Saturday, May 8, 2010

☆ This Mother's Day, Remember the Cows on Dairy Farms... ☆

Yes, that's right, you're about to hear another Vegan spiel ~_^. But before you non-vegans huff and disregard this post, hear it out, especially if you're a mother.

I've been meaning to write about this again for some time, especially with the ridiculous amounts of extra ads I've been seeing everywhere lately for Milk products. >.< If you want the truth and want to do something special this Mother's Day, then read on...

There is quite possibly nothing in the world more sacred than the bond between a Mother and her child. There is some sort of instant connection and an unconditional love that nothing else can match. 

Now Mothers...Imagine your child being ripped from your arms within a day of birth. Then imagine being raped, giving birth again, and have the process repeat itself over and over again. This may seem a bit blunt and harsh, and it is, but it is also only a small glimpse into the life of a Dairy Cow. And before you automatically go into the "well they're just animals" argument; they're not just animals. And they are certainly no different than your cat or dog. Cows are intelligent, emotional, and social creatures. They nurture friendship and even bear grudges. Their bonds to their offspring are equally as strong as yours to your child. When their young are taken from them, they kick stall walls in rage and frustration and literally cry with grief. How heart-breaking is that?! :( 

If you're concerned about the nutritional bullshit your made to believe, time to wake up! It is common knowledge among the medical research field that dairy is bad for you. The Dairy industry has deep Billion-dollar pockets that spew millions into marketing their products. The latest ads are so shameful that they made my jaw drop: chocolate milk is good for you. Even better for you than apple juice, apparently. If you believe this, sorry to be blunt, but you're a moron! Of course it depends on what apple juice we're talking about here, but come on! Seriously!? Oh yeah, and FYI, chocolate milk is perfect for hiding all the blood and puss that pasteurization couldn't. 
The consumption of Dairy products leads to Osteoporosis due to Calcium loss. Yeah, that's right you heard me; Calcium LOSS, not deficiency. Animal proteins decrease the absorbency of certain nutrients by about 50%, calcium and iron included, leading it to build up on the arterial walls as atherosclerotic plaque. On top of that, dairy consumption has also been linked to acne, anemia, arthritis, ADD, ADHD, fibromyalgia, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, poor immune function, allergies, colic, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autism, Crohn's disease, breast & prostate cancers, and ovarian cancer. And remember that nasty Dioxin? Well it's often found in dairy products, not to mention all the pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and pus and blood found in milk. Gross! Calcium and all those other nutrients claimed to be found in milk are much better sourced from Vegetables. 

Still not convinced? Cows are not magical creatures that lactate continually. They are like all mammals and only lactate when pregnant. So they are kept pregnant their entire short, miserable lives. They are artificially inseminated by what the industry terms as a "rape rack" or by the farmer's arm. No tender loving here. They are milked by horrible machines where their sensitive udders are attached with metal clamps. They are forcefully milked to produce ten times more milk than they normally would. Their living conditions are equally horrible and so is their death after they have been "dried up", abused, and tortured for several miserable years. And don't kid yourself, consuming Dairy also supports the Veal industry! Where do you think those baby cows come from? Dairy cows! The female calves share the same fate as their mothers. 

This really is putting it all quite mildly, the horrors of the dairy industry easily equal, and are argueably worse, than that of the meat industry. If you want more information watch this video ( or check out my longer blogpost regarding the Horrors of the Meat & Dairy Industry if you can't stomach the video (I was literally in tears over it!):

So celebrate all Mothers this Mother's Day, including those poor Cows! Stop consuming Dairy products and do your body and cows a world of good. There are so many alternative products available now that there really is no good excuse. Plus, dairy is nasty, and once you quit consuming it, it will actually taste gross! No joke! 

Don't be responsible for stealing baby cows away from their mothers. Be a good Mama and share the love! ♥ 

Happy Mother's Day!


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