Wednesday, December 8, 2010

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Book; "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" ♥

I just started re-reading this book two days ago so I figured now would be a good time to share it with you. 

"Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman. 

In case you don't know, I am absolutely in love with this Book. It is my favorite. Ever. Why? Well, it's a fun read but it also changed my life. I'm not saying that it will change yours, but hey, who knows, it might. Regardless, it has so many amazing lessons to teach. It is from this book that I learned...

To live in the Here & Now.
That Happiness is Now. 
That "There are No Ordinary Moments."
The Paradoxes of the Mind; how it is our biggest downfall and distraction and how to be consciously aware of it and control it. (I really can't sum this lesson up in one line ~_^)
That "Stress happens when the Mind Resists what Is" (What you Resist, Persists).
To "Let feelings flow and then Let them Go."
That Change is a part of life and that we must embrace it rather than resist it. 
"Don't Resist Life, Just do your Best."
To have a sense of Humor and laugh and enjoy life instead of falling into predictable reactions and emotions. 

It is from this book I learned these key points of the book: 


Which I have tattooed on my arm. Like I said, this book changed my life. Now I have the reminder on my arm of its teachings with me always. 

The book is a novel but it is based off of Dan Millman's real encounter with a mysterious character he names Socrates. Dan is an ordinary young man with a feeling that something is missing from his life, and I think it's a feeling that many of us can relate to which is why we are always chasing happiness and achievement. A chance encounter brings him to an all-night gas station where he meets Socrates, an eccentric old "warrior" who becomes his mentor and teacher on a long journey to enlightenment, life's larger meaning, and Happiness. 
The story is told with heart and humor that really reaches out to the reader. I found myself laughing out loud and brought to tears by this book, that is how powerful it is. Parts of it may feel like a slap in the face, but after you get past the mind you realize it's a good thing, it's a slap in the face to wake up and open your eyes.  

This book was recommended to me by someone who has had a huge influence in my life, so I am now recommending it to you. Like I said, you may not get as powerful an effect from it as I did, but hopefully you find it helpful and inspirational. I think that it is a book that everyone should read in their lives. 

Peace & Love

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