Friday, April 1, 2011

☺ Inspirational: "Let Emotions Flow and then Let them Go" ☺

This is a life lesson that I believe to be incredibly valuable. I learned this from my favorite book "Way of the Peaceful Warrior." There is much of it that I cannot word better than the book itself so today's post is peppered with quotes from the book to aid in this teaching. 

Emotions are generally uncontrollable. They are natural feelings that come to us in particular circumstances. The problem lies in a few things; firstly, we allow ourselves to get attached to them, to dwell on them, to build them into an unnecessary frenzy. We feel bad or embarrassed over them. We question and over-think them. But there is nothing wrong with anger or any other emotion. We need to learn to allow our feelings to flow freely. 

Too often we hold onto a bad feeling; we carry it around with us all day and allow it to drain us. Let it Go!

Feel angry about something? Be angry. Upset and need to cry? Then cry. Feel how you feel, get it out of your system and go on with your day. There's no point on dwelling on something that has passed and gone. It is gone, so be done with it. 

"You don't need to control emotion. Emotions are natural, like passing weather. Sometimes it's fear, sometimes sorrow or anger. Emotions are not the problem. The key is to transform the energy of emotion into constructive action."

Babies are perfect teachers in this aspect. They don't dwell on their emotions and get attached to them. They don't wonder if what they are feeling is right or wrong, they don't wonder if they should cry when feeling upset. They express themselves freely, accepting their emotions completely. 

Once you're allowing your emotions to flow freely, there is a second problem that we should pay attention to, and that is how we Behave in accordance. We tend to have such an automatic, even taught, way of reacting to certain events and situations. What we tend to forget is that, while our emotions will just automatically flow, our Reactions are absolutely controllable. We just need to awaken ourselves to them, become aware, and consciously choose them.

One of my favorite examples of this is from "Way of the Peaceful Warrior"; the main character throws a fit when the rain ruins their picnic, while the "Peaceful Warriors" on the other hand laugh, dance, and roll around in the wet leaves and embrace the rain. 

The Peaceful Warriors don't allow the natural flow of life, the weather, or change to interfere with their moods. They allow their emotions to flow freely and to not have those automatic reactions to particular situations. They are in control of their behaviour. They consciously decide their behaviour. And they make the best of any situation, choosing to enjoy the natural flow of life instead of resisting it. 

Most of us all have these automatic predictable feelings and reactions to things. 
"Someone pokes you, you get irritable; you get insulted and you react with pride and anger; someone slips, you laugh." 
Most of us allow our lives to be determined by our thoughts, emotions, and past that accumulate to these predictable reactions. When you can become consciously aware of this, you can consciously create your own life. 

Find the balance between feeling and reacting, to allow yourself to feel what you need to and then let it go, while practicing to consciously choose how you are going to react and behave. And this practice will help you eventually choose and change those emotions too and those predictable behavioral reactions.

"To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new." 

Another learned point is that "Anger can be a powerful tool to transform old habits and replace them with new ones. Fear and sorrow inhibit action; anger generates it." 
Using your emotions to benefit yourself and others, to learn & grow from the, is a powerful key. Use anger as a motivational tool instead of the self-pity sorry act. 

Ultimately, you will find the balance of controlling your own reactions and allowing your emotions to flow freely without attachment. To allow yourself to just Be. 

We are Human Beings, so Be and Feel. And Let Go. 

"Let Emotions flow and then let them Go."

Peace & Love

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