Wednesday, December 15, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Eco Bras& Panties!! ♥

I decided this Wednesday Favorites post would be for the women, although guys; cute undies make fun gifts for your ladies for the both of you ~_^. 

I personally love Underwear. If I see a cute pair of underwear or a fabulous bra, I'm hard-pressed not to give in to the consumerism. However, most shopping centers don't cater to the Eco-Chick, which forces me back to my computer to the world of online shopping. 
Here are some Fun Finds for all you Eco-Babes who want your privates to be treated as well as the Planet.

Bedrock Bra: by Enamore. I'm a huge animal-print fan so happening upon this bra was love at first sight! This super sexy underwired bra is made from stretchy bamboo jersey with trimmed black edging and flamingo pink buttons and satin bows. They also have matching underwear!! 

One The Inside: I found these on the always lovely Etsy. They have really cute Organic Bras and Panties and really cute camisole tops too. A couple of my favorites are the morning gloy panties and the organic cotton summersweet bra.  

LuluLemon: I was recently on their website looking for yoga pants and came across their underwear and completely fell in love. They have Lace Hotshorts and Lacey Thongs in several adorable colors! Made from soft, breathable Modal and organic cotton fabric. 

Sand Maiden SleepWear: Also on Etsy. They have a couple cute organic-blend undies and bras available in different color combinations. I loooove this bra. And the Panties are cute too. Made from a 67% rayon/ 30%organic cotton/ 3%spandex jersey blend. 

Have any Eco undewear of your own you'd like to share? Let's face it, we all love underwear! ;) 

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! 

Peace & Love,

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  1. I've also tried On The Inside, and they really have nice customer service and great products, I need to get me some of their stuff!

  2. thank you! i also love on the inside!

  3. Its a great fit at a great price. The straps how ever feel a bit rough to me , one gets accustomed too that gradually but if the straps could be made smoother the experience will be better. I love bali cotton panties bikini


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