Friday, April 22, 2011

☯ What's in My Closet; Zosimos Botanicals! ☯

This Earth Day I am all too happy to share with you another  wonderful cosmetics company I discovered during my thorough hunt for safe, vegan, and earth-friendly products. Allow me to introduce you to Zosimos Botanicals... 

Zosimos Botanicals is a lovely Green business that handcrafts their line of mineral makeup and skincare products in small batches using gentle plant-based raw materials that are also chemical-free and toxin-free. And, oh oh! ...their make-up is made in their 100% Wind Powered studio! :) They also pack their orders in reused packaging, they give back to communities, and use suppliers that use sustainable harvesting practices and organic ingredients. They also have a really easy way for fellow Vegans to check out which of their products are vegan and which are not (which I'm pleased to say, the vast majority are). 

First, I have to share my favorite product of theirs; their "Natural Black Eye Pencil". Words cannot express how much I love this item! Eyeliner is one of my make-up must-haves so this product has made me an extremely happy chicky. I have found that so many "natural" eyeliner pencils either don't show on your skin or else have some chemical in them of which I do not approve. Zosimos' Eyeliner pencil is a dream come true! It's a beautiful deep matte color that goes on smooth, holds all day and actually shows! It's soft, smudges and blends great if you so choose or makes a solid smooth line as well. Super bold and sexy! Absolutely love love love it! They also have a ton of other eye pencil colors to choose from and, from such a positive experience with the black, makes me want to try many more. The other liner I just love is the cream shadow of "Natural Black." Apply it with an eyeliner angled brush and you have a beautiful solid black liner. 

I've had the pleasure of trying several of their eyeshadows, both powdered and cream-formulas. They are beautiful and subtle, perfect for that more "au-natural" look or bold statements. I'm a big fan of soft colors and browns and Zosimos has so many to choose from that I want them all. Their "Branch" and "Bronze" are two favorite brown-shades, couple these with the eyeliner pencil and the "Black Shimmer" powder for the smokey undertone and you can create the perfect classy and sexy smokey eye look. The greens of "Avocado" and "Kelp" are both wonderfully subtle but incredibly eye-catching and flirty. Another favorite is the soft hue of "Blackberry" to which my 3-year-old sister was dazzled by; "your eyes are purple!" she exclaimed enthusiastically, looking as if she wanted to match. I'll wait to share that with her once she's much older ;). The cream-formulas are wonderful as well, heaven in eye-shadow form. They go on super smooth and feel light on my eyelids. "Fools Gold" in the cream formula is a beautiful and bold shade that I love with the "Natural Black" cream shadow as a liner and the Eye Pencil to highlight the inner eyes. 
For both the cream and powders, Zosimos has "mini pinch" trial options as well, a great and easy way to try out tons of different colors and pick out your favorites! 
I also just love "Tigerlily" in the powder shadow as a cheek highlighter or blush, just powder on a tiny pinch and blend it in. Beautiful! 
Next on my list to try is their Eye Shadow Sticks! 

Their concealers are another dream-like product. I am not one with much experience when it comes to concealers. I've fortunately gone through the better-part of my life without needing them, however with a recent move to a new climate my skin has been less friendly so I am grateful for this product. The ones I have tried are the cream-formula "Pot Concealers" which I have been rather enjoying. Of course, I hadn't thought of using a primer underneath and since my skin is quite dry, I find they look a tad dry on my face, as with all concealers. My quick fix has been to add a little facial-moisturizer as I apply them and it fixes it right up! They don't actually dry out my skin either, on the contrary I find that my skin always feels super soft while wearing them and even once I've washed my makeup off at the end of the day. Truely wonderful products! These are also available in mini-sizes so that you can give it a try first. And if you're unsure of which shade to purchase, they have several "tools" for comparing right on the website and if that doesn't work their staff is also extremely helpful.
I am interested to try the powder-base "Mineral Foundation" and the primer in the future. 

Lips lips lips. They have some wonderful colors for lipsticks, lip and cheek tints, lip balms, lip pencils, and, my favorites, lip gloss. They are lovely on the lips and have some bold and fun color while still maintaining that subtle flirtiness all at once. My favorites? The lovely red hue of "Garnet" and the soft pinky-plum of "Black Cherry." 

I hate that heavy feeling you sometimes get with makeup, no matter how much or little you are wearing. I love love Zosimos because their makeup feels light and wonderful on my skin. As mentioned, at the end of the night when I've washed it all away, my skin still feels amazing, even better than the start of the day. Just goes to show that you don't have to sacrifice gorgeous beauty products to be healthy! 

As a whole this company is simply amazing and I highly recommend them! Customer service is fabulous, the staff are super friendly and helpful and quick to respond to questions. They have so many more products to choose from as well! Tons more makeup products, skin care, body care, soy candles, perfumes, hair care, and more that'll entice you into checking out their website. Oh! And they also have Bamboo Vegan Cosmetic Brushes! :) 

So what are you waiting for? Order your Zosimos products today! :)  

Peace & Love

If you found this article to be helpful, please consider a small donation or visit the shop. Thank you for your love and support.


  1. Yayyyy!!!! A vegan, eco-friendly black pencil liner??!!! I've been looking for one :) I only use pencil liners, so this made my day!

  2. omg Nixx it is AMAAAAAAZING!!!! I was sooo happy when I found it! As I said, I pretty much can't live without EyeLiner so I was so stoked on this! Totally in love with it :D

  3. I must try their black pencil liner then!!

  4. Thanx Bianca! Until Tues. the 26th everything is 10% off using coupon code EARTHDAY. Namaste, Linda

  5. Thanks for sharing your EarthDay sale Linda! Namaste!


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