Wednesday, October 8, 2014

♥ LunaLight: Vegan and Earthstone Rings ♥

"Welcome to Lunalight, a collection of beautiful pieces inspired by the beauty of this earth. "

There are so many reasons that I instantly fell in love with Lunalight, but a what had originally caught my attention were the lovely unique "vegan" rings. But I will get to those, first I am going to indulge a little more into the wondrous other awesomeness I discovered after my initial find about this wonderful little company. 
Lunalight is run by Charlotte, a lovely vegan herself who holds a love for animals and the natural world, both of which truly come out in her beautifully handcrafted work. She is also a warm-hearted and kind individual that is very pleasant and easy to deal with--which is always an important factor in my opinion. In all her works, she tries to use as much recycled and recyclable products as possible and uses as little chemical as possible during her creative process. In keeping with eco-consciousness, she also uses as little as possible electric tools and tries to keep it to handcrafted where ever she can.
Lunalight also is amazing in her dedication to animals, in that she donates $2 from every purchase to Farm Animal Rescue in Australia. How super sweet! ^_^

Lunalight was born from the simple idea and design of the Vegan Ring--which I briefly mentioned earlier--and continued to Blossom from there. All Lunalight creations are personally handcrafted in a small spare room in Charlotte's home in Brisbane Australia. 
All of Lunalight's work is truly breathtaking, and you can see this in any of her work and products. The gemstones are just beautiful and the craftsmanship is notably from the heart. Now, I shall get to my love of the Vegan Ring. Several reasons I love these rings: they are handcrafted and support a handmade independent designer, they promote a great message, you get to carry compassion wherever you go, and you have the option of having the date you went vegan hand stamped on the inside of the ring! How cool is that?! There are also several "Vegan" designs to choose from, all beautifully handcrafted and hand stamped with love and care. Because they are handmade with unique materials and hand stamped, they have perfect imperfections and a lovely natural feel, all details which make each ring completely unique and individualistic. 

I absolutely love love love my ring, and I feel, as a vegan, it is a must for any vegan collection and pride accessory that is both beautiful and carries a lovely positive message. The little box and packaging and care bag the rings come in are also super pretty and adorable. From everything I have seen in Lunalight's work, there is a great deal of care and love into each piece. I am very very much beyond satisfied with her amazing work. 

"A little piece of Moonlight to carry with you wherever you ago, as a constant reminder to appreciate the beauty around you. "

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