Wednesday, December 29, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Vegan Websites ♥

Whether you want to know more about being Vegan, need more support or information regarding being Vegan, or are just plain looking for more resources, these websites are some of my favorites that are worth checking out. 

☆ Vegan Action: This site is amazing, full of tons of information regarding anything Vegan. They have a great section of why you should go vegan (for the animals, the planet, and your health), a resources section to help you along your way, even more resource links, Vegan FAQ's, and their campaigns of some awesome work--including being responsible for the awesome Vegan Certification!! 

☆ Sarah's Place (a vegan curios shop): Ok, so I LOVE Sarah Kramer's cookbooks ("La Dolce Vegan" & "How it all Vegan") and her fun personality is pure awesomeness, so obviously I had to include this website in the list. It is seriously a MUST for Vegans. You can find "a quirky collection of modern and vintage curios items; from her favourite vegan products to rare vintage artifacts to the bizarre and of course you can also purchase Sarah’s autographed cookbooks - personalized just for you!" She also has a super fun daily Blog. There's a Store too ~_^. Oh and did I mention she's Canadian. ♥ 

☆ Viva Granola: Is essentially your source for all Vegan products. You can find anything you could desire right on this wonderful site. They have everything; clothing, food, cosmetics, body care, candles, kitchen items, books, DVDs, jewelry, pet goods, anything and everything. Self-described as "Canada's Vegan and Cruelty-free Shopping Experience." 

☆ Karmavore: Ok, so first off, the name Rocks! Secondly, the site is adorable, easy to navigate through, and equally rocks! This one is another Vegan Store, with clothing & footwear, food, some body care, cleaning supplies, and books. Everything you need all in one place. Win! 

☆ As it says on the website; cutting through the BS. This is a great source for information, articles, and even has a recipe section. You'll either love me or hate me for posting this one, but whether Vegans like PETA or not, they are a great source for information and inspiration. I may not agree with everything that they do, but they are responsible for a huge number of people going Vegan (myself included) and at least get you thinking on many animal-rights topics. This website has tons of info as well as a Vegan "Starter Kit", a getting to know animals section, their in-depth "meet your meat" video, environmental impacts, and of course lots of recipes! This is a GREAT source for anyone interested in learning more about the animals on your dinner plate and that first kick to go Vegan. 

Got any favorites you'd like to share? ^_^

Peace & Love

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  1. OOOOO loving the Viva Granola site!! tehehe...they even have vegan condoms! ;)


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