Tuesday, December 21, 2010

☯ What's in my Closet: Vegan-Themed Shirts!! ☯

I very rarely keep a t-shirt as a t-shirt but here are some of my favorites from my personal wardrobe, altered or not. The theme? Vegan of course ~_^ Some are Eco-friendly too! But here's a great conversation starter to get people interested in the reasons why someone becomes Vegan & a fun way to show your love for animals ^_^...

Sick on Sin "Not My Dinner (Pig)": This is probably my all-time favorite top ever! The Pig is soooo cute and Piggies are my favorite . I revamped this one into a cute lacey racer-back.

Alter-Eco Clothing "Vegan": Yeah, this one was made by myself ~_^ and is available as a Custom Order in the shop ^_^. Organic fabric and upcycled animal-print letters that spell out "Vegan."

Skelanimals "Animal Testing Breaks Hearts":  I've had my eyes on this shirt foreverrrrrr! I finally decided to treat myself to it for my birthday this year when PETA sent a birthday %off "gift." Apparently it was a good choice as they don't seem to have it in their shop anymore! Needless to say, I love it! It's not organic but it does support a good cause of course. 

Trashrags "Milk Sucks": Her shop may be closed for a while but I had to share this amazing shirt anyways. Plus Jetta is awesome and has a wicked blog too ;) This tee may be in your face but I'm that kinda girl and I love it! ^_^ 

Rocky The Zombie "Buddy Not Beef": As you may already know, I LOVE Rocky the Zombie ^_^ Her prints are adorable! She made this awesome shirt as a kind of request--it's even printed on an Organic shirt ^_^. 

What's in Your Closet? Have a favorite Vegan tee? Please share, I'd love to see them! ^_^

Peace & Love,

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