Friday, December 3, 2010

☺ Inspirational: What Would Love Do? ☺

About a year ago, I heard this quote, from two different unrelated sources within a week of each other. I felt like it must have some deep significance. And I think that it does. It is a very powerful and life-changing (if you want it to be) message... "What would Love do?" 

If you are faced with any dilemma, any troubling thoughts or decisions, choices or ordeals, try to think; what would Love do now?
It is a good way of setting your mind onto a Positive track, of making you live through your heart, of making your actions loving towards others and yourself. 

Love is the key to Happiness, to a Positive Life, and to growth. I've turned my own life around in so many ways, but what has helped me hugely in the past year was choosing to embrace Love into everything I think and do. Once you wade through the personal troubles and self-work, I found that I still needed a "push" to transform my life into what I wanted it to be: Positive and Happy. And I know it may sound kind of cliche, or "hippie", or cheesy, but Love really is the answer to everything. 

Make choices that are Loving towards Yourself and to others. 
Would Love hold grudges or would Love be forgiving? Love would be forgiving. But Love is also conscious of not hurting your Self. If someone is a negative influence in your life, be forgiving but also stay conscious of your own well-being. You can forgive someone and still choose to not have them in your life if that is what is healthiest for your Being. This is just a personal example, but the same way of thinking should be applied to any situation. Be mindful of others and of Yourself. There shouldn't be one without the other. Choose Love and choose what makes you Happy. 

Being spiteful and negative towards others never gets anyone anywhere but a state of misery. Trust me, I've watched it first hand and it applies to anybody. It comes back to being Positive over Negative. Love is Positive. Hate is Negative. If you want a Positive life than Be Positive. If you want a life full of Love, Be Loving. 

Give it a try, and remember to never get discouraged. Healing and changing your mind-set takes time, persistence, and patience. Be loving towards Yourself. Always.

What would Love do Now? 

Peace & Love,

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  1. Totally needed this one tonight..thanks for posting it!

  2. Great post! My best advise to my friends is I tell all my friends who hold grudges that the person they are holding the grudge against doesn't even realize it! They are only hurting themselves.Be happy and just rid that person of your life if they are so negative. Don't let them control your emotions. I know, it's easier said than done but at my "age" it gets easier! lol! No really...I want positive people surrounding me and I will in return be positive. I have close friends I adore! I know it will stay that way too for years and years! Have a great weekend Bianca! xo

  3. aww I'm glad u liked it Nicole xo

    Jackie, thats good advice for sure. People don't understand why I dont have my father in my life and its really quite simple; he was much too hurtful and negative to keep in my life. I tried and tried and in the end it was something that I had to do for me. My life has been much better without him. And those are the kinda of judgement calls people have to learn to make for themselves. I forgave him. I dont resent him. But I simply couldnt have him in my life.

    Have a fabulous weekend the two of you! xoxo


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