Thursday, April 10, 2014

☺ Self-Empowerment ☺


I believe in self-empowerment. I believe that if you give someone the reins to their lives then they will do great things. I believe if you empower someone to know that they are wonderful creators, that they can decide their paths, that people can heal and move into spaces of greatness in their lives. 
Responsibility will always be a finicky thing. It is a concept that most will have a difficult time wrapping their minds around at first, and allowing the concept to be empowering as opposed to taking resent or hostility towards. Taking responsibility does not serve you if you allow it to be self-defeating. Meaning, if you accept that you are responsible for your life, but do so in a way playing the "poor me" attitude, then all you are going to do with that responsibility is blame yourself, feel badly about yourself, and blame yourself some more. Blame is not accepting responsibility. Blame pushes you into deeper states of self-loathing, and that is not the point of empowerment or taking that responsibility. Taking responsibility means accepting that, yes, you made some mistakes, because you're human after all and mistakes are part of growth. That is what you are accepting; not that you should feel badly for mistakes, but that you should own up to them, accept them, and empower yourself because of them; because you are human and you are on a path like everyone else in this world, stumbling, and learning, and growing through trial and error and experience. Taking responsibility means allowing yourself to make mistakes, and accepting that it's okay to do so. Taking responsibility means choosing to grow from mistakes, instead of feeling crippled by them. 
People also often associate this responsibility as an accusation towards their battered state (in their initial response). So let's make this clear: taking responsibility does not mean that you Wanted to damage yourself or your life, or that you Wanted to put yourself in a shitty situation. Perhaps certain old patterns, thoughts, or universal wave-lengths led you from one place to another, but that doesn't mean you Purposefully wanted to throw yourself into some hellish life or situation or circumstance. Taking responsibility simply means that you accept what is (and, again, not Blaming yourself or others), and choose to shape the life ahead of you. It means accepting that you cannot change your past but that you Can shape your future.  

Taking responsibility means Empowering yourself. It means saying "I Can!" Self empowerment is saying fuck the odds that are against you and going forward anyway, ready to claim what you want, what you deserve, what you dream your life to be. Self-empowerment means not settling, but striving for excellence, striving for your dreams and never letting anything get in your way. It means not accepting no for an answer--especially if others tell you you can't. Self-empowerment means being a Doer. It means planting as much enthusiasm you have at any given moment into your wants and dreams. Self-empowerment means constantly striving for self-improvement. And it also means empowering others as much as it means empowering yourself. It means lifting yourself and others up, and never kicking someone (or yourself) when they are down. It means choosing love over all other emotions; but accepting that all other emotions will and should be felt, expressed, and then let go of. It means being non-judgmental and understanding; to both yourself and others. It means accepting that you are human; that you will stumble and fall and cry, but that, after the rain has fallen, you can still stand back tall, brush yourself off, and keep being awesome. Self-empowerment means never feeling badly for being human, for having a "bad day", or a "bad moment", or a "bad month". Self-empowerment means being gentle with yourself. It means nourishing and nurturing your sense of self, and never tearing it apart. It means seeing your wondrous worth. It means being grateful for all that you are, and loving all that you are. It means encouraging yourself. And it means being courageous. It means building yourself up. It means believing in yourself and believing that good things are coming and Knowing that all things are possible.  
Self-Empowerment means saying Yes to possibilities, to magic, and believing in Miracles so that you may welcome such miracles into your life. Because all things are possible. 


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