Wednesday, April 6, 2011

♥ Wednesday Favorites: The Best Feelings in Life... ♥

♥ Appreciating the beauty around you.
☺ Focussing on the Positive in every moment.
♥ Smiling!
☺ Sharing Smiles with everyone else.
♥ Hugs
☺ Dancing around to your favorite music
♥ Living life with Gratitude.
☺ Friendship
♥ Singing at the top of your lungs in the shower
☺ Seeing the lesson in an “unfavorable” circumstance.
♥ Being in the Moment.
☺ Sitting by the ocean or lake with nothing but your thoughts.
♥ Meeting someone new for the first time.
☺ Being true to your heart. 
♥ Learning and/or Experiencing something new.
☺ Seeing someone you love after not seeing them for a long time. 
♥ Being Ridiculously Happy
☺ Reading a New book
♥ Life Changing Moments.
☺ Realizing that You get to choose how your Life with be. 
♥ Being.
☺ Being YOU. 

What’s on your list? :) 

Peace & Love,

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  1. Beautiful post! I especially love those last three :) Here's a few of mine:

    * Hearing a baby's belly laugh. Best. Sound. EVER.

    * When your child says "I love you, Mommy" for the first time

    * Puppy kisses

    * Witnessing extraordinary acts of kindness- these are all too rare!

  2. awww yes yes yes and yes! :) those are amazing best feelings!! thanks for sharing them! :)

  3. ~Closing my eyes in sunshine & standing still.

    ~Being vegan and feeling like I'm saving little lives one by one.

    ~When my cats comfort me if I'm crying.

    ~Being told I have a sweet, caring heart.

  4. ~ Being silly
    ~ random shadow puppet shows
    ~ snuggling with my husband and girls in a pile on the couch whilst watching a movie
    ~ The way white fluffy clouds look against a blue sky

  5. When my cat chooses to sit with me!

    Having a whole day working on Rockythezombie stuff, it's rare I get a whole day and it feels like a treat!

    I love hearing your lists! Go go PMA and happiness <3


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