Thursday, April 14, 2011

☺ Inspirational; There is no Right or Wrong☺

Gone are the days when the idea behind "right" or "wrong" was based on an accumulation of our own thoughts and instincts, now it is replaced largely by society's concepts and teachings. We are conditioned to believe straight-forward this is wrong and that is right, without the opportunity to really suss the matter out for ourselves. Even moral stand-points are told to us as if they were some definitive facts. They are not. What is right to one person may be wrong to another, and vise-versa. Use your own discretion, make up your own mind. 
The truth is that there is no such thing as making the "wrong" decision. Your life is your life, who is to tell you the right or wrong way to live it? You get to decide. In any decision you're ever faced with, just remember; there is no right or wrong answer. Yours is a unique path unlike any other's and it is yours to walk and choose. Remember, you can't control every aspect of life, you can only go with the flow and take things one step at a time, and make those choices as they come. Be in the moment. And, very importantly, always be true to yourself. Listen to your heart and try not to over-think things. Whatever path you choose to walk, turns you wind down, roads you stumble along, falls you must make, or decisions that you must choose, are all part of your beautiful and unique life and none of it will be "wrong" or "right", it just Is. There are no mistakes, just choices that co-incide with your path. Whatever will Be will Be.
Listen to your inner self. The world conditions us into ideologies that are not actually true to us. Society whispers in our ears at every turn its views and morals that may not be in line with who we really are. Society is a mechanism to much of our downfall. You are not Society. You are You. You are allowed to have your own opinions, belief-system, ideologies, and your own morals. There is no right or wrong. Only a life to be lived in the way that you choose. So strip down those walls, Release your mind, and Be You. Don't let another's morals or beliefs corrupt your own. Never feel badly for your decisions or life path. You get to Choose. Placing limitations on yourself because of another's values closes the doors to growth and experience. Stand by the choices you make. Stand by your morals and beliefs. They don't have to be the same as another's. And they are allowed to change as you also change and grow. The fundamental key is that you are Free. You can choose. There is no such thing as "making a mistake." There is no Wrong or Right answer. Throw those two words out the window. Live in harmony with your inner self, with the flow of life, with nature, with love, and you will be living freely and true. Right and wrong can become forgotten concepts, opening your world up to new choices and experiences. Be You. Be Free. 
Try to break free from what we are conditioned to believe by society's views and ideals. Once you free your mind of these concepts then you will truly be able to decide for yourself what is right or wrong to You and live your life in harmony with your true self. As long as you are not violating the natural laws of self and manifesting some harmful negativities then "wrong" really has no place in our vocabulary. Once you can see beyond "right" or "wrong" then you become free to see things as they actually are. The world is open to you. Opportunities, experience, wisdom, truth, and Life become open to you. Be mindful to you inner-most knowing. Follow your Heart, not your Mind. 

There is no Right or Wrong. 
It is Your Life. Choose to decide for yourself. 
Free your Mind. 
"Become loyal to your innermost truth. Follow the way when all others abandon it. Walk the path of your own heart." 

Peace & Love

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  1. You know Just the right things to post at the right time :) When you posted this my lil sister was going threw some really hard times with things I actually sent her the link to this blog so she could read it and it really helped her out in more ways then you shall ever know :) She has become a daily blog reader of yours now for inspiration <3
    Thank you and keep up the amazing posts :)

  2. Thats so great to hear! I'm glad that it helped her out!
    *waves Hi to your sister* :)


  3. This is good, very poetic and thought provoking. Thank you for posting it.

  4. you're welcome :) I hope it can inspire people and be more confident with their lives.
    thanks for reading! xo

  5. hi bianca :) i so love your website. this is what i have been looking for.


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