Monday, August 4, 2014

☺ Motivational Mondays! ☺

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We're taking back Mondays!!!
"Motivational Mondays" are fabulous tips to get you excited and pumped for the week! 
Feeling low? Moody? Down on life? Well, that's what these posts are for! Time to feel awesome again and get some Positivity rolling! Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you can't have fun, smile, and enjoy Today! Apply these tips to your week and try to tell me that you don't start to see an improvement in your life! ;)
It's all about You! Change your perception, change your attitude, love your life! xo

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Wow! It's been a long time! I hope you have missed the Motivational Mondays posts and are ready to get back to some ass-kicking tasks and motivations for your weeks ahead! We're back! Let's get motivated! Rar! Rar! Rar!  

Law of Attraction Tip: The fastest way to manifest something is to Expect it. Manifesting is a strange balance that can sometimes feel challenging, but that balance comes in harmony when we have high hopes, but aren't attached to the outcome. Contradictory? It may feel that way. We must Believe what we want is coming to us, but we also must release Attachment. Find the balance.            
Listen to Your Heart. The Heart knows. It just knows. The heart is that little voice in the pit of your stomach that is trying to communicate with you. It is the feelings of excitement or dread, the bliss of happiness or the melancholy which tells us whether we are on track or doing something we shouldn't. Learning to be honest with ourselves is how you truly listen to your heart, and how you live your life more harmoniously. Do your best, and trust Yourself.             
Get Outside! It's summer, it's  beautiful! There are things to do! Get outside, run around, bask in the sun, explore your environment! Make the most of these summer months and get outside as much as possible, you'll be glad you did!     
Feel Good With Your Identity. It is easy to feel challenged in our sense of self, in our identity, in our decisions, so it is important to remind yourself that you are Awesome and that you are doing what is best for yourself. Chances are there will always be Someone who has a problem with something you're doing. Ignore them. What matters is that you are being true to yourself and doing what is best for yourself--because only You know what is best for yourself.      
Step out of Your Comfort Zone! I will always come back to this piece of advice, because it is in these moments we truly discover hidden parts of ourselves, of strengths and weaknesses, of windows to our own souls. Challenge yourself, take a leap, do something you wouldn't normally do. Recently I had my first Bikram Yoga class, and boy was I ever challenged and out of my comfort zone, but boy was it worth it! So have courage and take the leap!                    
Let Go, Let Go, Let Go! There are so many things that we cling to, that we hold onto that don't serve us, so learning to let go is important. Let go of negative thinking, of hopelessness, of self-defeat. Let go of fear. Let go of self-limiting beliefs. Let go of being right. Let go of things. Let go of waiting.   
"There is no external source of happiness, therefore stop effort and release from anxiety. We are searching for happiness rather than expressing happiness because of our core belief that "I am not enough" ~ John Ruskan (Emotional Clearing). Remember, You are Always Enough! So be Happy! ;) 

Now get out there and create a beautiful, wonderful, magical day filled with rainbows and butterflies and all those feel-good wonders!

Much love from me to you! 

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  1. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I'm going through some rough patches where the people I care about the most are giving me the hardest time. I do my best to be there for people and help them, but they just end up hurting me. It's hard to ignore loved ones, but I know that I have to keep trying to do better for myself. It hurts because their moods affect mine, I guess you can call it attachment, but if the people I care about aren't okay then I'm not okay. I can be feeling great and things are going well, but then people bring their negative and hurtful assumptions and repeat them to the point where I'm completely hurt; making it hard to pick myself up after I was feeling so good and accomplished. What also sucks is that (in my opinion) these are people that I can't get rid of because I love them all, have always been there for me, and are my family.
    But I'm still glad that you posted this; I was thinking the exact same thing. Thank you.

  2. I hear you! Family can be super tricky! It's hard not to let negative people around us suck away our energy. But it is good to remember that our happiness is not dependent on other people--just because someone else is negative, doesn't mean we have to also be negative. In fact, it is even more important for us to stay upbeat during these times, to be an inspiration. ;)
    Hope it all works out! I'm sure it will! Seek out the lesson, the experience, grow and learn, and don't forget to smile along the way… smiling always helps ;)


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