Tuesday, April 13, 2010

News & Updates: The BLOG

Last week, I gave you some updates about what's going on with Alter-Eco and my life, etc, etc. Now, it's time for some news about the exciting things going on with the ReLove Plan.et Blog. ^_^

You've already started to see more posts and some regular features, and I promise that there will be many more to come. Here are a few new "Segments" you can expect to see around the blog...

What's Going On?: This Segment is a large focus of the blog. It is essentially what I've already been putting out there; sharing information on the well-being of our Planet and Ourselves. And I have soooo much to share!!! ~_^ And hopefully you all will get a lot out of it.

Wednesday Favorites: A weekly sharing of music, books, art, people, quotes, absolutely anything I feel inspired by that particular week. This one has already been up the past few weeks and will continue for fun "hellos" and a chance for those quick blog check-ins when life is busy --- and to encourage the rest of you to leave comment love ~_^. Within this one I will also be doing "Fun Finds"; to share anything I happen upon of interest in the Eco & Crafty world! Likely lots of Etsy focus here.

Love, Life, Happiness: These will be some interviews with myself, so to speak. Not in a shallow, mundane way, I assure you. Just some exposure into my own life and experiences that I feel might be worth sharing and could be of benefit to others. As well as other fun "Life" & "Happiness" Inspired Posts. ^_^

Ecohood of the Travelling Garments: Forgive my terrible pun with this one, I try to be creative, sometimes it just comes out as ultra cheesy :p. Regardless, I am suuuuper excited about this new Segment!!! I'm looking for Stories from my amazing Customers of themselves in an Alter-Eco Clothing item! This could be anything from a concert, a random event, life experience, absolutely anything! Be creative with it! I encourage photos of you wearing the garment--even better if it's the event itself ~_^! I'm excited because I think its a fun opportunity for me to get some more interaction with the amazing people that I've had the pleasure of "meeting" online.

What's in My Closet: Another fun one to cater to the Earth-Friendliness of the Blog. ^_^ A sharing of products, clothing, cleaners, foods, make-up, just about anything about that one might find about my home that I use. You can expect lots of products and reviews for all you awesome people working towards a Good-for-You & Good-for-the-Planet Home & Lifestyle. ^_^

Vegan Recipes: Focussing on Vegan, Gluten & other allergy-free recipes. I thought it might be fun to show people that being Vegan, & not your sad "north american" diet can be anything but mundane. I LOVE food, don't make no mistake about it! And here's an example that you don't have to sacrifice yummy taste for health, in fact quit the opposite!

On top of these, I'm sure I will be blogging about random news, things to do with Alter-Eco Clothing, and any other random happenings that don't fall under those "categories".

Hopefully you all like the sound of some of the new Segments to come to the Blog? Thoughts, Suggestions, Opinions? Please share! What would YOU like to see in the Blog? :)


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  1. Those are great ideas! I can't wait to see more recipes, either in their own blog or as a regular feature if it'll be easier for you!


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