Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: CraftAnon ROCKS! ♥

This Wednesday Favorites I'm featuring some favorite picks from my fellow CraftAnon Street Team Member! Enjoy! ~_^

Skull Balloons Hoodie by Rocky The Zombie:  I'm a huge Rocky fan and she approached me a while back to do some modeling for her awesome designs! I was obviously ecstatic! ^_^ I love all her prints, but this Skull Balloons Hoodie is a favorite I wear all the time ^_^

Kitty Ear Shrug Hoodie by AngryGirl Gear: I've been eyeing up this amazing Kitty Shrug for years! It pretty much speaks for itself, I mean LOOK at it!!! Don't think there's much more awesomeness out there than this! ~_^ 

Purple Leopard Hat by Xannabotx: How epic is this Purple Leopard-spotted toque??  Plus if purple isn't for you, she has lots of other color choices!  

Nature Faery Waist Cincher by Lady Moon Designs: I've had my eye on this Waist Cincher Corset foreverrrr!!! It's absolutely gorgeous and I love all the detailing! Although, you'd better not snag it before I can purchase it! ~_^ 

Victorian Steampunk Corset Arm Warmers by Zen and Coffee: It's hard to choose a favorite amongst all of her amazing arm-warmers, but these Corset Arm-Warmers are just too amazing to ignore! Check out her shop, you're sure to find more awesomeness! ~_^ 

There are so many amazing CraftAnon Street Team Members that it was hard to only pick a few this week! Therefore, I promise more Wednesday Favorites to showcase more of their brilliant talent! In the meantime you can search on Etsy under the tag "CraftAnon Team" to have a look for yourself ~_^
And check out Attack of the Craft! Our new Forum ^_^...we're a lot of fun, I promise! 

Happy Wednesday!!


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring CraftAnon Team members, and my kitty ear shrug :D

  2. Fabulous selection of items. Thanks for including my hat!! <3

  3. Brilliant picks, Bianca! But you had it easy, there's so much awesomeness in the CraftAnon Team!

  4. Amazing stuff! I especially want that leopard hat!


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