Thursday, February 21, 2013

☺ How to Get Out of a Rut ☺

Through life's mysterious ups and downs, we sometimes get stuck. It happens to the best of us. This can feel incredibly frustrating if we've made huge progress in our lives. I mean, there we are skipping along the upbeat path of enlightened bliss with rainbows and unicorns when suddenly we accidentally fall into some pit of despair with foreboding shadows we don't understand. And then this new path seems to keep going in circles round and round again despite our attempts to get back to that place of magical rainbows and butterflies. The frustration continues in the same mannerism of the path, repeating itself. It's not always about a lack of will to simply hop right back onto the upbeat path of your desire. The truth is we may feel as if we've been doing everything Right, and that is when it's time to realize that we usually get stuck for a Reason. Perhaps we've forgotten one of our important lessons, or maybe we've met a challenge we didn't acknowledge or that we refuse to see.
But we can always change paths, it's just a matter of figuring out How, and what you need to do to make the leap.
Life will always have an uneven path. It will bring you to the top and drop you back down, and climb back up again. When we are well-equipped these become gentle slopes; we acknowledge, learn, and let pass along our journeys. But sometimes the slope turns into a steep slippery mudslide in which you may repeatedly try to climb up only to slip back down to the same place. Ah, that dark circle. 
Determination, self-work, and a consciousness and awareness to your Self and Life will be what gets you over that slope and back to riding unicorns with the sun shining on your face. Chances are you are neglecting something, whether it's love for yourself, a lesson learned, an unresolved issue (past or present), or lack of nurturing to your personal needs and emotions. Basically, you're path is rocky for one reason or another and it is up to you to figure it out. Life doesn't come with a manual, you have to get dirty and dig deeper sometimes so that the path ahead can be enjoyed to its fullest potential. Whatever it may be, take the time to Stop and figure it out. Don't continue to hopelessly scramble half way up the slope to fall back down again. Stop where you are, take a look around, and figure out what you need to make the climb back to the top.

We are all at different levels of the path of life. We all have different tools and lessons under our belts. Don't get discouraged, remember that that's all it is, a steep slope, and there is Always a way to climb it. 
Nurture your needs and emotions, work a little deeper, take the extra time to create the positive environment and attitude you require to make the climb. Accept the challenge openly instead of resisting it. Look for the lesson, for the missing piece. Resolve issues. Take the time and attention to figure it out. 
Pay extra attention to your Self. We often neglect our own needs or aren't being honest with our needs. So take extra time and attention with You. Feelings are powerful indicators of our problems so take the time to ask yourself how you are feeling. Ask questions, questions you are afraid to ask yourself. There is no point in letting them sit there unresolved when you could be blissfully enjoying life with a smile on your face all because you are too afraid to get dirty first. 
Quite often we've just lost our lack of motivation, our "umph!", our positive attitudes. In this case, it's time for a kick-starter to get motivated and get your mind on track again. Re-read "self-help" books or find new material to inspire you. Do whatever you need to do to get back that sparkle. 
But more often than not when we are stuck on these particular kinds of ruts it's something deeper. The problems are often the things we've forgotten about or neglected that are finally resurfacing, which is why these things can throw us off balance so easily when everything else in our lives seems to be going smoothly. This is also why it's important to resolve problems as soon as they arise. This is also why it's important to not neglect any past issues or traumas and work through them so you can move forward. 
Like I said, sometimes it may feel like we're doing everything right, but know that if you are in a rut there is something you are missing. This is Not something to get frustrated about. Frustration does not serve you. Ever. If you need help, ask for it, seek it out. Don't be afraid of what you might find, and don't be afraid of the answers. Life is a magical beautiful place when we learn to resist less and experience more. Let your emotions flow, let them be indicators, let them be your guide. Dig dig dig deeper. And remember that it usually feels worse right before it gets supremely better. We're talking three magical prancing unicorns instead of just one… and obviously everyone wants more unicorns in their lives right? ;)
Stay motivated, optimistic, and positive. And know there is always a way up. Always. 

If you need some more help with not getting overwhelmed by your problems then here's some more reading and homework for you:

Love you all my lovely lovely unicorn riders! 
…too much unicorn talk? Okay, well I love you and I know that you are almighty and amazing and you can conquer all of your darkest and deepest problems. Persevere and remember to smile!        


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