Saturday, April 16, 2011

☆ What's Going On: ChemTrails: Spraying Poison above ☆

Look up at the sky. Have you ever noticed airplanes passing by that leave behind those long white trails? Have you stopped to think about the way they linger? The way they spread out across the skies? The way they zig-zag and cross over one another in a pattern that would far suggest a normal flight pattern? Have you ever noticed that those "clouds" above us are very rarely real clouds anymore? That there is a white milky haze across the horizon replacing once fluffy puffed up clouds? 
I am sad to say that there is a very real, scarey, and daunting reality upon us; we are being sprayed with chemicals on an almost daily basis. They are called Chemtrails, also known as Geoengineering. What is in that spray is aluminum and barium, in concentrations far above safe levels. 

Perhaps by now you have hopefully heard about these Chemtrails, or "Geoengirneering." Maybe you think it's some crazy conspiracy theory or that people are just being paranoid. Or maybe you can see the reality. If you still haven't decided, I encourage you to look beyond the surface and see that this threat it very very real, factual, and completely undeniable. 

The existence of these chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by government agencies and certain scientists around the world, claiming that these trails are "normal contrails". Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to take a stand and let them know that we are not stupid. Contrails follow behind an airplane for about 20 times the plane's length. Contrails do not linger and leave a hazey mess behind, they evaporate into the atmosphere. They also do not criss-cross in unusual flight patterns. And they do Not leave aluminum behind on the earth below.

If you are still skeptical, perhaps you would like to check your own levels of aluminum in your hair and in your soil? They are elevated all over the world to dangerous levels. Mount Shasta in the United States  has 60, 000 times more Aluminum per litre than is safe for human absorption. These glaciers are supposed to be pure, uncontaminated water sources, where hikers make the climb and are drinking this should-be-pure water without knowing it is contaminated with levels of aluminum so high that they are poisonous.

Why are these Chemtrails such a concern? Well, because they are indeed Toxic. Aluminum is associated with cancer and respiratory problems. People with average or below average immunity have reported to experience pneumonia-like respiratory symptoms, while others have been getting very ill. There are many other possible implications through these chemtrail sprayings, such as a possible mind control element as people have reported mental confusion and depression following sprayings. Sadly, this would not be the first time that the government has done something like this as they have had a long history of exposing the public to biological pathogens without their knowledge or consent. 

There are many more theories as to why they are spraying...

Solar radiation management: In which the aluminum particles create a barrier between Earth and the sun's solar rays to combat Global Warming. These ideas are solid in the scientific community and have been widely discussed under the name "geoengineering."

Population Control: as these high-levels of aluminum are highly carcinogenic, toxic, and cause numerous health-problems. With continued aluminum contamination we will no longer have clean supplies of water and we will no longer be able to produce organic food. People will no longer be able to grow their own food, and as someone who intends to live self-sustained, this right is being challenged. Crops and the soil cannot survive this contamination and the world will become a place in which only GMO aluminum-resistant seeds can grow. These seeds are already in production. If that is not at least a little suspicious then I'm not sure what is. 

Weather Control: It is said that these systems are already being created or are already in place. You may have heard of HAARP before, in which the weather is being manipulated to prevent damaging weather (such as hurricanes, floods, etc), or provoking weather against an enemy or as a means of population control. The reasons behind Why could be widely debated. But, true or not, we have repeatedly tried to play God and it does Not work. When will we learn to let mother nature do as it intended instead of messing up this careful ecological balance? 

I can only say so much on the topic of Chemtrails, I highly recommend that you watch "What in the World Are They Spraying" to decide for yourself. And if that still doesn't convince you of how real this chemical spraying is then I encourage you to check out this website with a wealth of information:

In the end, the evidence is astounding, and the fact of the matter is this; those standing up against Chemtrails are not trying to gain anything but our right to live freely. We want to live in a free world and not be poisoned and our land contaminated. There is no gain, except freedom. We want a world left for our children, a world where trees and normal life can grow. The opposition is denying these chemtrails that are blatantly in front of our eyes, and going through great lengths to silence this awareness. Government agencies and the "powers that be" are telling people it's nothing but a hoax, a crazy conspiracy, that there is no scientific truth behind it. There is, and there is lots. While some scientists are denying the existence of Chemtrails, others are in wide opposition and are telling us that they are absolutely factual. Simply, they truly cannot be denied. In October 2010, the UN banned Chemtrails and Geoengineering, something that the US chose not to agree to. Furthermore, the US chose instead to expand its geoengineering projects for which hundreds of patents have already been filed. Further geoengineering programs include putting mirrors in space, iron seeding the oceans, planting genetically modified forests, and chemtrailing the skies. All of which are already well underway. The unfortunate part is that the term "geoengineering" is a loose concept with many loopholes in which people will always find a way around, which has led to the continuation of these sprayings all over the world. 

They want us to stay sleeping. They want us to keep our eyes blind and not pay attention to the skies. There are many conspiracies growing towards the theory of this "New World Order" which you have hopefully heard about. Numerous historical and current events can be seen as steps in this on-going progression towards world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making procresses. Whether you believe in this conspiracy or not, one thing is clear; that we the People are losing our rights. We live in a world that is dying and that has been taken over by greed and the all-mighty Dollar. 

I have also noticed lately, and heard from other people reporting the same, that they are trying to hide it up. On bright sunny, clear days the sprayings tend to stop. On cloudy days, we can't see them. But people can see them all over the world. In the United States it does seem to be worse, but Canada is not much better, and it tends to depend exactly where you are located. Try paying attention and observing the skies for yourself. 

I, for one, want to live in a world where I can be self-sustained, and where money is not the most important thing on the table. I am devastated that we are being sprayed from above. I think it is time we stand up for our rights to clean air and water and food. I think it is time we do something about this. Join the fight and spread the word. If not for you, for the generations to come. 

My biggest point right now is to get the message out, so please do the same. As I discover more ways to combat this threat I will let you know. And please check out my facebook page if you haven't already as I share plenty of findings on there as well. The fight is never done until we say it is. I for one have faith in the power of good and positivity and I know that enough people out there will do the same. 

Peace & Love,

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  1. The chemtrail thing has been pissing me off for such a long time now. The problem is getting people to pay attention and then to believe that it's a BAD THING.

  2. I have been watcing for years and in 3 different western states. I am starting to think we have NO real clouds anymore. They spray the entire west Pacific. See it on Geostationary Satellite. I have seen them create storms over and over and over. They would say there is a storm coming in and saturate the sky and that was it. The bizarre weather is wars going on between the big countries. It will all come out eventually. In the Bible in the book of Revelation God says He will destroy those that destroy the earth.

  3. I have seen 'trails' crossing in the morning and one dark wide shadowy strip above in the afternoon which slowly dissipated.
    Some folks are in denial and claim it on "maneuvers ", that's all....
    Wake up People, this is not normal!

    December 08,2011

  4. yes definitely not normal. I don't really understand how people can still be denying it. It's especially silly in a place like where I live. There's only one tiny airport nearby and there is no way that much air traffic would be in the sky pouring out that much fumes normally in such strange criss-cross patterns. :p If you point it out to people though they usually eventually see it's true, just takes the stubborn ones longer if ever.

  5. This is all in preparation for "the big one". THEY do know it is coming. (Find out who THEY are - just youtube - you'll put the pieces together.) Our Earth has already begun to shift and it is not over. War will soon ensue to take our minds off of it and ensure that we will be slowly and horribly be prepared and ready for the NWO takeover/Paradigm shift. They have been writing about it for EVER! And THEY will be underground way before you and I figure it out. All of the efforts that you describe are being done to guarantee that after - THEY can bring back Humanity in a much different light.I am Just saying; it all seems bad now but THEY KNOW what is happening and therefore that 95% of the people on Earth now will not be here "after" so it really doesnt matter how much whinning we all do , unfortunately.


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