Friday, December 31, 2010

☺ 30 Day Self Challenge -- Preparation ☺

I want to hear who is going to commit themselves to the 30 Day Self-Challenge! Why? Because I want this to be your moment to become Self-Commited--commited to something new and exciting, committed to changing your life into something beautiful and wondrous and exciting and Happy!

Before I post the Challenge these are some "notes" to remember throughout it and to keep you committed and on track...

Don't Resist Change.
Never get Discouraged! Ever!
Be Proud of your Commitment to yourself!
Change takes time and work. Things don't change overnight, but these are steps to get there.
Be Patient and Kind towards your Self.
Enjoy the Ride and the Moment.
Just do your best.
Never Compare your experiences or your life to others. You and your life are unique and yours. Read more here. 
Smile all the time.
You Can--never doubt yourself.
Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't want.
Have courage.
You can do it if you Believe you can.
Remember Why you are doing the challenge.
Remember; this is a Challenge--if it were easy it wouldn't be called a challenge. But also remember...
It is a commitment to Better your Self and your Life. To become Positive and Happy.
Don't dwell. 
Embrace and accept all experiences and outcomes. 
Take Responsibility for Your Life. 
Be Positive. All the time.
You're f*#king awesome!  

Let's hear it! Are you in? 

Peace and Love,

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  1. I'M IN!!!! F*@kin A, man!!!!! :oD

  2. I am IN. I will not let this depression ruin another year for me. I am gonna smile a hell of a lot more :)

  3. Yes!!!! See this is the enthusiasm we're going to experience throughout this entire challenge!! Let's change our lives!!! <3 <3

    p.s. you guys are f*#cking amazing!! :D

  4. Its fun to do this challenge with others.. because, for some weird reason, most people seem to hold themselves accountable to others before they do themselves. I'm so stoked! This is gonna be great! And its gonna not only start out new year right, but change our lives and bad habits. YOU are awesome for starting this quest! Bravo!!! :)

  5. aww well I'm glad you're so excited and I'm really excited that this challenge is getting such good feedback. I really want to change my life and you all to want to change yours and make it amazing so I love that you all are so committed! xo

  6. Heck yes, i am definately doing this


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