Sunday, April 10, 2011

☮ Be the Change: Idiot's Guide to Being Green #1 ☮

After observing other's horribly ungreen habits, I must admit it makes me want a reality TV show on teaching people easy steps to being green. I am always striving for new ways to be as eco-friendly as I can, and I enjoy sharing those ways with all of you, however, somehow it never occurred to me to start with some basic obvious ones, things that make me cringe because they are so awful for the planet yet sooo easy to fix. 

So here is list... 
p.s. you know I love you and the "idiot's" is really just light-hearted fun...but seriously, these are easy things you should be doing already ;)

#1 of Being Green for Idiots 

1. Recycle! No matter where you are, it's easier than people make it out to be. Either the super easy blue-bag system that is in effect for most cities these days, go to a depot at the end of the month or so. 

 2. Don't Idle!!! Turn off your damn car! Not only is it illegal (thankfully) now in more and more places but it's an easy two-second move. Idling longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more CO2 compared to restarting the engine. 

 3. Turn off your lights! If you're not in the room, turn off the light. The worst is those who leave their lights on when they're not even home!!! Why do you do this???!!! It literally takes two seconds to flick off a light switch. Who are you leaving those lights on for anyways??

 4. Turn off the TV! Do you need to leave it on all day? Really, seriously? There's nothing good on anyways. It amazes me that people can leave their TVs on all day long, again, even when they're not home. It's not good for the planet but it's also not good for YOU! All of those electronics send out positive ions (those are the bad ones), sucking away your energy and making you feel "blah."

 5. ReUsable Bags--USe them!! Ditch the plastic IMMEDIATELY! Keep a reusable bag with you at ALL times, never ever opt for using a plastic bag. Ever. All that plastic is ending up in our oceans and wildlife, killing it all. Plus the stuff never decomposes. 

 6. Disposable Plates and Utensils. More plastic waste to go around, for what? A one time use? Biggest waste EVER! Ditch em. Use your own plates and utensils, there is no reason for disposables. And if you absolutely can't go without them (I don't see why you wouldn't :p) then go with eco-friendly ones! 

 7. Have Shorter Showers. Ten minutes should be the longest, if you're spending longer in there it is time to re-evaluate. So much water is wasted, baths especially. Pay attention to your water use! 

 8. Don't leave Water Running! When you're brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or whatever else, please turn off the tap. Start paying attention to how much water you're wasting when you really don't need to be doing so. If you're not immediately using it, turn it off, and don't run it on full-blast either. 

 9. Don't Waste Food! Far too many people throw out food instead of saving left-overs or reusing the left-overs into something else. You should neverrrrr be throwing out food (unless something has gone moldy of course). We forget the true value and environmental effects of that food. Be smart, don't waste it! 

 10. Don't Litter! Just don't do it. It takes no time at all to put trash where it belongs there is NO reason whatsoever to be dumping it anywhere else. Ever! 

More Lists to come soon ;) 

Peace & Love,

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