Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Sad Truth About Your Thanksgiving Turkey (Infographic)

Turkey Infographic
Infographic by Jan Diehm for the Huffington Post.


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Monday, November 25, 2013

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

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We're taking back Mondays!!!
"Motivational Mondays" are fabulous tips to get you excited and pumped for the week! 
Feeling low? Moody? Down on life? Well, that's what these posts are for! Time to feel awesome again and get some Positivity rolling! Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you can't have fun, smile, and enjoy Today! Apply these tips to your week and try to tell me that you don't start to see an improvement in your life! ;)
It's all about You! Change your perception, change your attitude, love your life! xo

. . . . . . . . . .

Law of Attraction tip: Meet the Universe half-way. The Law of Attraction means asking the Universe for what you'd like and not worrying about the "How". Never worry about the How. However, it is important to pay attention to any signals that come your way, the ones we call "inspired action". You should never Force something to happen, because this goes against the Universe, but listening to that inner voice and taking action when it feels appropriate and effortless and fun is important as well. This is how we meet the Universe half way and make dreams come true. So pay attention to your inner voice and remember if its not fun, you're on the wrong track.      
Check up on Your Health. Being vegan, you hear a lot about making sure your iron and B12 levels are good. But it's not just vegans that need to be safe, and this is a common misunderstanding. Most people are deficient in something, and especially if you're not eating with your health in mind. So, getting certain minerals and vitamins checked up on can be beneficial, especially your B vitamins and D in the winter. I'd like to think we can get all that we need from food, but our agricultural system has depleted much of what we used to get naturally, and especially if your life is filled with a lot of stress which doesn't allow your body to function properly. See a Naturopath, or pay attention to your energy and how your stomach feels. A happy body is a happy life! 
Do Good and Pay it Forward!  Know someone who has been having a hard time lately? Make their day by sending them a little gift or a little note about how much you appreciate and care about them. These are small actions with big results, and everyone could use a little pick me up every once in a while--or all the time. See if they can pass on the favour of giving and pass on that joy to someone else afterwards as well. Let's spread joy and smiles like wildflowers! :)    
Don't Speak Badly of Others. I'm quite sure I mentioned this point a little while back, but, I see what a bad habit it is all around me so it's always a good reminder. Don't speak badly of others behind their backs, or to their faces. While you may not think they can hear you, they Can FEEL your hurtful words. You know how the old saying goes: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.    
Ease into Your Day! It is absolutely worth it to wake up an extra half hour early so that you have time to ease into your day. By easy into your day I mean to wake up slowly, get out of bed, stretch and take a few centering breaths. And, if you have time, do some yoga! Jumping into your day in a frazzle is Not a good way to start your morning, and therefor the rest of your day. It's like starting off in a high-strung state and that will most definitely carry over into your day and make it harder to come out of. Start calm to stay calm and happy.       
Be Your Lovely Insane Self. Always always be unabashedly your lovely quirky unique self, and remember that whatever that Self might be is different from person to person. You are the only You, so enjoy being You, enjoy your individuality, because truly truly that is an amazing wonderful awe-inspiring thing. Don't try to be someone else, because you are perfectly You and you are lovely.  
"All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos." ~Deepak Chopra. You often hear things get worse before they get better, and while this isn't always the case, with big changes in life can equal high stress and a whirlwind before that storm settles. But keep the goal in mind, and know that it Will settle, so no stressing. Remember to go with the flow and keep your mind on what you want. Let the Universe know what you want and it will surely deliver. Also know that whenever life is that much more rocky then the reward thereafter is going to be That much more rewarding! 

Create a great day! And spread those smiles! 
Much love from me to you! 


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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ⓥ Apple Pie Smoothie #2 Ⓥ

Apple Pie smoothies are the greatest, aren't they? Well, here's another Apple Pie smoothie for you that is a little different and equally awesome than the last one I posted. 

vegan / gluten free/ sugar-free/ raw

Apple Pie Smoothie

1 Apple, chopped and cored
1 Banana
3 Dates, soaked overnight (to soften them up)
1 Tbsp Walnuts 
1 tsp of Cinnamon
¼ tsp of ground Nutmeg
⅛ tsp of ground Ginger
¼ cup ice
1 cup Water
Stevia to sweeten (or other sweetener of your choice)

Add all the ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth. Add less or more liquid to get your desired consistency, and less or more sweetener to your desired sweetness. 
Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 
Makes 1 serving. Enjoy! 

*I make all my smoothies in our Blendtec Blender--it's an amazing blender and well worth the investment--and it makes the smoothies super super smooth and creamy!* 


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Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Rice Pudding Ⓥ

I love this recipe as a healthy breakfast alternative. Of course, it makes a great dessert as well. ;) 
Super easy and healthy!  

vegan / gluten free/ sugar-free

Rice Pudding

1 1/2 cups cooked Brown Rice*
1 1/4 cups Coconut Milk**
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup Agave or maple syrup (or use a little less and use stevia as well)
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground Ginger
1/8 tsp ground Nutmeg

*I like to make a batch of Brown Rice for a couple of days for rice bowls and, well, for this recipe. If you don't have rice already made then either make it the night before (since it takes about 50minutes to cook brown rice) or, if you have time, make it in the morning.
**Coconut Milk: use the liquid of a chilled can (I always like to store mine in a cold room or keep one handy in the fridge for recipes), and part of the thick part so that you get enough--store the rest for another recipe for your week :)

In a medium saucepan, add the rice with all of your ingredients. Stir well to combine, and cook the mixture over low heat until warmed and you get a nice consistency that isn't too watery but isn't too dry (add a little water or more coconut milk as necessary). 
Sprinkle with a little cinnamon and serve warm--or chill in the fridge, both are delish! 
Serves 2-3


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Saturday, November 23, 2013

{this moment} - and the weekly {Smile-Up}

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"There are no ordinary moments." ~Way of the Peaceful Warrior

{this moment} - a Friday ritual. A photo (or few) capturing moments from the week. Simple, special, extraordinary moments. Moments I want to pause, savor and remember.
Served up with the weekly {Smile-Up} - gratitude practices to love and appreciate your life. 

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' and 'smile up' in the comments for all to find and see.
. . . . . . . . . . 
{this moment}

{Birthday Princess with her sexy Nurse husband ~_^}

{Smile Up}:

My Birthday! Which included the actual day spent for myself being creative, and a tea date with my bestie.
Birthday with my hubby: lunch in Kaslo and hot springs ^_^
Birthday weekend: costume part where I had a little too much fun with friends. ;)
Dressing up, because it's fun, always! 
Birthday breakfast with my siblings
Surprise birthday flowers delivered to my door by Nixx
The birthday basket my bestie and her boyfriend put together for me (they know me too well haha)
Drawing and writing like crazy! (almost done Book 1!!) 
Getting my health back!
Being a part of amazing things
Growing as an individual and watching the dreams of others inspiring me to do and be better. 
Kitty cuddles-- Lyla has become quite the needy cuddly kitty! 
Less mindless TV time! 
Dancing like a fool, as always ;)
More time with my nieces and my sister
The first sprinkle of snow
Christmas lights already -- I'm feeling much more in the holiday spirit this year ^_^
Getting blood work done and everything checking out healthy ^_^

Loving: Yoga • Writing • Drawing • New morning routine • Costume Parties • Colourful Hair and Dreadlocks • Thigh-high Leg-warmers and Stockings •  Toques (beanies) • Cozy Hoodies and Sweaters •  Pinterest • Vision Boards • Inspiring Women • 

Interests for the week:
Reading: "Black Spring" by Alison Croggon. "D.Gray Man" Manga Comics. 
✯  Current Anime shows: "Guilty Crown"
✯  TV: How I met Your Mother. Sons of Anarchy. Wilfred (omg this show is Amazing!!! Hilarious!).
Music Playlist: 30 Seconds to Mars. The White Buffalo ("Oh Darlin"--amazing song!). Hollywood Undead. We Are the Fallen. Bullet for My Valentine… same ol'.  
Food Faves: Protein Shakes Grilled Cheese w/ Daiya and Spelt (which I'm not supposed to eat O.o) Banana Ice Cream Creamy Pasta Sauces Chocolate ♥ 

Lessons of the week: 
Remember to have FUN! That no matter what you're doing you can have fun doing it! To always use PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and to change your Perspective to change your Life! Some days are made to be moody, brush it off and smile extra hard the next! Say Yes! Writing is good for the soul. Take time for your Self every single day. Remember that Thoughts Become Things. ☀  Be in the Present Moment! Life is in the Present! Here and Now!

I've still been rather lazy with these posts so apologies. I had a fun busy last couple of weeks, so here's my catch up. Hope you're all smiling and having a blissful day and week and life! 

Tell me about your lovely week and what you're grateful for in this moment! Tell me about your 'Smile Up' and 'this moment!' :) 


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Friday, November 22, 2013

☺ Applying a Positive Mental Attitude to Your Life ☺

No one gets out of this life without having to deal with stuff...great stuff, wonderful stuff, happy stuff, crappy stuff, sad stuff, tragic stuff....and sometimes you look at other people and think..Wow, they are soooo lucky, their life is sooooo good. That is perception, what you are witnessing is how each individual deals with the circumstances of their life...that is the MAGIC of LIFE...you always get to CHOOSE how you react to the circumstances...because everyone deals differently. You get to choose your reactions. If someone reacts positively ...then they are seen as LUCKY...well their attitude is lucky..but life is life is life for everyone.

Life is life is life. For everyone. 
The truth is that everyone has to deal with ups and downs with life. No one person is more gifted than the other--unless they happen to be using the power of the Law of Attraction to their advantage (which is still Them putting life into action), but even then, sh!t happens. Such is life. But how are some people always so happy and positive and seem to be unfazed by the dark messes of the world? 

Firstly: they're not. 
Everyone has downs, everyone has a hard time with things from time to time, because no one is perfect and no one has perfect control over their emotions all the time. No one. Probably not even those wise old monks we hear so much about. Just because you don't see someone fall apart, doesn't mean they don't on the inside, or doesn't mean they don't go home with the need to unwind there instead. Everyone goes through things, everyone cries (in fact, crying is very helpful and healing and releasing), and everyone experiences the drops of their perfect moods. 
Everyone is human. Got it? Okay, let's move on. 

Secondly: Some people just know how to change Perspective.
Perspective is everything, and one of the most valuable and helpful lessons I ever learned was to change my attitude. As already mentioned, things happen to everyone, but the people who seem the happiest are the ones who know how to deal with their conflicts accordingly. This is when having a Positive Mental Attitude comes in. When shit hits the fan, you have two choices. One, you fall apart, get mad, get frustrated, and let it destroy your mood. Or two, (even if you have to first go through One) you pick up a smile and try looking at things from a different perspective. Perspective is Everything! No matter how bad a situation can be, there is always a bright side. Even if the bright side is that you get to learn a hard lesson that will make you a stronger person. 
It's not what happens to you in life, it's how you Deal With It that matters. Trust me. 
I have had happy times in my life where things were effortless and going right, and I've had times when I thought things couldn't get any worse. The irony is that during one of those periods of my life when things were falling apart, I was actually at my happiest--and it was all thanks to picking up an optimistic, Positive Attitude and putting things into perspective. That attitude saved me, absolutely and surely, because things at that point in my life were one of the worst points of my parent's messy divorce and custody battles of my younger siblings, and emotional traumas. That Positive Attitude allowed me to be resilient, allowed me to keep smiling, and made me more helpful to those around me as well. I took time to focus on the good things: the other great things I currently had in my life, as well as why the "bad" situation was a good thing--again, perception is everything. 

Put Things Into Perspective
Focussing on the outcome you desire is a good alternative to dwelling on the problem. If you can focus on the outcome, then your mind (or the universe) can help you get there much quicker and with much less heart-ache.  
Instead of allowing yourself to get overwhelmed and negative, take a step back. Try looking at things logically--which I understand isn't always easy when you're emotional, but take a few breaths, get out some paper (even if you're still crying when you start) and start scribbling down things that might be good about what's going on around you. There are always different angles that you can look at things from; if you don't believe me, just think about how one Same Situation can be perceived Completely differently by each individual involved. There are always different points of view. Your goal is to find the point of view that will help you. The Positive Side. The side that will get you through the mess and put a smile back on your face. 
Plus, if all else fails, remember: nothing is ever permanent, including emotions and feelings, and, after time, you Will feel better. 

Change Your Mind and you'll Change Your Life
If you can pick up this way of thinking then life will become much easier. Life is based on perception, therefore, if you can change your perception you will change your life. You have in your mind the power to do extraordinary things, and one of those extraordinary things is the capacity to change your life through simply Thinking. Think Happy, Think Positive. See what happens. It can really be quite magical and, well, life-changing. 
Practice makes perfect, and while this practice may feel hard at the start, the more you apply it, the easier it becomes. And it's always worth it. Simply taking a few minutes to sit down, jot down your thoughts, and find the positive means much less time wasted stressing yourself into sickness. 
Remember: your Attitude counts for everything. So work on that Positive Attitude at all times!  

A Personal Example:
Using one of my more recent experiences, I'd like to show you how changing your attitude can work… 

Just over a year ago, a flood rushed through our rental home. The entire basement was flooded in several feet of water, and the upstairs was washed over with grimy dirty pools and caked in stinky mud. It happened when I was up town (we live on a mountain and downtown is higher, while our apartment was at the bottom, very close to the lake). I came home to the mess and the mud washed right up to our front door--which was when the "no, no, no" panic began to set in. The entryway was a pool of murky muddy water, and, upon entering, most of our living room was in the same state, drifting down the hall and partly into our bedroom. 
Well, our landlord did nothing and was rather useless during this whole ordeal--we couldn't even get a hold of him for a day or two. So we began cleaning the mess ourselves--we didn't have a lot of options after all. Even after cleaning, the place Stank. The fire department was pumping the water out of the basement and the river that had taken over our backyard (not exaggerating here, it was a River!). After all of this was said and done, the basement was still so thick in mud that there was nothing that we could really do but to start salvaging the mess. All of my silkscreening gear (for my Job) was down in that basement, as well as our expensive camping gear, bikes, and the washer and dryer that we owned. 
Now, while our first reaction was indeed the panic and frustration of the whole mess and the ordeal to follow, we let it pass. We knew that stressing about it wasn't going to help or get us anywhere. 
So we started putting things into Perspective

First: it was the perfect incentive to Move the hell out of this place that we had been wanting to do for a while. 
Second: we started to list the things we were Grateful for: 
We had insurance coverage (which after some back and forth bickering and arguments, we were able to receive--bastard insurance companies trying to wiggle their way out of covering us--pfft), so anything that was damaged could be replaced. Our landlord couldn't say no to an early leave out of our lease because, well, our place was literally uninhabitable with the stench coming up from the basement of possible sewer water at that! My screens (for silkscreening) had at least been up somewhere where they remained undamaged by the water and my expensive inks were also still in tact--it was also summer still so I could silk screen outside (how delightful!). Our kitties were safe through everything, thank goodness! And so forth! 

So, with our gratitude and perspective in check, it was on to a Positive Solution: Moving! 
This was the biggest Positive Outlook out of the whole thing. We had a month to find a new place, no excuses allowed. And if it weren't for being armed with our Positive Attitudes and the Law of Attraction, we might have been screwed. My partner and I decided to write lists (things are twice as likely to come true when you write them down!) of what we wanted in our new home--after all, we were aiming for an upgrade and wouldn't settle for anything less. So we made our lists, and made sure they were in line with one another so that we were both manifesting the same thing. And we started looking. We looked at several places throughout the month, and even though it was a little discouraging at times, we didn't settle. And, guess what? We found our dream home. No joke. Pretty much everything that we'd written down on our lists we found--and if we didn't then we received variations! Our landlords are the nicest people we could ever ask for--for real, we adore them, they're the best! We even have a House to ourselves, in stead of some dingy duplex. We'd also made sure we wrote down how much we wanted to be paying for rent, and we even came within that range (which to the unbelieving, was an impossible find). 

So, moral of the story? 
Thanks to Perception, Positive Thinking, and Focussing on a Positive Outcome, our "Disaster" became a blessing in disguise. And this lesson applies to anything and everything in life. There is no point in stressing, there is only a point in turning your attitude around and Thinking Positive!
Give it a try, practice, practice, practice. Remember there is always a Positive Solution. Always.   


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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

❀ The Good News ❀

. . . . . . . . . . 
Stop watching the News on T.V. filled with lies, propaganda, and made to make you feel helpless and afraid.

With all the negative news in the world, it's time to give you hope and inspiration. It's time to the weekly Good News! 
. . . . . . . . . .

Canadian Piglet Jumps from Slaughterhouse Truck to New Life
One little piggy riding down a highway in Canada decided to make a break for life. He found a small opening and jumped off a moving truck that was bound for a finishing facility. Ultimate goal: he was to be fattened up for slaughter. The piglet didn’t understand he landed on a highway full of potentially dangerous traffic.
“The people who were following that trailer saw the piglet sneak through a hole and fall off the trailer,” said Sûreté du Québec spokeswoman, Joyce Kemp, as reported by CBS News Montreal. They called police who eventually found the little guy walking along the highway. He had some bruises and abrasions on his snout from where he managed to push his way out of the truck. Otherwise, he made the great escape in good health.
Kemp reports police contacted animal control officers who eventually found a permanent place for this little piggy at Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary just north of Toronto. Brenda Bronfman, Wishing Well founder, named him Yoda. “He just loves to crawl into people’s laps and be held. He’s a little angel,” said Bronfman. “There is always somebody on the farm, and he will just be loved for the rest of his natural life.”

China Announces Plans to End its Mandatory Animal Testing of Cosmetics
In a move that has come as a surprise to many, China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has announced plans to end its mandatory requirements for animal testing of cosmetics products that are manufactured domestically at the beginning of next summer.
The Humane Society International (HSI) estimates that as many as 300,000 rabbits, mice and other animals may be used in chemical testing for cosmetics every year in China alone. Under the new plan, Chinese companies that are making “non-special use cosmetics,” like shampoo or perfume, will be allowed to forego animal tests and use existing data for raw ingredients or non-animal tests that have been validated by the European Union, which animal advocates hope will spare thousands of lives from unnecessary suffering.

Abusive Animal Trainer Faces Federal Charges
The notorious Lance Ramos Kollman has flagrantly ignored the law for years and now he'll have to answer to federal charges. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) finally filed charges against Kollman for numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Six Tons of Ivory Crushed by US in Historic Event
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service crushed nearly 6 tons of confiscated illegal elephant ivory tusks, trinkets and souvenirs into gravel – permanently destroying the U.S. stockpile collected from this deadly trade. It was a highly publicized event. 
The message behind this dramatic act was unmistakable: the United States will not tolerate ivory trafficking and is committed to stopping wildlife crime. The ivory is the accumulated contraband from more than 20 years of seizures by U.S. law enforcement. And this sends a powerful message to poachers and ivory cartels everywhere, and is a huge victory for all who have worked so hard to stop the black market sale of ivory all these years. 

In North Carolina the Bounty is For Hunters, Not Wolves
Following the deaths of two federally protected red wolves, the tables have been turned on hunters and a hefty reward is being offered for information leading to whoever shot and killed them.
Unfortunately, they continue to find themselves in the crosshairs. At the end of October, two red wolves were found shot to death within days of each other in Washington County after their radio collars stopped transmitting. Now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is asking for help finding the guilty parties and is offering a reward that has been added to by the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Red Wolf Coalition, Humane Society of the United States and the Center for Biological Diversity, bringing the total up to $21,000.
Under the law, killing one of these wolves can result in one year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Victory! Plans for Beagle Breeding Facility Rejected
In a victory for animals, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Committee voted this week to reject a controversial proposal to build a breeding facility for beagles intended for research.
Last year, public outcry helped stop similar plans in East Yorkshire. However, another proposal for a scaled-down version on the same site that’s owned by Bantin & Kingman Universal Ltd (B&K) was submitted this year and became the center of another controversy surrounding the use of dogs in research and animal testing in general.
Animal advocates, local residents and celebrities rallied against the proposal that was submitted earlier this fall by Yorkshire Evergreen, a subsidiary of U.S. company Marshall BioResources, over concerns about the cruelty inherent in breeding and keeping dogs for research and problems it would cause for residents.

Tilly the Goose Gets a Prosthetic Beak Just in Time to Save His Life
Tilly has been without most of his lower beak since he was six months old after losing it in an unfortunate encounter with a barbed wire fence. Showing quite a bit of resilience, he’s been using his tongue ever since to help him eat, especially as what was left of his lower beak has continued to shrink.
Over years of use, Tilley’s tongue started to become too “hard and fibrous” so he was in need of support. Then, over the last month, “he got ‘drop-tongue,’” Hall-Coetzer says, and could have starved due to being unable to feed anymore.
Fortunately, veterinarian Andy MacGregor and his dentist friend Chris Siddons came to the rescue. For no fee, they performed extensive surgery on Tilly. The goose was placed under general anesthesia and silicone impressions were made of his upper and missing lower mandibles. Then, a new lower beak made of dental acrylic was bolted into place.

Hawaii’s Legislature Approve Historic Marriage Equality Bill
Hawaii’s Legislature gave final approval to a historic marriage equality bill this week, sending it to Governor Neil Abercrombie’s desk to be signed.
While every same-sex marriage victory matters, read through the link for four reasons why the Hawaii win is extra special. 

Could Indiana be the Next Big Gay Marriage Win?
While Hawaii and Illinois have been busy legalizing marriage equality, Indiana has quietly been marching toward a gay marriage battle of its own.
After bringing up a gay marriage ban every year since 2004, Republicans controlling both legislative chambers in Indiana are working toward writing the state’s gay marriage ban into the state constitution, with final legislative approval to a 2014 ballot measure looking likely to pass early next year.

Do 30 Air Squats and Get a Free Subway Ride in Moscow
In order to encourage Russian citizens to get in better shape, the government has come up with an unusual incentive: commuters in Moscow will receive a free subway ticket, which costs 30 rubles or $0.92 USD, if they can perform 30 air squats in front of special automated transit machines that can tell if you’re cheating.

Canadian Activist Uses Her Art to Fight the Keystone XL Pipeline
When it comes to tackling climate change and the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, Canadian Franke James doesn’t mince words — or pictures. As both an artist and author, she has combined her right-brain talents with her left-brain determination to raise awareness about the impact that burning fossil fuels has on our planet.

The Green Party of Canada had the greatest quarter-to-quarter increase -- at 11.2% -- of any Canadian political party!
This was in a quarter in which Stephen Harper’s Conservative party saw a 29.4% decrease in contributions -- considering the Senate-PMO Scandal that really isn’t much of a surprise.
Hurrah for Canada moving forwards! 

5 Awesome School Gardens Helping Kids Eat Healthy
 an increasing number of U.S. school districts are participating in Farm to School programs, reflecting the growing popularity of local foods. According to the National Farm to School Network, 3,812 school districts serving nearly 21 million students in all 50 states now have Farm to School programs, compared to just 400 school districts in 22 states in 2004.
This is amazing! A welcome antidote to the headlines about school kids eating pink slime and other nasty stuff.

NRDC Victory! Final Yellowstone Winter Use Plan Released
The National Park Service has announced a final plan for snowmobile use in Yellowstone National Park that will greatly reduce air and noise pollution -- providing wildlife, visitors and staff a safer and quieter winter season. 

. . . . . . . . . .

Thanks for reading this week's "Good News!" Join us every week and feel inspired! 
Be sure to sign up for Care2's newsletter for some real news around the globe, to make a change, and to open up your mind to the Real World!
See that your actions count and get out there and do good! Be the Change!  


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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

♥ EcoJarz: a smart and simple way to use canning jars as To-Go Cups ♥

"A smart and simple way to use a canning jar as a to-go cup."

EcoJarz is a young company that has taken being eco-friendly to its upmost potential. They came about from some innovative minds that were tired of seeing the amount of waster generated from disposable paper cups in our throw-away culture and strove to find another alternative. Reusable cups are great, a step in the right direction, but the EcoJarz team had other ideas to take things a step further, and that was to reuse old jars and turn those into a to-go cup instead of buying something new entirely.  
The Stainless Steel EcoJarz Drink Top was their first invention and are designed  to make reuse the new norm. These drink tops fit standard canning jars, so they also fit hundreds of other bottles and containers that are disposed of everyday; fitting any standard mouth jar, whether it’s an empty tomato sauce, salsa, or peanut butter jar, or so many more. With EcoJarz, the possibilities of turning jars into long-lasting, always-handy, on-the-go drink vessels are almost endless.

When it comes to recycling, reusing, and being over-all as eco-friendly as possible, EcoJarz really struck me as an amazing overall company doing right by our mother earth. It seems like such a simple idea, but amazingly innovative and useful. In our home, we always reuse containers and jars for various purposes, but these EcoJarz Drink Tops have added that extra love to our reusing that I wanted. I truly think every home should have their own EcoJarz Drink Top. 
The Drink Tops are available in both small and wide mouth jars, and they even have a silicone top as well. While the Drinking Lids are amazing enough as it is, EcoJarz also offers several other creative products, including a line of both stainless steel and glass straws to match, aaaaand have a straw cleaning brush, awesome right? They also have spoons designed for really tall jars, aaaaand a stainless steel tea infuser basket (which is next on my list to buy). 
Finally, for those that may not have a jar already handy, they also sell 16oz and 24oz glass drinking jars--but I love how much of their focus is on the Drink Tops themselves rather than purchasing a new jar. How fantastic are they?!   

Do you know what else is amazing about EcoJarz? They have your health in mind, as well as that of the planet's. EcoJarz uses glass, stainless steel, and/or silicone in all of their product lines, keeping you safe from BPA and toxins that can leach into your food and drink from containers. 
"There is a growing amount of research highlighting the benefits of using non-reactive drink and food storage for everyday use.  By using materials such as Glass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel and Silicone you are protecting yourself from many harmful compounds and toxins such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates. Materials such as Glass, Silicone and Stainless Steel are best suited for contact with food and beverages because of their lack of reactivity.  This means that you can use and reuse them again and again and they will put nothing harmful into your food!"

One more thing I love about EcoJarz (as if there wasn't enough to love about them!) is that unlike most conventional lids, EcoJarz' stainless steel lids Don't rust! This was actually one of my first concerns when I first saw their products and upon reading their FAQ I discovered that they truly are just amazing products that have thought of everything for you. No hassle, just plain lovely healthy awesome drinking containers with the convenience of these lovely Drink Tops!  

Check out their website to buy your own Drink Tops, straws, and goodies! Or find a location near you! (I'm happy to know they carry EcoJarz right here in Nelson B.C. ^_^)
Thank you EcoJarz for this wonderful product line! 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

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We're taking back Mondays!!!
"Motivational Mondays" are fabulous tips to get you excited and pumped for the week! 
Feeling low? Moody? Down on life? Well, that's what these posts are for! Time to feel awesome again and get some Positivity rolling! Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you can't have fun, smile, and enjoy Today! Apply these tips to your week and try to tell me that you don't start to see an improvement in your life! ;)
It's all about You! Change your perception, change your attitude, love your life! xo

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 Happy Monday! This Motivational Monday I've decided to do something a little different. The theme of "Dreams" has come up a lot lately in my life and, so, I felt the will to make this post something different and special. 

Believe in Magic!
Magic is all around us, it's in the Law of Attraction, it's in the magnetic waves of our thoughts, all thoughts, and all things. Believe that your dreams can come true, have faith, because magic is all around you, it's just a matter of believing. 

Your Imagination should be used not to Escape Reality, but to Create it.
You have in your head the most beautiful and wondrous ability to Think anything you want into reality. Life is what you make it and therefor you can use your beautiful brain to imagine the life of your dreams. As soon as you can use your imagination for that good you will begin to Create your perfect life automatically. 

Do Epic Shit!
Be the superhero of your own life, be wondrous and awesome and do amazing awesome things! Reach for the stars and allow your dreams to guide you on your awesome journey! 

☺ "You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to Breathe, Trust, Let go and see what happens." ~ Mandy Hale.
Have faith in the Universe and that your dreams will come true. If you are focussing on the good, and if you are being as happy and positive as you can, those dreams are sure to come into reality. So learn to relax into life and let magic do its work.  

Life's too short to Settle.
You have the upmost freedom to an amazing life, the only limitations and restrictions are the ones that you place on your self (and no making up excuses). The world is what you make it, and I truly believe that if you're not happy with something then you must change it. Don't dwell, don't wait. If something's not right, if something doesn't make you happy then change it! If you're with the wrong partner, then stop being with them instead of trying to mould them into what you think they should be. If you don't like your job, change it and pursue your dreams. Whatever it is that needs changing, stop settling for mediocre, because you can and deserve all that you want; you deserve the life of your dreams!   

"Everything that is, or ever was.... begins with a dream."
So dream big! All of your dreams can come true, absolutely all of them! All the wondrous things in the world began with a simple thought. Anything is possible. Always hold your dreams in your heart and you will find the way to bliss and happiness and love. 

Create a great day! And Dream Big!  
Much love from me to you!


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

{life reflections}

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{life reflections}
 Weekly thoughts and rambles. A glimpse into my mind and world. 
These are entries that I might jot down in my Happy Diary; what happens when we put our fingers to the keyboard and allow our thoughts to flow uninhibited. Reflections from the soul. 
Reflections of life.  

I hope to leave you inspired. 
If you want to share your own reflections of the week please leave a link to your "life reflections" entry in the comments for all to find and see.
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Life is a whirlwind in every sense of the word, and it's up to you whether or not you choose to enjoy the ride. If there's one thing I've learned it's that there will always be trials and ups and downs, but these are presented to us to teach us something about ourselves, about life, about others. It's a fantastic gift these lessons, and we need to start seeing them as such. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were able to see the good in every situation? We'd learn so much faster, see things so much clearer, and enjoy life so much more deeply. Of course, it's never as easy as that. Some situations we find ourselves in are immensely easy, others really try our patience and our sense of self. But, no matter how down we may find ourselves, things always brighten up once we figure out how to climb over that next bump. There's so much inspiration around us if we choose to welcome it into our lives, things that can help us stay on track and to remind us that life is truly a journey worth having and living to the fullest--and that one bad experience doesn't mean the story is over, nay, you have many many more pages to fill of a rich and wonderful life. So get out there, find your bliss, live as much as possible (I mean, really find things that you enjoy and do those things), and stay as positive as you can. Take care of yourself, nurture yourself, love yourself; it is the single hardest and single most important thing you'll ever learn to do.
My entry today comes from my own trials and errors, ones that repeat, ones that go away and I think are gone and then sneak back into my life. But, despite the downs that transpire, I see my life heading in a beautiful wondrous and exciting direction that I had not possibly imagined (but had been trying to manifest). I've been reflecting on my Vision Board(s) these past two weeks and it's amazing to see what is currently happening in my life, and what I have already accomplished and manifested that I set myself out to do. I am so very grateful for it all. And I am very excited to be entering a new chapter of my life. My birthday is this wednesday, celebrating another year of my life in this world. Yet, age itself has just become a senseless number with no meaning. I feel better and younger than I have every felt. I would not trade it to be younger again. I feel young, but mature, I feel like I've really gotten to know myself over the past couple of years, really learned to embrace all sides of myself, and really learned to speak up and decide for myself what I want my life to be. Really, you can have anything you want in life, you truly truly can. The Law of Attraction is amazing and it's such a magical journey to watch it transform your life and the lives of others. So dream big, reach for the stars, and remember that Nothing is impossible unless you say it is. 
I found this list of "Rules For Being Human", which inspired my post today, and that I wanted to pass on to all of you. So enjoy! And, as always, don't forget to create a fantastic day and a fantastic life!   
Much Love!     


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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

❀ The Good News ❀

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Stop watching the News on T.V. filled with lies, propaganda, and made to make you feel helpless and afraid.

With all the negative news in the world, it's time to give you hope and inspiration. It's time to the weekly Good News! 
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Israel Will Trap, Neuter and Return 45,000 Street Cats
Street cats are everywhere in Israel, in huge numbers, and they tend to be dirty and skinny, often with visible skin infections and eye problems. Their lifespans average just one or two years, compared to 13-17 years for cats who live indoors or in managed colonies.
The outlook for street cats in Israel is improving thanks to changing attitudes. The Israeli government just committed 4.5 million NIS (about 1.27 million in U.S. dollars) to trap, spay or neuter, and release 45,000 feral cats before June 2014. There are an estimated 39,000 street cats in the Tel Aviv area alone — just one shelter, the SPCA, takes in 200 kittens every day during breeding season — so the government’s plan is not a comprehensive solution.
Nonetheless, it is a huge step forward.

Readers Go On a Mission to Save Kindly Barber and His Stray Cats
This is one of those heart-warming stories about the goodness of people and what they do for each other as well as for animals. Manuela comes  by Hussein's Barber shop in Turkey every week where they feed the alley cats--which is often scorned there in Turkey with the overpopulation problems. So when Hussein's Barber shop was closing down due to lack of rent, there was sadness for the man and for his four-legged friends.
But as fate would have it,  there is something better in store for the barber and his cats. Although animal rescue is thought of as an art exclusively devoted to the four-legged, it is often about saving people as well. As Manuela’s Facebook supporters read her post about the barber’s fate, there is a swell of support. One after another, readers begin making small contributions to help...

Victory! Toronto Zoo’s Elephants Arrive at Sanctuary
After years of lobbying, debating, delays and a seriously long road trip, animal advocates are celebrating a victory with the safe arrival of the Toronto Zoo’s three remaining elephants at a sanctuary.
The three elephants — Iringa, 44; Toka, 43; and Thika, 33 — who were born at the zoo, embarked on a long journey across the continent from Ontario, Canada, to their new home at the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) sanctuary near Sacramento, Calif., where they will spend the rest of their lives being cared for in peace.
A huge thanks to the Care2 members who signed petitions demanding the elephants’ removal from the zoo. Their arrival at PAWS would not have been possible without the continued support of concerned citizens like you.

Bystander’s Kindness Saves Terrified Orangutan from Jeering Crowd
Sometimes it takes only a simple act of kindness to change an animal’s life. So it was for Ael, an orangutan whose only offense was searching for food near a village in Borneo.
Ael was captured while foraging in a field that had been cleared for planting rice. It’s not clear why they decided to capture her, but it took six men to grab Ael, hold her down and secure her. Then they dragged her back to their village for a little fun. The poor orangutan became a public spectacle — an object of curiosity and degradation. Villagers crowded around her, jeering and taunting to get a rise out of her. Word spread, and soon people from other nearby areas arrived on motorcycles to get in on the excitement.
Poor Ael had little chance of living her life as anything other than a roadside attraction until one compassionate villager decided enough was enough. This kind villager, whose name we don’t know, contacted Argitoe Ranting. Ranting works for International Animal Rescue (IAR) as its field manager for IAR’s project in Ketapang, on the island of Borneo. Ranting also oversees rescues in the area and has a great deal of experience working with orangutans. He arrived on scene to find Ael tied to the tire, struggling to break free and frightened for her life.
Ranting called his team, realizing immediately he had a rescue situation on his hands. The team removed her from the scene to their 60-acre orangutan rehabilitation center in West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.

New York School’s Plan to Go Vegetarian Is an All-Around Success
A public school in Queens, N.Y. is the first in the nation to offer a 100 percent vegetarian lunch menu. That’s right, no more sloppy joes or scary meatloaf. Instead 400 students in grades pre-K through 3 choose from options like organic roasted tofu, braised black beans and falafel.
Before you get upset about the school forcing kids to eat vegetarian, know that students are still allowed to bring any lunch item from home that they want, including meat. The funny, and truly awesome part is, about 90 percent of the students voluntarily choose the veggie-based cafeteria food. And the results have been phenomenal.
After one semester, the number of students at the school who were classified as overweight and obese dropped 2 percent and is still falling, according to school officials. They’ve also documented improved attendance, higher test scores and better attention spans in the wake of the change.

VICTORY! Fox News North will not be on every TV in Canada
SumOfUs helped keep the racist and biased “Fox News North”, or Sun News, off our TVs. Over 20,000 SumOfUs supporters called on the Canadian regulators (CRTC) to reject the channel’s request for mandatory carriage and a $20 million subsidy -- and they listened! The rejection of this ridiculous bid will hopefully mean that the commercially unviable Fox News North and its vitriol will soon be gone from Canadian airwaves, forever.

Thanks For Your Help:  SumOfUs filled the war chest to fight Harper’s secret trade deal
SumOfUs: "For the past year, Prime Minister Harper has been trying to ram through his secretive Canada-China FIPA trade deal. When it was introduced, Harper expected he would face no opposition and be able sign the deal in weeks. But thanks to our opposition and strong partners like LeadNow, we have delayed the deal for longer than anyone thought possible.
The next battle is a crucial legal fight that, with our support, the Hupacasath First Nations is waging. Thousands of us donated to support the Hupacasath as they take the Harper government to court to challenge the constitutionality of FIPA. If we keep up this crucial fight together, we can defeat FIPA once and for all and save Canadian democracy."

Victory! River Island (UK) and Woolworths (AU) sign the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord!
SumOfUs has called on major apparel companies to join the independently-monitored Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh to ensure that their clothes weren't being made under deadly conditions that might repeat mistakes in the past. 
Over 90 companies have now signed the landmark accord. In breaking news, major Australian brand Woolworths has announced it will also join the Accord, after months of pressure from SumOfUs and friends at Oxfam Australia, the Uniting Church and elsewhere. In the UK, more than 16,000 SumOfUs members and their allies targeted major UK brand River Island, demanding it stop dragging its feet and sign the Accord -- and it listened! River Island was one of the last major UK holdouts on the Accord, so it’s a huge win for Bangladeshi workers and all consumers everywhere!

Cameroon Elections Catapult Women to Power
In Cameroon, defenders of gender equality and the empowerment of women today have a reason to celebrate. This follows the announcement of the results of the legislative elections held on September 30. The results of the elections have ensured that women now hold 56 of the 180 deputy positions in the National Assembly, making up 31.1 percent of the legislature.
The percentage exceeds the threshold set out in the Beijing Plan of Action. It is even more significant since the numbers have more than doubled. The previous legislature had only 25 women deputies out of 180, a mere 13.8 percent.
The advocacy efforts were already underway some years ago and were further spurred by UN Women’s strategic plan for gender and elections that received national approval on June 12, 2012.

Celebrating the 1,000th Sierra Club Solar Home
The Sierra Club and its solar home partner Sungevity reached a clean-energy milestone when the 1,000th rooftop solar array was installed as part of the Club's Solar Homes Program. The program makes it easy for homeowners to go solar, save money, and curb carbon pollution. 

Asheville, NC, Moves Beyond Coal 
Last week the city council in Asheville, NC, voted unanimously to move the city off coal-fired electricity. Duke Energy's coal plant in Asheville is the largest source of carbon pollution in western North Carolina, and the city will now work with Duke to phase out the use of coal there. Asheville joins Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and a growing number of other cities transitioning to clean energy.

Los Angeles Could Become the Country’s Largest GMO-Free Zone
Two Los Angeles City Councilmen have introduced a measure [PDF] that would ban the growth, sale and distribution of genetically engineered seeds and plants within the city limits. If passed, Los Angeles would have the illustrious honor of being the country’s largest GMO plant-free zone.
The councilmen, Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell, say they proposed the ban in the hopes of protecting local gardens and homegrown food from GMO contamination. ”We don’t want to consume mystery food,” O’Farrell told The Huffington Post. “Since there’s currently no requirement, anyone could unwittingly purchase a genetically modified product and not know it. I think that’s irresponsible.”

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Thanks for reading this week's "Good News!" Join us every week and feel inspired! 
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See that your actions count and get out there and do good! Be the Change!  


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