Thursday, November 1, 2012

♥ Happy World Vegan Day! New items! ;) ♥

Another quick post (sorry, a lot of those this week, been running around with orders like a mad woman ;p). 
I wanted to drop by and say Happy World Vegan Day!!! :) 
And to celebrate this lovely day, I want to hear what you lovelies are up to, what are you planning on eating today? Celebrating? Share your vegan stories! 
Annnnnnd, two new Vegan-themed shirts have been added to the shop!

The "V is for Vegan" Shirt is now back by popular demand! 

And this adorable new "Milk is for Baby Cows" artwork :) 

Happy happy day! xoxo


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  1. Those tops are so cute!

    I may not be vegan (I'm vegetarian), but I did have a nice bagel today with cream cheese garden vegetable spread. And the bagel was the one with many seeds in it. Hahah

  2. I like the tops! So cute :)


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