Sunday, March 27, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Happiness is Now!☺

To live a Happy and Positive Life, one must Be Happy and Positive. One must also Be in the Moment--the Here & Now--because Happiness is NOW; a feeling felt in the present, not the future or the past. You may remember feeling Happy in the past, or you can even look back on the past fondly, but that does not account for your present Being; Being Happy. Happiness is felt in the present moment, not anywhere else. Remember that. 
You can't change the past, but you can change your attitude towards it. You can choose to see the Positive, the lessons and the experiences that made you grow and become a stronger person. You can't change the past, but changing your opinion of it can make your present moment Positive and Happy. 
You can't predict the future. You can't map it all out. You can certainly try. Sure, you can make plans for the future, but remember to be weary of Expectations and to let those go. You can feel excited, anxious, or nervous towards the future, but Happiness still remains in the Present moment. So don't leave it behind while your Mind trails off and tries to exist in the future. You'll miss out on half your life living this way. 
Happiness is Now. You have that choice, every second of every day. Don't place Happiness as this distant thing you cannot yet possess, if you do this then you will spend your whole life chasing it, always leaving it a step in the future. Be with it. Be Happy. Yes, it takes practice to be happy all-the-time, but that does not mean it isn't attainable at this very second right now. It is. Because Happiness IS. 
"Remember; Happiness is a way of Travel. Not a Destination"  

So Be Happy Now! 

Peace & Love

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

☯ What's in my Closet: Preserve ToothBrush & Razor ☯

You are supposed to toss out your toothbrush every three months, and we all know how quickly you go through disposable razors. When you stop to actually pay attention, that's a lot of waste that accumulates very quickly, and it's usually plastic that won't decompose and can't be recycled. So what is an eco-being to do? 

In my closet? Preserve Toothbrush with the travel case that I recently picked up. Preserve Triple Razor with the Replacement Blades so that I can hold onto the handle forever ;). 

Why do I choose Preserve? What makes them so amazing? 

Preserve  is a wonderful company that makes all their products from recycled yogurt containers and other #5 plastic containers. The handles of both the razor and the toothbrushes are made from 100% recycled materials, are powered by yogurt cups, are recyclable after use, and are BPA free.
When most communities don’t accept these common #5 containers for recycling you can rest assured those plastics are going to good use instead of becoming unnecessary waste. Preserve does this through their "Gimme 5 program" offereing a simple way to save these plastics and give them a second life. So collect your #5 plastics, save them up, clean them out, and drop them at one of their retail locations, at the "Preserve Gimme 5" bins. And if you don’t live near one of their Gimme 5 retail locations, you can send them by mail to be recycled as well! 

Some more fun facts about Preserve's Recycling Environmental Efforts:
At least 54% less water than virgin polypropylene
At least 64% less greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) than virgin polypropylene
At least 75% less oil than virgin polypropylene
At least 48% less coal than virgin polypropylene
At least 77% less natural gas than virgin polypropylene
At least 46% less electricity than virgin polypropylene

Preserve Nested Mixing Bowls, Set of 3I haven't yet tried their other products but am excited to get my hands on them! They also have Jr. Toothbrushes in the personal care line, and have a Tableware and Kitchen line, including plates, bowls, cups, mixing bowls, storage containers, colanders, measuring cups, and cutting boards--all 100% recycled, BPA and melamine free of course. 

You can find their products at health stores and other grocers, and if you can't then they are totally affordable online through their website. 

Peace & Love,

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

☺ Inspirational; Your Are Amazing!☺

You are as strong, brilliant, beautiful, and amazing as you Want and Choose to Be. You have all the potential in the world already inside of you, all you need to do is choose to call upon it. 
Positivity, Happiness, the capability to love and enjoy life are all within your being. But you must choose these things in order to experience them. Accept and take Responsibility of your Life. It IS Yours! To do as you please with, to live as you wish to and want to. Raise your vibrations by focussing on the Positive, always always always. Smile and Be Happy. It doesn't matter what happens in life, there is always a lesson and beauty to be found. From personal experience, to observing those around me, and hearing people's inspiring life stories; it doesn't matter how hard it gets, you always have the choice to see and live the Positive. Never choose to dwell on the negative and let it suck the life out of you. There is always beauty in the world. 
Remember: You are Courageous, Beautiful, Free, and Strong! You have the will, desire, and potential to have a wonderful life. You have the means to achieve happiness and joy inside you. The potential of your life is only as deep as you allow it to be. Allow yourself to exist at this full potential. Don't place limitations on your own being and life. 
You are an amazing human-being and there is no other person in the world exactly like you. So be the best "You" that You can Be. 
You are strong and inspiring. You have done many wonderful and amazing things in your life, whether you allow yourself to see it or not, and you will do many more. Your life is cherished by those around you and has potential for an infinite amount of love. 
You Are Amazing and so is your life. You are a Gift to the World and your Life is a Gift to You. So cherish and appreciate it at all times. See the light, the beauty, the Positivity. Be an eternal Optimist. Spread Love and Joy and Happiness wherever you are and it will come back to you.
You Are amazing, courageous, strong, confident, compassionate, brilliant, beautiful, happy, and Positive. 
Shine bright to your full potential. Always.  

Peace & Love

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ⓥ Vegan Kitchen: Flour-less "Muffins" Ⓥ

My lovely husband threw this recipe together randomly one afternoon. It was one of those make-as-you-go things, with no pre-meditating or anything, just decided to go for it. I was skeptical, knowing he'd just thrown it all together--without even measuring anything out! The second batch I made with his help, making sure to measure everything out so that I could share this lovely recipe with all of you. :)

They are sooooo yummy I can't believe it! As usual, wheat-free, gluten-free (use gluten-free oats), and Vegan!! :) 

Flour-Less Muffins:

3 Apples, cored and cut into a few pieces. 
1 cup Dates (pitted)
1/2 cup Peanut Butter
1/4 cup Flax seeds
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 cup Carob Chips
2 1/2 cup Quick Oats
1/4 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Baking Powder

In food processor, process 2 apples until a more gritted texture is achieved. Add the dates and process again. Add peanut butter and cinnamon, process until a thick paste-like texture is achieved. 
Pour processed mix into a large mixing bowl with the Oats, Flax, Baking Soda, and Baking Powder and stir until mixture is a "batter" like consistency. 
Process last Apple into small "chunks." Add to batter. Add the Carob Chips. Mix again. 

Lightly oil Muffin Tray and pour mixture into tray. 

Preheat Oven to 325° and bake for approximately 20 minutes, increading temperature to 350° at about 12 minutes. (these will rise only a little bit as lots of gluten-free stuff). 

Makes approx. 7 Muffins. 
Sorry, this recipe makes a strange number, you can double the recipe depending on how big your muffin tray is and have bigger muffins or make smaller ones or be strange like me and have a strange number ;)
Either way, these muffins are sooooo good, and healthy at that! ^_^


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

☯ What's in my Closet: Orange Dipped in Chocolate by Herbolution ☯

I have already mentioned how much I love Herbolution. They are an amazing little company run by some wonderful people, containing some of the most amazing body products I have had the pleasure of using. I think it is safe to say that I have a healthy addiction ;) and my body loves the organic and healthy ingredients.

I tried their "Dipped Orange in Chocolate" Body Polish in the sample size over christmas and just fell completely in love. While the scent immediately won me over, the scrub is also simply amazing, with a wonderful exfoliating effect combined with the moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter to leave my skin silky smooth and beautiful. However, my love for the yummy orange-chocolate combination drove me to approach the lovely Sasha and Veronika of Herbolution about making a body butter and body spray. Being the wonderful people that they are, they made the products and I am very excited to be the first to try them! 

When my package arrived I'll admit that I may have squealed like a little girl. As usual, I was delighted by their amazing efforts to be as earth-friendly as possible. From the recycled box, banana-paper invoice and note, biodegradable peanuts and wrapping, and the friendly glass-jars the products come in, this company rocks! Opening the new products was like christmas morning all over again, enthralled by the aspect of new yummy scents and products to indulge in. My senses were immediately humming in the playful fragrance of sweet orange and rich chocolate. So good it is tempting to eat--although I don't recommend it ;). 
The body butter is made with lovely and enriching aloe butter, jojoba oil and other healthy and beneficial organic ingredients. As with all of their body butters, it is such a wonderfully rich moisturizer that is also filled with the nourishment of vitamins. The butter melts on the skin upon contact while that lovely aroma fills your nostrils and even the driest skin can feel relief from their natural and nourishing ingredients. 
The body spray is perfect as well, the blend of scents is so yummy I can't help use the stuff all day and make everyone around me smell it too. 

I can't put into words just how much I love these new products. Chocolate and can't really go wrong with that combination. Throw in the fact that Herbolution makes products that work, are chemical-free, good for you and good for the planet and, well, you just can't go wrong here. 
If you haven't yet, now is your chance to jump on their etsy shop and indulge yourself. I promise you won't regret it. ;) 

Peace & Love,

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

☺ Inspirational; No Ones Perfect ☺

In general people focus on negativities far too often. One of those negativities is that we see the faults in others before we see the positive and good in that person. Perhaps it's because we strive to feel better about ourselves, so if we can make others look bad then it makes us feel better about our own faults.
Here's the reality that we need to accept and get over so that we can be more kind to ourselves and to others...
No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. 
We shouldn't have to explain ourselves to anyone. The point of making mistakes is that we grow and learn from them (hopefully). There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. The sooner we get over this the less judgmental we'll learn to be with ourselves and with others. 
The other downside to this negative mentality is that we spend so much time focussing on other's faults that we don't focus and accept our own, which are the ones we actually have control over. It becomes our distraction, but this distraction keeps us from improving and becoming a better person. Quit being so judgmental and hypocritical. Chances are if there's a negative aspect your focussed on in another person, it's a direct reflection of one of your own faults or inner turmoils that you're trying to feel better about. It comes down to that positive or negative mental attitude. When you give yourself the time to examine your attitude you should be quick to realize that it is negative. When you are having such a conflict with another person, more often than not, the problem you have is not really with that person, it is with yourself. Taking the time to solve your own problem you will find that you no longer have a problem with them. 
"When I am faced with a problem that involves misunderstandings with other persons, I must first start with myself." 
Think about why you're being hypocritical, think about why you are feeling this way and work on that instead of taking it out on someone else. Think before you speak. It comes back to responsibility, accepting blame, and working on your own life instead of trying to control others and telling someone else how to live their lives. Live your life the way you see fit and let others live theirs as they see fit. This doesn't mean you can't tell others helpful suggestions or opinions, but there is a difference between being helpful or being an ignorant nag. Come from a place of genuine love and caring. And vise-versa; if someone gives you some advice we usually automatically get defensive, so stop first and consider another's viewpoint. There's usually at least a little reality to be taken and self-improvement is always good for the soul. Don't get defensive, take everything with a grain of salt, and be open-minded and receptive and loving. 
Don't be a hypocrite and don't be judgmental. 
Start focusing on the positive aspects of another instead of looking for or dwelling on the faults. 
No one's perfect and everyone makes mistakes. That does not mean anyone is a "bad" person. All people have the potential of beauty in their character if given a chance, sometimes they just need to be shown that compassion and love to unveil it. Life is beautiful. Mistakes are beautiful and help us grow. 
Don't be so hard on others or on yourself and learn to look for the beauty and good in another. As such, practice this with yourself just as much, if not more. If you can learn to be loving, accepting, and non-judgmental with yourself, it will become easier and more natural to do so with others. Come from a place of love and understanding and let go of judgment and condescending. These are negatives that will not benefit yourself or those around you. 
Always remember; strive to be see, live, and breathe positivity. Be patient and understanding of others. Everyone is on their own journey and everyone has their own reasoning behind their choices and actions. Be accepting of that. It is not your place to be judgmental. Trust that people have their reasons and that you may not always understand. And that's okay, you don't have to. If it is not your situation then you cannot possibly fully understand, and, again, that is okay. What you do need to understand is just that; you can't understand everything so don't judge and don't be disrespectful.  
No one is perfect. And we are perfectly imperfect in that. Learn from your mistakes and live your life from a place of love instead of hate. Be compassionate, be loving, be accepting, be respectful, and be understanding. Be you and be patient and let go of judgment.  

Peace & Love

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Friday, March 11, 2011

☆ What's Going On: Canada's Annual Seal Hunt ☆

Every spring, Seals will migrate from Greenland down the coast of Canada, stopping to give birth on the ice floes to their beautiful baby pups. Sadly, every year, this joyous occasion is also met with the controversial and sickening hunt along the waters and ice floors of Atlantic Canada where a bloodbath becomes their fate. This truly is Canada's Shame; this is Canada's Annual Seal Hunt. 

It is the one time of year when I feel horrible being a part of a country that continues to do this year after year. Not that the event goes unchallenged. There is much debate on the topic, with even the smallest details going unchallenged. It is a touchy topic no matter which side you are on, one in which even the language and terms used to describe it become a debate. Such as "Hunt" or "Slaughter." My choice of words is slaughter. Why? Because no matter what way you look at it, we are killing thousands upon thousands of innocent creatures. It is said that this hunt is "necessary" for certain areas of the islands, important for people's livelihoods, and for the economy. Again, I say no matter what way you look at it, we are taking advantage of innocent creatures because we believe it "benefits" us which is a heated debate in itself. From everything I have researched there is no solid conclusion. The economic benefits are questionable when you look at how much money is poured into the "hunt" itself. The debate is generally hard to determine whether the Seals are killed humanely or not as well. At the end of the day I feel that we are taking advantage of yet another creature of our precious unappreciated world. 

The Hunted... 

The federal killing quotas change from year to year but this annual massacre will usually take the lives of 200, 000 to 325,000 seals every season. Amongst these numbers are harp, hooded seals, and grey seals. While Whitecoats (newborn harp seals) are no longer legally allowed to be hunted (as of 1987) these pups will lose their "whitecoats" at about 12-14 days of age, and after that, they are fair-game for hunters. Most of the seals slaughtered are under the age of three months. 

The seals are slaughtered by a club and are then skinned and sometimes dragged across the ice with hooks. There are claims that some of the creatures are still alive during this, including being skinned alive. The debate has been on-going on both sides whether this is the case or not.

"the DFO says the club, or hakapik, used by many sealers is "an efficient tool" that kills "quickly and humanely." The Royal Commission on Seals and Sealing in Canada found that clubbing, when properly performed, is at least as humane as killing methods in commercial slaughterhouses. Opponents say clubbing often isn't "properly performed.""

Did anyone else catch the comparison to "commercial slaughterhouses"? Now, if you don't already know how horribly inhumane those commercial slaughterhouses are, perhaps take another gander. And then there is the skepticism on whether it is properly performed and whether or not the seals are indeed still alive when they are skinned. If there is one thing I have noticed a pattern of in any events of disregard to animal welfare is that...well, there is a disregard to animal welfare, so how are we supposed to believe that any of the slaughtering is humane at all? 

The federal government also acknowledges that it has laid more than 200 charges against sealers since 1996. Not a very reassuring thought. 
Regardless, there are still 100,000s of young seals slaughtered every year. 

So Why does this "hunt" happen?

It is said to be a beneficial economic money-making business for Canada. "The federal government says the landed value of seals exceeded $16.5 million in 2005, providing a "significant" source of income for thousands of sealers." 
So it creates jobs for those who need them and money, of course, for Canada as we export millions of dollars worth of seal products to the European union, to Japan, South Korea, and China. 

Still, seal amounts to only a fraction of the $600-million Newfoundland fishery. But for some sealers, it represents up to one-third of their annual income. The DFO and Newfoundland and Labrador estimate that around 5,000 to 6,000 people derive some income from sealing, about one per cent of the provincial population.

But even with this, once the total costs are tallied it is said that Canadians would "likely find that the hunt actually costs the Canadian taxpayer money." On top of that, the main money-maker of this horrifying slaughter is in the seal's fur, an unnecessary industry that is non-essential to any part of human life. I don't know about you but I do not like that my tax-dollars are going towards this hunt. 

There is a very small part of the debate that says the hunt is necessary due to Canada's oceans being overfished, therefor if the seals are not hunted they will starve regardless. However I reaaaally had to dig to find reports of this information with the general fact out there being this; the seals are hunted for their Fur.   

The bottom line is this; Canada's Seal Hunt is killing innocent creatures for money. The hunt is not going unchallenged, but even so, Canada refuses to end it.  

"The price of seal fur is plummeting as international outrage against the seal slaughter rises. The U.S. and the European Union have banned seal products, and world leaders such as President Barack Obama and His Holiness The Dalai Lama have denounced the massacre." 

Your voices count and it is time for this horrifying and inhumane slaughter to end. Seals have a right to live, Earth is their world too, and it is time we speak up for them! 

These websites are some great places to start, with petitions to sign and more information on how to add pressure to Canada so that they finally ban this annual massacre: 


Boycott Canadian Seafood. 
This boycott adds pressure to the fishing industry and will encourage all Canadian fishing companies to demand an end to the seal hunt. Canada is already facing a problem of overfishing the waters, creating problems that the ocean's ecosystem is not being given a chance to recover from--after decades of industrial-scale fishing that is jeopardizing the future of seals and all other marine mammals that depend on fish for their survival. 

The US is already onboard with this boycott which has been a huge victory. But more pressure is still needed and every voice and action counts. 

Check out this page with various automated letters to send companies that can have a big say on ending the Seal hunt:

Sign Petitions and make your voice heard! 

Also, please write to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Canadian ambassadors around the world to demand that they bring the massacre to an end.

The annual seal slaughter will continue unless caring people like you speak up and take action to stop it. The voice of each one of us counts, so please add your voice to this global outcry against Canada's shameful seal massacre and spread the word to those you know. Help save these beautiful and wonderful creatures from this annual bloodbath.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

☺ Inspirational: "This Life is Mine"☺

"Questa Vita e La Mia" translated to English; "This Life is Mine." It's tattooed on my arm for a good reason and it is a reason that I think is important.
Not to be mistaken for  "This is my life,"   "This Life is Mine" is a thought of gratitude and of control; that you get to choose your own life and how you are going to live it. Not the other way around. Yes, life happens, and there are certain things that we have no control over and we must accept that and to have "no expectations." However, at the end of the day, we also get to Choose what we do and how we want to live our lives. 

I think it is a topic many people struggle with, especially in a world that is constantly teaching us to conform and telling us what to do, how to live , and what is right and wrong. The bottom line is exactly this; This Life is Yours. You get to choose what you want to do. No one else gets a say in that. Well, lots of people, and subliminal messages, will try to tell you, but only you truly get to decide. Don't let others push you into things you do not want to do. Do not let others tell you how to live Your life. I'm not saying to never take other people's advice, on the contrary you can learn a lot from people--whether its by listening to some helpful words or by seeing by example exactly what you don't want to do or become. Regardless, there are lots of things you can learn from listening to people, so don't automatically turn them away. It doesn't mean that you have to take their advice just because you listen. Only You know what is right for You, when you truly listen to your heart and stop over-thinking with your Mind. Perhaps that is one of the biggest problems people face; thinking entirely too much to the point your mind has become an overloaded cannon ready to explode. No wonder people are so stressed out all the time. Be weary of the Mind and be attentive to the Heart. Live your life through your Heart, not your Mind. 

When you listen to your heart you will learn to live your life the way that You want to. The way that is true to You. Your choices are Yours. Your decisions are Yours

Never feel guilty for how you choose to live your life. You have every right to live the way that you choose. Your Life is Yours. Enjoy it the way that You want to enjoy it. If others critisize you, don't pay them any mind. If you are Happy and having fun then you are living your life the way that you should be.  

On the other side of things; if you are miserable and a mess all the time then it is probably time to re-evaluate the way you are living. But your life is still yours and only you can choose to make it better. Only You can want to make it better. You still don't have to do what other's may be telling you to do, but this may be an important time to have an open ear so that you can open your heart. 

Live openly and live freely. You don't have to live your life in the conventional, go to school, get a degree, get married, have children, grow old manner. Then again if that appeals to you, or certain parts of it appeal to you, then don't let anything steer you away from it either. Do the things that you want to do. Don't let others tell you what is right or what is wrong. There is no "wrong" or "right" way to live life, only the way you choose. You are not wrong for any of your thoughts or wants. Just be mindful that they are actually Your thoughts and wants and not ideas planted in your head through deceiving society or pushy minds. A good way to wager this is by if you are genuinely happy and if what you are doing makes you happy. Happiness is always a good guide to tell if you are living your life in harmony with who you truly are. Be intuitive with your true self. Get in touch with your true self. Try new things, try ordinary things, try anything your heart desires. Remember that the thing that matters most in life is Happiness. 

It is not selfishness to want to be Happy. Happiness is important. And you know how the expression goes, you must first help yourself before you are able to help others. So I'll say again, do not feel guilty over your desires and choices and wants, or for the way that you choose to live your life. You are choosing to live life that is in accordance with your Self. Be respectful of that and always be loving towards your self. 

Your life is yours. Yours to Choose. Yours to Live.  

☼ Don't let others tell you how to life Your life. 
☼ Only you know what is best for you. 
☼ So do the things that you want to do.
 You are not wrong for any of your choices, any of your desires, or any of your mistakes. 

Live the life You want to live. Live for Yourself. 

Peace & Love,

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

☯ What's in My Closet; Madd Style Cosmetics!! ☯

Many of you know that I have been on a mad hunt for amazing and safe cosmetics. In my very picky hunt I have indeed found companies that meet my approval and I will be sharing them with you over the next several weeks. :) 

What will you find at Madd Style?

Upon entering the Etsy shop, you are immediately drawn in by the huge and adorable Sugar-skull icon and colorful banner. This alone compells me to explore further, because of that perfect mixture of fun, pretty, and punk. I am very happy to say that I was not disappointed.  

The fun and creative names of the cosmetics add that extra wonder to the wide selection of dazzling colors, and to the whole shopping experience. Hell yes, I'll take a lil "Kick-Ass" in my order ;). 

You'll discover a wonderful selection of cosmetics that are high-quality, safe, effective, and that are free of of talc, bismuth, harmful fillers, or any animal by-products. All of the products are Vegan and 100% cruelty-free, so you can sleep peacefully knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of these beautiful cosmetics.

The tantalizing selection of Eye Pigments left me sitting in front of my computer screen for hours trying to decide which ones I wanted in my immediate collection. But I'm certainly not going to complain ;). The shadows are beautiful and you can make them as subtle or as vibrant as you'd like depending on your application. They mix great and are perfect for any look. Coming back to that lovely punky-edge, the colors are simply too much fun and will make you want to be extra bold at even the most "formal" of occasions. 
I love the darker brown shades, such as "Dirty Beats" and the lovely plum-purple undertones of "Cruisin for a bruisin." To the wilder side of the color spectrum, I'm in love with purples like "Mondo" and "Electric Koolaid"; blue hues of "Jive Talk" and "Vortex"; the gorgeous green of "Ecto Cooler"; and of course, that lovely red tone of "Kick-Ass". One of my favorites in the collection however is "Cloud 9"; a beautiful silver-blue that stands out on its own or accents beautifully when blended with other pigments. 

But the awesomeness does not end at Madd Style's bold eye pigments. The shop also provides some lovely "Lip Service" to treat your lips, including some yummy smelling lip-balms and lip-gloss. 
I want to take a moment here to talk about lip-balms. I don't know about you, but I have found that most lip-balms do not do their job. They often end up drying out my lips instead of actually moisturizing them, resulting in a constant need to reach for the very thing contributing to the dryness of my lips. This has made me generally stay away from them. However, I was delightfully surprised when I tried Madd Style's Lip Balms. These do what they are supposed to do and they smell simply amazing! With ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, healthy oils and vitamin E, you know they'll treat your lips right. I was treated to "Cherry Bomb", "Iced Mocha", "Jack Frost" and my personal favorite "Pumpkin King." 
The "Uber Boss Lip-Gloss" is fantastic! It is subtle yet vibrant all at the same time and, once again, smells like heaven and is rich with good-for-you ingredients that will keep your lips looking supple and fabulous. From a girl who doesn't wear a whole lot of lip-gloss, I can't stop using this one! The one I have is "Knock Off" and I just love it!   

In a world full of nasty chemical cosmetics, it is well worth treating your skin right with beautiful and safe cosmetics. 
So what do I think of Madd Style? Pure love! 
As if the products weren't enough to make this company awesome, Mo, the lovely woman behind the solo-operation is as equally fantastic as her cosmetics. The customer service is amazing, helpful and friendly, and an absolutely pleasant over-all experience.

As stated in her shop "100% VEGAN 100%. WORTH IT!" 
I couldn't agree more. 

Peace & Love

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