Thursday, February 28, 2013

☺ Ways to Create a Better Life ☺

-Complaining all the time. 
-Playing the victim and "poor me" card. 
-Changing yourself or expending yourself trying to make others happy
-Relying on others for your own happiness
-Doubting yourself
-Apologizing for or being ashamed of who you are
-Saying "I can't"
-Focussing on what you Don't Want

-Positive Thinking
-Being Grateful 
-Believing in yourself
-Making your own happiness
-Enjoying alone time
-Being Yourself 
-Turning off gadgets and going Outside
-Working less and playing more
-Expressing your creativity
-Acknowledging your desires/dreams/wishes
-Making everything you want to happen happen
-Believing in Karma
-Helping others to realize they can make their own happiness
-Focussing on the Good. 


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  1. I work very hard on making sure I don't do any of the don't's, and I need to work still on the list of the do's!

    1. always so much to learn and work on! All part of life, we just need reminding sometimes to stay on track :)


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