Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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Stop watching the News on T.V. filled with lies, propaganda, and made to make you feel helpless and afraid.

With all the negative news in the world, it's time to give you hope and inspiration. It's time to the weekly Good News! 
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A victory for our planet: Oil company Soco not to drill in Virunga World Heritage Site 
Oil company Soco International PLC announced this week that it will end its operations in Virunga and stay out of all other UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 
Virunga is Africa’s oldest and most diverse national park. Its extraordinary landscape is home to an incredible array of wildlife, and 50,000 families depend on Lake Edward for jobs, food and drinking water. Together with government champions and activists within Democratic Republic of the Congo, your support helped remove this immediate threat. 

Step Forward for Climate Change!
Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency released a historic proposal to limit carbon from power plants—the single biggest source of the carbon pollution that is driving climate change.

In Rural Kenya, Women Are Breaking Barriers to Bring Clean Energy Into Their Homes

Victory! Super-Toxic Rat Poisons Will Be Pulled From Store Shelves
Animal advocates and environmentalists are celebrating an announcement that the makers of d-CON will stop producing a number of super-toxic rat poisons and pull products from store shelves by early next year. The announcement came as part of an agreement that was reached between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Reckitt Benckiser Inc. to cancel 12 d-CON products that don’t currently comply with EPA safety standards. 
Environmental, public-health and animal advocacy groups have been fighting to get these products pulled from the consumer market for years over concerns about their inhumane nature and the risks they pose to wildlife, pets and children.

Great news for whales - World Court rules against 'scientific' whaling‏
The UN's International Court of Justice ruled that Japan must stop whaling in the Antarctic.
The decision was focused on Japan's so-called "scientific" whaling in the waters of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary around Antarctica. The government of Japan claimed it could lawfully kill as many whales as it liked, so long as they were killed in the name of science. Over the last decade, Japanese whalers killed thousands of whales, with little scientific results produced from the slaughter of whales.
Australia, New Zealand and conservation-minded countries around the world had long criticized this practice and called upon Japan to stop. Last June, after years of preparatory briefs and written arguments, world class legal teams for Australia (supported by New Zealand) and Japan argued the case. Nine months later, the World Court has released its decision.
The court ordered that Japan should withdraw all permits and licenses for whaling in the Antarctic and refrain from issuing any new ones under their current lethal whaling programme.
IFAW has campaigned to end commercial whaling for more than 30 years.

Breaking News: Amazon Protected for Life‏
History has just been made in the Amazon. The Brazilian government, WWF and others have implemented a model of conservation for the world—an innovative finance approach that will ensure that the planet's largest network of tropical forest protected areas can be properly managed and monitored for generations to come. Located in the Brazilian Amazon, this network is an area three times larger than all the US national parks combined. 

Sunder the Elephant Wins Court Case!‏
Court Rules That Sunder Be Released! Sunder is a young Indian elephant who has spent the last six years chained up in a temple, miserable and alone, and endured beatings and abuse. After an epic campaign by PETA India, the suffering of this abused young elephant held prisoner in an Indian temple could finally be at an end, the court ruling in favour of releasing Sunder to a Sanctuary.

Victory on Organics!‏
Thanks to your actions, the U.S. organic standards will no longer allow antibiotics to be used in organic fruit production, and the National Organic Standards Board delayed the process for factory-farmed fish to be labeled organic!
Patty Lovera, our Food Program Director, delivered 25,000 public comments from Food & Water Watch supporters on these two issues at the National Organic Standards Board meeting in Texas last week. Patty has been attending organic standards board meetings for years, and works closely with a strong coalition to monitor the USDA's actions around organic to make sure that the standards stay strong.

Kijiji Canada: Stop puppy mills and prohibit the sale of household pets - UPDATE
After Change.org asked us all to join in asking more advertisers to drop their ads from Kijiji in the campaign (to stop puppy mills and prohibit the sale of household pets), Tangerine (formerly ING Direct), zulily and National Bank have all removed their ads from Kijiji Canada pet sales pages within 24 hours!

Sierra Club Canada Foundation congratulates CBC for new conflict of interest rules
Sierra Club Canada Foundation congratulates the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for putting an end to the practice of allowing its staff and freelance hosts to accept public speaking requests from companies, political parties or other lobbying groups “trying to influence public policy”.
More on the conflict of interest: http://www.sierraclub.ca/en/autosaurus-rex

Mexico City Bans Circus Animals in Shows
Mexico City has joined six other states within the country, banning animals in circus acts.

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