Thursday, December 9, 2010

☺ Inspirational: You Are Good Enough ☺

I'm sure it's a feeling we've all experienced in our lives; rivalry, a need for competitiveness, a need to be the best, a general need to Prove yourself. Most of us probably don't really understand where the feeling comes from. Insecurities, a feeling that we're not good enough, taught by society, a parent, a sibling, someone, or something gave us these notions. They are negative emotions, they go against love for yourself and for others. And it is a manner of not accepting your beautiful Unique Self. It has become a notion that you are not good enough.  

Well, you Are good enough. We are All good enough.

We need to learn to accept ourselves as we are, for who we are, how we are, and what we can be. Everyone has their strong points and also things that they're not as good at. You don't have to excel at things. All that matters is that you are good enough for You. And learn to be good enough for You and to not be hard on yourself. Don't take yourself so seriously. You have nothing to prove to anybody. You are your own unique being. Accept Yourself for You. If someone wants you to prove something to them, don't wast your time or energy. Tell them, and tell yourself, that you have nothing to prove. That you accept yourself and that they should to.

You are unique and beautiful and wonderful and talented because you are You. No one else can be You. So be the best You that you can be. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop belittling yourself. Accept that you are You, not someone else. This doesn't mean you shouldn't challenge yourself, but be conscious to be doing so in a positive and constructive manner. We are all different, so why should there be any comparing or rivalry? 
You don't have to be the best at everything. You don't have to be the best at anything. Because you are the Best You. That is all that you can do or be. 

I like to compare this to Yoga. Yoga is a practice. Even Yogis who are "Masters" are still learning and are still practicing. Everyone is at a different level and there is no better way or "right" way. People practice yoga with an awareness of themselves, of their physical bodies and mental bodies. They are respectful of their inner nature and their current capabilities. Everyone's practice is a little different. It doesn't matter what "level" your neighbor is at, all that matters is where You are at. And that is forever changing and growing. 

So stop comparing. Stop feeling bad about yourself or getting down on yourself. Stop trying to prove Yourself. 

Accept and Love YourSelf. 
You are the Best You. 
Respect your inner nature and allow yourself to grow at your own unique pace and path.  

Peace & Love,

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