Thursday, February 14, 2013

☺ How to have a Kick-Ass Valentine's Day! ☺

Okay, so there are so many mixed feelings about this holiday. So here is my guide to have a kick-ass Valentine's Day no matter who you are. ;)

Ditch the Jealousy and Envy:
Hate Valentine's Day? Well that sucks for you. Hate, jealousy, envy, all these negative emotions do not serve you in the slightest. If you find yourself hating on couples on Valentine's Day it's coming from a place of jealousy and envy. Jealousy and envy are dangerous emotions because it focusses our attention on what we Don't have. The more we focus on our Lack of Things the more we will experience that Lack. This is simple Law of Attraction (Law of the Universe) stuff. Instead, if you Want that perfect relationship but don't have it yet, today is the Perfect day to watch other couples not with envy but with inspiration. If you see a happy couple then look at them and smile and say to yourself "I have that." The more you focus your attention on what you Do want the closer you will get to receiving that. So ditch the poor-me card and feel inspired instead. 
Ditch the Lonely Feeling:
If you're feeling lonely then that is another issue that is perfect for you to work on today. Why? Because if you're feeling lonely then you clearly don't appreciate yourself enough to simply enjoy your own company. Loving yourself, as I say over and over again on this blog, is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your happiness. If you can't be happy alone then you can't be happy With someone either. Focus on being happy and satisfied with yourself first. So, if you're feeling lonely, take that time to truly appreciate and enjoy yourself instead of playing another variation of the "poor-me" card.  

Date Night! 
If you are celebrating Valentine's Day with a Date today then there are a few things to do right. 
Release Expectations. Expectations can be our biggest downfall, so be weary. Guys don't always tend to be the most romantically inspired, but that doesn't meant they don't love or appreciate you. If your significant-other does Anything nice for you then appreciate it, no matter how big or small. They may not give you a marching band and fireworks but allow them to show their appreciation in their own way. And remember that materialism is not a gauge on how much someone loves you. ;) 
Read more on my Valentine's Edition blog post here (so I'm not repeating myself ~_^).  

Make Someone's Day!
There are so many lonely and miserable people on this day, and the thought of that makes me sad. I want you to do something about that today! Take some time out of your day to make someone feel appreciated. Not only will it cheer them up and fill them up with a feeling of love, but it will also make you feel better. Win win. There is plenty of love to go around, so do your best to reach out to others and brighten their day. 

Enjoy Yourself
Above all else, today is a day that you should take the time to truly appreciate Your Self. I know, I already dabbled in that, but I am going to take a moment to elaborate and nail it into your head a little bit further. Self Love is soooooo important and far too often overlooked. If you can't Love Yourself, how can you expect to love anyone or anything outside yourself? Love must start from within yourself. 
But how does one work on self love? Every morning without fail, repeat positive affirmations to yourself about how much you love yourself. These affirmations should include things you like about yourself, things you're thriving to become. For instance, if you're shy and want to be more outgoing then you should include an affirmation saying "I Am Outgoing!" Repeat these every morning when you first get up. Before you go to bed at night, repeat them again. Take this practice one step further and write yourself a love letter filled with all the things you love about yourself. Fill an entire page! If you can't, try harder. Lastly, remember that you Are Awesome, only your Attitude towards yourself might not be. 

Remember that You Are Loved!
Whether you have a date or not, remember that you are loved. There are so many people in your life, around you, and potentially coming into your life that appreciate and adore you so never forget that. Let go of negativities and focus on true Love, for yourself and others. 

I Love Love Love you all! I hope you have a super blissful and lovely day and make the most of whatever situation you're in! 
Much Love from me to You! Keep Smiling, Dreaming, and stay Inspired and Positive! 


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