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♥ Grace Neutral: Art and Apparel ♥

Hand Poke TattoosArtist Designer

Grace Neutral is perhaps best known for her tattooed lilac eyeballs, her stretched nose, pixie ears, removed belly button, her beautiful manga and disney tattoos, and her scarification, but what her lovely individualistic persona leads to is so much more. To say the least, Grace Neutral is such a fascinating, captivating, and talented individual. She struck my attention first on Instagram with her unique and traditional method of hand poke tattooing; from there, her art drew me in, her presence became mesmerizing, and her talents endless. I always admire an artist with so much to offer beyond just their artistic abilities, but getting to see a piece of their lives, of their personalities and characteristic quirks always leads me to follow someone's work even further. Again, I will say this lovely talented woman from the UK is nothing short of astounding. With so much to offer the social media-crazed world we currently live in, it's no wonder she is gaining popularity so quickly--and certainly so very well-deserved. 
Grace, to me, is captivating in appearance but also in her personality; and this is a personality that certainly shows through her work. She is non-traditional in the best ways, completely unique, and not afraid of changing her body to her own liking, unafraid of judgement, and crossing boundaries of expected representations of women. All of these are so admirable in a society that continues to oppress people, and women in specific. Grace is a refreshing breath of fresh air and a positive addition to the social media world. 
After getting to talk a little bit with her, I have to add that she is an absolute sweetheart and I hope to one day meet her in person. 

Hand Poke Tattoos. 
If you are fortunate enough to live nearby--or like me, hope to one day make a trip to the UK-- then Grace Neutral will offer you a unique tattoo experience with amazing artistic talent to back up her traditional method. You can find her at Good Times Tattoo in London, tattooing a variety of fantastic mandalas and cartoon characters that are just too fun. I also love her geekery in general; the tattoos she does surrounding pop culture, disney, cute things, and, of course, Ghibli characters are just too adorable and fantastic for words. Whatever you're looking for, she no doubt will tattoo something unforgettable for your tattoo journey.  

Apparel and Art.
If you aren't fortunate enough to live in the UK then you can still take home with you a piece of Grace Neutral's astounding talents. She runs an etsy shop featuring several brilliant mandala designs on t-shirts and other apparel, some wicked tie-dye stockings and undies, keychains, tote bags, prints, and more. Some of these are limited prints so I definitely recommend getting your hands on anything that catches your eye so you don't miss out. I immediately fell in love with the Totoro and Ghibli mandalas--what a fun and gorgeous idea for shirts! 
Grace Neutral was awesome enough to send me a Totoro mandala tee, as well as a fun "optical illusion" mandala tee. Both are ridiculously fun! They are printed well and with quality; they are also surprisingly comfy for being printed on Gildan t-shirts (I would love to see her designs offered on american apparel or other softer tees though). Both of these shirts are now two of my favourite in my collection. Totoro will always be a favourite amongst Ghibli fans, but I feel that a design this unique only comes around so often--so don't miss out! 

Be sure to check out Grace Neutral on all her social media platforms and show her wonderful art some love! 

Find Grace Neutral:

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