Wednesday, March 16, 2011

☯ What's in my Closet: Orange Dipped in Chocolate by Herbolution ☯

I have already mentioned how much I love Herbolution. They are an amazing little company run by some wonderful people, containing some of the most amazing body products I have had the pleasure of using. I think it is safe to say that I have a healthy addiction ;) and my body loves the organic and healthy ingredients.

I tried their "Dipped Orange in Chocolate" Body Polish in the sample size over christmas and just fell completely in love. While the scent immediately won me over, the scrub is also simply amazing, with a wonderful exfoliating effect combined with the moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter to leave my skin silky smooth and beautiful. However, my love for the yummy orange-chocolate combination drove me to approach the lovely Sasha and Veronika of Herbolution about making a body butter and body spray. Being the wonderful people that they are, they made the products and I am very excited to be the first to try them! 

When my package arrived I'll admit that I may have squealed like a little girl. As usual, I was delighted by their amazing efforts to be as earth-friendly as possible. From the recycled box, banana-paper invoice and note, biodegradable peanuts and wrapping, and the friendly glass-jars the products come in, this company rocks! Opening the new products was like christmas morning all over again, enthralled by the aspect of new yummy scents and products to indulge in. My senses were immediately humming in the playful fragrance of sweet orange and rich chocolate. So good it is tempting to eat--although I don't recommend it ;). 
The body butter is made with lovely and enriching aloe butter, jojoba oil and other healthy and beneficial organic ingredients. As with all of their body butters, it is such a wonderfully rich moisturizer that is also filled with the nourishment of vitamins. The butter melts on the skin upon contact while that lovely aroma fills your nostrils and even the driest skin can feel relief from their natural and nourishing ingredients. 
The body spray is perfect as well, the blend of scents is so yummy I can't help use the stuff all day and make everyone around me smell it too. 

I can't put into words just how much I love these new products. Chocolate and can't really go wrong with that combination. Throw in the fact that Herbolution makes products that work, are chemical-free, good for you and good for the planet and, well, you just can't go wrong here. 
If you haven't yet, now is your chance to jump on their etsy shop and indulge yourself. I promise you won't regret it. ;) 

Peace & Love,

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  1. Ooooh my goodness!! Chocolate Orange is one of my fave scents ever!

    I just got my first order of samples from Herbolution and I'm really excited to start using them all!

  2. oooh that is exciting! I am definitely hooked ;)


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