Monday, April 18, 2011

☺ Inspirational: Motivational Mondays!☺

People far too often dread Mondays, the start of the work week duh duh duh! But I prefer to think of Monday as a beautiful start to the week, a New week, a week full of potential and fun and laughter and pure awesomeness. So to help you get your week off to a great start, and so that you too can fall in love with Mondays (no more "case of the Mondays" for you!), I introduce the very first "Motivational Mondays" article :). I will do these inspirational mantras, tips, and ideas every Monday for that extra boost to get you through the day and week and uplift that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). 
So, here's your little poke and reminder for the week to bring that smile back to your pretty face and feel ridiculously Happy for no other reason than remembering Life Rocks! ;)...

 Go Outside! Spring is upon us, even though it may be being stubborn in certain parts of the world, so now is the time to get outside, feel the sun on your face, and breathe in some fresh air. We are so disconnected from nature and it is a huge part of our unhappiness. So go on and get outside as much as possible!  
 Say everyone you see. Make the conscious effort to do this, no matter who the person or what their response. And smile of course! ;) 
 Time Out! Take a day (if you can) and turn off all those electronics! All of those electro-magnetic waves are a downer, sending out bad energy and give us that "blah" feeling. Switch them off. Even that cell phone. 
 Make Someone's Day! Doesn't matter how or who, just do it. Spread a little love and joy. Remember, what goes around comes around, what you put out is what you receive. 
 Be Respectful Understanding and everyone around you. I have noticed that so many people have a complete disrespect for the people, animals, nature, and things around them. Stop, and be respectful! ...Blog post elaborating on this coming soon ;).
 Start a Happy Diary. If you haven't already that is. And write in it daily!  
 Look in the Mirror... and love every inch of your body. Self-love is important. To love others, you must must love yourself. So practice self-love. It's a key to good PMA. ;) 
 Plant a Garden! Or little window-sill pots or plants or flowers. Watch the power of nature. Be nurturing instead of destructive. Plus you can get some yummy super healthy food out of it that you grew yourself! How awesome is that?! 
 Try something New! Whether it's trying a new food, a new activity, reading a new book, or absolutely anything at all, try something new! It is actually really easy to do and I encourage doing this often. New experiences are fantastic, big or small.   

And always remember to smile and laugh all day every day! :) Have a fabulous Monday and Week!!! 

Peace & Love,

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