*must like both for an extra entry. Leave ONE comment and please include your Facebook name so I can verify. 

#4. On Facebook: Post a Facebook status update with a link to this giveaway.
*must (please) include the link to your post so that I can verify and so your entry can count. 

#5. On Twitter: 
- Follow ReLove (www.twitter.come/reloveplanet)
- Follow Love Peace Vegan (
*must follow both for an extra entry. Leave ONE comment and please include your Twitter name so I can verify. 

#6. On Twitter
- Tweet about this Giveaway from your Twitter. You must include these somewhere in the tweet for it to count: "RT @ReLovePlanet"  "@VegGirl05"
*must (please) include the link to your post so that I can verify and so your entry can count. 

Also, Please REMEMBER to leave your email in at least one of your comments so I can contact you if you’re the winner!!! ;)

Contest will close on May 25th at 11:59 PM PST. 
GOOD LUCK!!! And Please Share with everyone you know! ;)  


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Monday, May 14, 2012

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

Ooooh another edition of Happy Happy Monday!!!! Hope you all treated your mother's loverly yesterday, and yourselves, and the world, and everyone around you! ;) Now let's get that happy contagious silly awesome mood rolling shall we? 

BE the Love in your life! If you feel like there's a lack of love and if you're not seeing the love in your life, then lead by example by Being the love in your life! It's so easy to enrich your life with positivity and it all starts with your decision to be all that you can be. I've said before that Love is the answer to everything. So choose to Be Love and you will welcome more love to come into your life. 
Rar rah rah! Hear me Roar! Learn to stick up for yourself! There's a large line that we usually see as a thin line between being nice and allowing others to walk all over you. Don't be a push over, don't let people treat you badly. You deserve all the love and respect in the world, so learn to stick up for yourself and be true to yourself. Sticking up for yourself is just one more way in which you show care for yourself and love for yourself and respect. And love is always the answer. ;) Rah rah rah! 
Explore your city! It's amazing how many cool things can be hiding where you live that you never even knew existed. Go exploring this week! Check out the back streets, the cute little alleys, the parks, a new part of town you've never been before. Take lots of pictures and have fun (and safe ;p)! 
Get Balanced! In all aspects of your life! We often forget that balance is important so this week I want you to pay extra attention to this and make sure that you balance out all aspects of your life. Balance out your time with work, play, "you" time, and relaxing. Balance out what you eat; are you eating lots of fruits and veggies, getting enough of what you need or eating excess amounts of one particular food? Stress is an easy way to tell when balance in your life is off, so pay attention and get balanced! 
Star Gaze! Choose a nice clear night and spend some time simply looking up at the stars. Feel the energy of the universe around you and say a great big "thank you" for all that it brings you. Take time to connect, with yourself and everything outside yourself. Feel the incredible power of the stars and the moon and the flow of the universe.      
Let Fun be the Reason! You don't always need a reason for doing everything in your life. Your reason is allowed to just be "because it's fun!" Do it because it makes you happy, because you enjoy it and because you want to. You don't need to "accomplish" or "receive" something from everything that you do, and you don't need to explain yourself to others. Just let fun be your reason. 
"Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance." ~ Unknown. I've talked before about having expectations (if you haven't read the article then give it a read here). Surrender yourself this week to accepting what comes instead of holding onto expectations. 

Have a beautiful day, week, life! Much Love from me to you! 
Create a Nice Day! xo


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Sunday, May 13, 2012

☺ WINNER of the Mar Mar Giveaway! ☺

After tallying up all the entries a number has been selected as the winner through a random number generator. 

Congratulations to wizardewu!! (you have been emailed to claim your prize!) :)  

A big huge warm Thank You to everyone who entered! And another big huge Thank You to Mark Poulin of Mar Mar for hosting this amazing Giveaway! xo

And for all those who didn't win, you deserve to indulge yourselves with these amazing chocolate bars anyway, so if you haven't yet, hop over to Mar Mar's etsy shop and buy yourself something nice. ;)  

Thanks again! 


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