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☺ 2014 in Review - My “Jar of Happiness”☺

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{New Year Inspirational Kick-Off!}
 Continuing the trend from last year’s “New Year Kick-Off!” 
Keep your own life bustling with gratitude and awesomeness.
New Year Positive Power! Huzzah!
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This was such a rewarding practice last year, so there was no way I wasn’t doing this again for 2014… Just like the year before, emptying my “Jar of Happiness” has been incredibly heart-warming; bustling with forgotten (and deeply remembered) moments. Reading through my little moments was a lovely reminder of all the memories, laughs, smiles, and accomplishments cherished throughout 2014—including moments through the first several months I’d forgotten about—shining a little light on the undertone of emotional turbulence going on at the time.  
As the year before, this practice fills me with hope and joy, and a positive outlook heading into 2015. Life truly is beautiful and we all have so much to be thankful for. Truly truly. 
I highly encourage you to create your own “Happiness Jar” (if you haven’t already). It is a Must for positivity and encouragement at the end of the year. I promise you will love it! I’ve already started my third year doing this wonderful little jar. 

Continuing with tradition, I decided it would be fun to compile my list of particular highlights of my year. Before beginning this list, I have to say it is quite obvious to me (and probably any of my followers) that the biggest highlight this year was finding the love of my life and making this huge life change. So, apologies if some are a bit sappy, but I would prefer you to be encouraged by love, rather than respond with envy or jealousy or anything negative—if I had lived my life that way I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today, so remember you choose your outlook; the more gratitude you have, the more you welcome it into your life.  

Alright, getting to the highlights of my year…

2014 Gratitude Highlights!

Personal Highlights:

  • Potlucks + Tea Dates with fun friends, both close and new. I had the fortune of being able to socialize with some wonderful people during the beginning of the year. 
  • As always, tea dates, tea dates, tea dates. ;)   
  • Meeting one of my best friends’ baby for the first time, and getting to see her more this year after she’d been away. 
  • Connecting with some amazing women and having some amazing discussions; getting in touch with feminine energy, reconnecting with my personal “Fire” and finding myself again.  
  • Completing the David Suzuki 30x30 Challenge again this year. And taking part in the #100HappyDays, doing “The Magic” again, and other New Years fun.  
  • Reconnecting with old friends—thank you Skype! 
  • Tool Concert!
  • Lots of Family time—always great!  
  • I feel at this point I have to give my ex-husband a thanks at least for trying in our relationship at the beginning of the year, even if it took me six months to finally realize it was over for me in January. The effort was appreciated and he was very supportive during everything.

  • Getting my Moon Cycle Tattoo!
  • Healing lots of broken relationships this year, makes me feel incredibly fortunate and grateful.  
  • Getting to see my Grandma and Auntie who I hadn’t seen in several years. 
  • There was this sunny day in May that stood out to me where I got to have tea dates with my brother, with Tam (before we were dating), had dinner with one of my best friends, and had girl time with two of my best friends after that, and finished the night with another visit with Tam.  
  • Skate park day in Kaslo; hoola-hoops and drinks at the park. 
  • Costume parties!
  • The night me and Tam confessed our feelings and things changed forever.
  • Finally doing what I needed for myself, finding myself, and having the courage to make such a huge life change—yes I feel very proud for all of this ;)
  • First date with Tam; fireworks, champagne, and perfectness
  • Vancouver Trip that started my new relationship and getting to visit one of my best friends. :) 
  • Drinking at the park with Tam and Talia—probably my two favouritest people in the whole world!  
  • Doing Hot Yoga for the first time—wow did it kick my butt! 

  • Beach days!
  • Dyeing my hair pink ;) 
  • The night Talia randomly came for a visit. :) 
  • Moving day! One of my besties lending me her car so I could pack, and Tam helping me pack his Delica full and helping me move into my new place. 
  • Tam making me a bed frame ^_^
  • Getting Lyla back after moving into my own place. ^_^ 
  • Shambhala! 
  • The entire Coastal and San Francisco trip adventure! 
  • Halloween the day we got back from our coastal adventure + the hangover day afterwards with cuddles, comfort food, and movies. 
  • Watching “Adventure Time”, “Spirit Science”, and a few other great shows with Tam. 
  • All the ridiculously sweet things Tam did for me this year—the list is ridiculously long
  • The night Tam came home from Utah after two weeks being apart—and getting to Skype with him while he was away. 
  • The most perfect birthday ever and being absolutely spoiled by the most amazing boyfriend in the world.
  • The amazing hikes I got to do this year! 
  • Snowy walks!
  • Finally having a perfect Christmas, with both mine and Tam’s families. ^_^
  • Ending the year with a kiss with Tam at midnight ;) 
  • Having the courage, in general, to follow my heart and make my dreams come true. 

ReLove Accomplishments:

  • Republic of V carrying ReLove gear! 
  • All the focus and work that went into my Artwork this year and starting my personal art page. 
  • Finally posting artwork for my book series “Everwake” 
  • Summer Markets!
  • All the positive and inspiring words from my amazing readers and viewers! xo  
  • Doing my “New Year Kick-off” here on the ReLove blog—it was fun! :) 
  • The series of blog posts during my “New Life Chapter”—I was rather fond of that series, and got some great feedback :) 
  • At least a few Video Blogs! ;)  
  • Redbubble shop growing! 

I hope you all had an amazing year and start your own Jar Full of Happiness and take lots of photos to capture memories and moments :) 

So much love and wishing you all the best in 2015! xo


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