Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Ideas For 2010 Resolutions....

I was trying to think of a good Blog post to welcome in the New Year and I believe that I was thinking too hard when the answer was right in front of my face.

Everyone loves to make New Year's Resolutions right? Ok, don't answer that, of course they do. But what if you don't know what you would like to make goals or are thinking about not making any at all this year? That is all well and good, but here's a little suggestion that may go a long way....

By now you are well-aware that there is a huge Environmental movement that is beginning to sprout and

spread all over stores, even at those unexpected huge chains. I may not support those big chains but it is still nice to see even them making changes (however please still read labels as many products are

falsely marketed!...more on this in another blog post). It is amazing the following of friends I have changing over to Organic foods and products, recycling, and generally making any eco-conscious choices they can. I am very glad that I could influence them into making these choices. I've also been given the realized that lots of people don't make these changes until it is brought to their attention, simply because they are unaware or it's just not something they've ever really taken a moment to think about. I am not pushy at all when I speak about environmental issues. Yes, I speak very openly about them but I never tell my friends to make the change, most seem to do it themselves with a little information they didn't have before. What I am getting at here, is that you too should spread the word and speak to your friends about our impact on the environment. Again, not in a pushy manner--no one likes to be force-fed information and told what to do--but just share information and speak about the planet we live on. This is step number one, and here are a few more suggestions that you may want to consider for the New Year.

1. Spread the need to elaborate as I have already explained this is a HUGE step into bringing awareness. Remember, EVERYONE can help and the more that are on board the better we can help our polluted planet.

2. Get back in touch with Nature. Need some inspiration and want to have a little fun? Watch Avatar. Ok, so this one is a bit out of no where right? But I just watched this movie and I think it is a perfect reminder of how corrupt our system is and that we are missing the beauty of the world around us. Take a moment and be in nature. Appreciate the beauty of a flower or the majesty of a tree. Nothing is more rewarding.

3. Buy Organic. From food to cosmetics, buying Organic means you're not supporting the use of pesticides. Pesticides have been tied to cancer, reproductive disorders, and acute toxicity, not to mention the World Health Organization estimates that 200, 000 people die every year from pesticide poisoning. On top of that, only an estimated 5% reach their actual target, the rest blow miles and miles away, infecting wildlife, animals, insects, and even you. They are bad for you, bad for the environment, and bad for animals. What more reason do you need to steer clear?

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This one is obvious but not used enough. Reduce: Look for products with minimal or no packaging and look for ones that can be reused or recycled. Use refillable containers and buy in bulk. Bring your own

shopping bag, plastic sucks! Bring your own food containers to work. Use your own coffee-mug as opposed to a cup that is probably going to the trash. Reuse: Don't throw away or recycle immediately, find another use and keep doing so, again shopping bags are a must. Recycle: Need I say more? Anything that can be recycled, do so! Myself and the husband have more items going to our recycling bins than our garbage, you should be doing the same!

5. Buy Eco Products. There are more and more eco-concious products available to us, use them! This one goes out to everyone but here's an extra note to other fellow "home-business" workers that work online. Yes, these products may sometimes cost a bit more but they are worth the care of our planet; Use Recycled Business Cards such as those available at Got Print (, Use Recycled packaging (these are even available at places like Wal-Mart!). Use Recycled Paper! In fact, always use recycled paper for anything! There are even recycled pens, pencils, and pretty much anything else you can possibly imagine!

6. Become Vegan. There is nothing you can do that has a bigger impact on our planet than becoming Vegan. Not only will you save 35 innocent, horribly mistreated animals a year, the environmental impact is enormous! It takes 3 to 15 times as much water to produce animal protein as it does plant protein. 37% of human-induced methane emissions come from livestock. It is also estimated that each year 1,000 species are eliminated due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing and other uses. The livestock population of the United States consumes enough grain and soybeans to feed more than 5 times its human population. Not to mention 7 billion animals die every year for human consumption. Even if you're not ready to give up meat just yet, try cutting back and buying local organic meat (though be warned this still has its woes).

7. Use less Electricity. There are tons of little things that add up when it comes to electricity. Turn off a light that's not in use. Turn off your television when no one is watching it! I am always astounded by the number of people who leave their TVs on all day. Participate in Earth Hour. The list goes on.

8. Reduce Emissions. Drive less and choose to ride a bike or take the bus more. Buy a car that is more fuel-efficient. Don't Idle!! I want to punch people in the face who do this!!! ...I mean, peace and love on earth and for everyone... But please don't idle ~_^

9. Read my Blog. Not to self-advertise (I don't make any money off this blog after all) but if you are looking for new ways that you can help not only your planet but your own general health and well-being, then check back through my blog often. I will be updating whenever I can with more tips and tricks, eco-friendly products, surprising environmental impacts, hidden ingredients in food and beauty products, and anything else that I stumble upon with a point of interest.

Remember, knowledge is key, so educate yourself and do what you can for our planet. Truly, there is nothing greater you can do this year than that. Happy New Year! I wis

h you all an amazing 2010 with love and happiness.

~Bianca xo

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