Tuesday, June 11, 2013

☼ Grow your own damn Food! ☼

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These weekly posts are to share the progress of our garden; sharing photos and our gardening experiments and will hopefully inspire you to grow your own garden too! :) 
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 [happy kale!]

Alright! Missed last week *gasp*

[happy orach spinach]

So, we planted our beans finally. :) They are in triangles around the two bamboo trellis we built (which we moved to the third bed in the back). 

We also planted a row of bolt-resistant lettuce (which I don't remember the name of, I'll dig it up soon!). And we mulched the bed with grass clippings. Everything in this bed is doing nicely. 

[happy swiss chard and pok choi / broccoli] 

[happy lettuce]

Though most of our spinach went to seed. 

Our mustard greens went to seed as well. Our kale is enormous and happy though and we've been able to harvest every single day for smoothies and salads. 

We pulled up the mustard greens, except for a few plants that hadn't gone to seed and some that had so that we can save the seeds later. In place, we planted a cantaloupe and honeydew melon starts that Cory picked up yesterday in town. 

There are two tomato starts we have inside that are doing super well so we are probably going to plant those soon since the starts my sister gave us sadly don't look like they're going to make it. I think the soil is just too dry in the back of that bed so we'll plant these elsewhere. We also have some mountain spinach starts that love the sun so those were planted in the pea bed. So far they look very happy. 

[bolted spinach in the pea bed / new mountain spinach]

Our strawberries are starting to flower so hopefully not too long before we are eating fresh strawberries. 

We also discovered a strawberry plant at the side of our back steps so we should be getting a few strawberries from there as well. 

In the back bed… we staked the tomatoes with bamboo poles. 

The zucchini plants are so happy and getting so big!! We are super excited as we've never been able to grow zucchinis and these are so super happy! Our peppers and tomatoes still look happy as well. :) 


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  1. our spinach has bolted too, but we ate the flowers of the spinach & mustards!
    out of 14 melons that I transplanted only 5 survived.. I am *guessing* yours might have done the same... silly hard rain..sorry those tomatoes didn't work out!
    yay zucchini! and cabbage! and KALE! holy kale! I don't think kale bolts either so it should go on until winter... and even then it can handle -23C un-protected!!!! go kale go!

    1. the melons didn't make it :( same thing though and I think the soil is just too sandy so it doesn't retain any water even when we're watering every day :P no more planting in that spot. We'll work on enriching the soil and maybe planting in the back of that bed next year.

      The kale is in the greenhouse too so it's going to be awesome having it through the winter! :)

  2. Everything looks so nice! My boyfriend recently brought me some seeds but I don't recognize the seeds. He says it's a surprise so I'll just have to plant them and wait. ;P

    Do let us know how the strawberries keep growing! I have nothing but failed attempts with my strawberry growing experiences. I did have a lot of luck though with tomatoes and green peppers.

    P.S: I linked your blog to my recent blog post in case you'd like to see. :)


    1. thanks for the shout-out love :) You'll have to let me know what your mystery seeds are! :)


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