Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Two beautiful ladies in my life are Pregnant; my sister and my brother in law's fiance ^_^. In celebration, I thought it appropriate to make a cute Eco-Baby blog-post for them and to share with other mamas ^_^.

Babies and children are so important and they deserve only the best! Here are a couple Eco-friendly Goodies to dress your rockin baby with ^_^! This theme, once again, with some of my awesome friends over at DIYScene.

Rocky The Zombie hand-prints all her awesome artwork onto clothing! They are soooo adorable, unique and just so much fun! I have a shirt from her as well & just love love love it!!

What's extra exciting is that this cute lil number is printed on an Organic dark red Tee, and I am told there are more to come. ^_^

BrookeVan Gory Designs is an adorable Etsy shop from a rockin hot Mama (also a friend at DIYScene), inspired by her gorgeous new baby boy, Gory, of course ~_^. She has tons of the cutest upcycled baby "Gory Pants" that are a must-have for your new cutie as well as many other fun treats, definitely worth checking out!!

Rockerbyebaby is another rockin Mama (from DIYScene)

with lots of Eco-friendly goodness in her Etsy shop. She has an Adorable Skull-Print Organic Tee, as well as lots of burb rags, and other fun alternatives in support of the Eco-friendly movement -- becasue we all know the importance of washing & reusing as opposed to disposables!

Pretty Little is another Etsy shop and they have the cutest Booty Boots! Or as my 2 year old sister would say "Bu-boots" ^_^!! They have cute Pirate Booties with skulls and crossbones, as well another favourite of mine is the cute little koala bear Booties! They are made from 100% Merino Wool, which is biodegradable and an all-around environmentally friendly alternative to leather and synthetic materials.

If you found this article to be helpful, please consider a small donation or visit the shop. Thank you for your love and support.


  1. LOVE everything in this post! I feel honored to be blogged with Rhi and Amber, who run two of my all time favorite shops EVER! Gory has SO much of their swag! And those BOOTIES?!?!?!? To die for!

    Thank you for highlighting eco-baby diy!

  2. If I ever have babies, these are the people I would turn to first! Great finds!


  3. I have to say pretty much what Brooke said. I'm honored to be in a post with those two also!
    Thanks for the most awesome post, we love you ^_^

  4. aww you gals! I LOVE all your stuff, how awesome I think you three are the only diysceners I've actually purchased from so far haha ^_^.

    But your stuff rocks! And its eco-friendly! How could I NOT blog about it?


  5. OMG!! LOVE those punky 'pukers and poopers' LOL!

    And those booties!! :) AWESOME!!

    lol about Zelda too!! We scared our coz with her proper (said the locked door lead to...) when she was tiny.. :) /big grin/

    FAB blog!! Totally LOVE it!! :)

  6. awesome!!! Very happy to see you interacting with your fans! ^_^. Love your post and all item and all are very pretty. This is fantastic information.


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