Friday, April 30, 2010

Love, Life, Happiness: Being Fit & Healthy, Part 1...

First, let's make one thing clear. There is no "perfect" body shape, and beauty is not a defined concept. True Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Individuality is so much more beautiful than unrealistic magazine pages. Second, everyone has their insecurities, that just seems to be the way humans are. 
What is important though is being healthy and feeling good. So whether your goal is to lose a couple pounds, tone up, or just plain be happy and healthy, this post might be for you.

This topic has come up a lot lately, so I thought now was a good time to share for all those that have asked, and for those that are wondering; what I do to stay Fit & Healthy... 

I may have been blessed with a good metabolism, but it takes more than just that to stay fit and healthy. I'm a health nut (for those that didn't already know) & this includes me working on my body. Diet & Exercise are the key to any rockin' bod! So I'll get right to it then shall I?

Quite simply; I'm Vegan, and my Diet is Gluten & Wheat Free, Sugar-free, Coffee-free, and packed full of Fruits and Veggies. And I don't really drink alcohol (meaning I might decide to drink if I really feel like it, so once every several months, if that).
Now I know this may seem terrifying to some of you and you're probably thinking to yourself "Dear Lord! What do you EAT?!" Well, the answer is LOTS! I love Food and I love to eat! So make no mistake about it, my belly is always happy ^_^. The North American diet is quite possibly the most unhealthy in the world, and our soaring Cancer and Illness rates are enough to prove it. Trendy diets are also bullshit. They hide behind fancy scientific jargon that SEEMS to make sense only because people Want to believe them. 

For those seeking in-depth information on why you shouldn't be eating certain foods, I highly recommend picking up the book "Skinny Bitch". It is a no-nonsense guide to stop eating crap and to eat right and to, well, be a Skinny B*tch. They explain everything straight and to the point in a savvy and humorous way to understand healthy eating habits. 

For myself, here's a breakdown....

Veganism:  If you don't want to do it for ethical reasons then maybe doing it for your body will convince you? If you think not eating meat is enough, here's a reality check: Breast milk can grow an 8-pound baby into a 24-pound toddler! And that's just humans, not Cows! Milk is intended to allow for the biggest growth spurt of a person's entire life. Mother nature did not mean for us to continue drinking milk thereafter. And FYI, we are the ONLY creatures that do so, AND that drink milk from another species 0_o. To the point: Dairy=Fat. Period. So be a Healthy Vegan. 

Carbohydrates: Carbs have had a terrible rap for no good reason. Low-Carb diets have got to be one of the dumbest trendy diets in existence. Sure, let's eat shit loads of meat and cut out fruits and veggies!?? The truth about Carbs is simple: Some are good, some are bad. But cutting out all Carbs is a recipe for disaster. Stay away from Simple Carbohydrates, they are evil and void of nutrition (and will go straight to your thighs ~_^). This includes white flour, white pasta, white rice, and white sugar. Pay attention! Most cereals, bread products, cookies, muffins, etc. fall under this category. 
Complex Carbohydrates are the kick-ass good ones with healthy starch and lots of fiber that your body needs for energy. These include; potatoes, barley, corn, brown rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, millet, whole wheat, and vegetables. And fruit! Fruit is awesome & your body will love it!

Sugar: is the devil in the form of food. Remember this well. Not only does your body store it as fat but it also messes with your moods--it turns me into a psychotic, depressing mess! If you're craving something sweet then there's lots of healthy options. To start, bake your own goodies and use Agave Nectar (or organic cane sugar or maple syrup) instead of the refined stuff. Craving chocolate? Grab some Vegan Chocolate sweetened with beet sugar, such as Endangered Species brand. Or hop online for lots of other choices. :) Or how about some Soy or Coconut or even Rice Ice Cream sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar or Agave Nectar? See, there are yummy alternatives to satisfy your sweet-tooth. ~_^

The Rest... 
I cook almost everything from scratch which gives me a lot more control over what I put into my body. Processed Foods usually contain most of the ingredients you should be avoiding, as well as corn starch and other fillers, and unhealthy oils and nasty preservatives and colorings. Steer clear. No matter what. As far as eating out goes, I don't often for the same reasons I don't eat processed foods. When I do eat out I'll choose healthier dining spots and go for high-veggie dishes instead of greasy foods. 

I eat several small meals a day as opposed to three large ones. This is a much healthier choice, providing you with a steady supply of calories and therefor energy as you need it. It also means you're not going hungry for hours between meals and then bloating with over-sized portions come supper-time. I also make sure I drink my two liters of water a day.

Lastly, if you need a little extra help in getting into new eating habits and not over-eating, then I recommend the website Nutrimirror. It is essentially a food log where you can keep track of calories, but I like it because you start to feel guilty if you have to log in the bad foods you've been eating, making it pretty convincing to eat better. I don't however recommend using it long-term simply because food should not control your life and counting calories is a bore. Use it to develop new eating habits. Once you're in the swing of those new habits, ditch it and keep doing what you've been doing ;).

It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but all it takes is adjusting to new eating habits. Trust me, once you change your diet you will stop craving unhealthy foods and will wonder why you ever ate junk in the first place. It will stop tasting good to you, I promise.

Check out the second part to this Segment for exercise. ;) 

Til then, 
Love & Peace
~Bianca xo

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  1. Advice to eat better & healthier, is always a great idea!

  2. You're seriously my hero, and I often think of you when I'm trying to eat healthier! True story :)

  3. aww, that makes me feel special :) I like to think that I can help people with their eating habits.
    seriously, if there's ANYTHING you want to know about regarding diet or suggestions etc. just let me know :)
    I haven't always been a healthy eater, it took me time to realize what I was eating was crap and make the switch haha.

  4. I think the best way to eat healthy is to use Nutrimirror, just like Bianca suggested. It shows you exactly what sort of unholy CRAP you're actually eating. Changing your diet and watching the bars go from red (unhealthy) to green (healthy) is actually exciting... like a video game haha only your body is the winner.

    Unfortunately, we all can't eat like Bianca - if I ate high fiber complex carbohydrates, fruits, or veggies, I'd be in the hospital within a year - but I've managed to eat healthy even with my limited diet.

    Nutrimirror for the win :D

  5. why would u end up being the hospital???

    but yes I agree, Nutrimirror is a great motivational tool!

  6. Since you don't suggest eating white pasta, what type of pasta do you recommend?

    1. I don't generally eat a lot of pasta, it's an occasional indulgence, I don't eat a lot of grains in general. But when I do eat pasta I look for brown rice. There are others like quinoa as well or even spelt if you're not sensitive to it.


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