Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NeWS & UpDaTeS: Spring Cleaning...

Spring is finally in the air! After some debatable snow, it has mostly cleared and there is a warmth and freshness back in the air. This evening, the sky is a beautiful mix of pinkish-red hues as the sun sets, finally at a decent hour, overshadowed by clouds that promise rain some time in the next few days. Nature is a beautiful thing....now where was I? Ah yes, Spring Cleaning...

I've mentioned previously that I would like to put so much more time into the Alter-Eco Blog. It's admittedly slow-going, but it will and is happening. I thought this would be a good time to check in, say hello (HELLO!), and give you all an earful of updates. ~_^

Firstly, the reason the Blog has remained a little slow... Alter-Eco Clothing is BOOMING!!! I seriously can't thank all my amazing supporters and customers enough! Orders have been piling in and keeping me intensely busy this New Year! And it's just so awesome to see more people supporting Sustainable Fashion! Go Eco-Chicks!!!

I have two exciting New lines coming very soon; "Tattooed Zen", and "Alice In Wonderland". Saturday was the much-anticipated "Alice" Photoshoot, done with the talented BlackBird Photography, and everything just went so smoothly! I'm so excited to get the photos back!! You're going to Love the new designs!!

Since Alter-Eco Clothing is growing, it seems the appropriate time to bring Black Widow Clothing on an end. The line will be phased out by the end of May. For you music-lover, don't worry! I will be altering used Band shirts still at Alter-Eco and still be taking custom orders. So go raid your boyfriend's closet for your favorite shirts, remember the importance of Recycling! ~_^

This brings me to next bit of news; WE'RE MOVING!!!! The time has finally come for me and the hubby to leave Alberta behind us and return to Beautiful British Columbia. For those non-Canadians, this is a Big deal! BC is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and Alberta is, well, cold and flat and dry and windy and ugly and, well, you get the idea. We live in Edmonton -- Oil country...hardly fitting for an Eco-freak like myself :p. So we're moving back to the land of forests and trees and nature and water and all things awesome ^_^. With the move, we are also taking some much needed time off and exploring this great country (and possibly dipping down into the States). What this means is that, sadly, the Etsy store will be closed for 1-2 Months. Don't Panic!! I'm telling you this for that reason, and to assure you that the store will be back open when we return and even better than before :D.

Soul-searching and spending time out in the wilderness and reconnecting with ourselves and mother-nature are a must for both of us. Life is Now and it's about new experiences, and we've put off this trip for much too long, especially as we both feel more and more importance for our planet. And we will have lots to share when we return. ^_^

The Blog will also likely be on hiatus until I return from our travels. But on the bright side, I'm sure it will give me even more to blog about ~_^.

Life is busy, busy, busy in the meantime. I'm starting to get my foot in the door with some more modeling. Been keeping connections with friends and family before the move. Starting to figure out our plan for the trip--and start packing :S. I'm also still getting my beautiful huge back Tattoo worked on--which I can't wait to share with you all once its finished ^_^. And my sister is due with her first baby any day now, as well we have a new one month baby nephew.

Really, just a reminder to breathe and enjoy every second of this beautiful Life, hectic or not, and to focus on the positive. "There are No Ordinary Moments"

Love you all!



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  1. There are lots of good news there!
    I'm glad to hear you guys are moving to a place when you're gonna feel more at home, and a long trip to reconnect with Nature and yourselves sounds like a great idea, we'll just miss you!

  2. I like that! I wish you well in all your new endeavors. By the way, I would like to invite you to Iceland and experience the breathtaking sceneries and activities. I have the best Iceland hotel deals ready for you! Enjoy!

  3. Yes, a lot of exciting news here! Can't wait to see your Tattooed Zen line!
    I live in the country and right now am about to go hang clothes on my clothes line. I love to use the air outside instead of my propane dryer whenever possible;plus the birds are chirping away out there! :D

  4. Ohh Jackie that sounds awesome!!

    I'm so looking forward to the amount of time we'll be spending outdoors. I think the last time I took this much time to just do nothing was high school sumer vacation lol :p

    and I will miss you all too!! xo

  5. I admit, I will miss Black Widow...because that is how I found you many many moons ago on eBay... :) I never thought you'd be one my awesomest friends!! But I am very lucky to know you, you inspire me with your eco-ness :)
    I'm crossing my fingers for a dip down into NY on your trip!!!! :)

  6. We might be Nicole!!!!! :D We're going right across Canada so when we're in Ontario its very likely we'll be heading to NY!!

    and thanks *blush* glad I can help on the eco front :D and you're an awesome friend as well xo


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