Friday, December 17, 2010

☺ Inspirational: Return that Smile! ☺

☺ Smile & Laugh! Yes, the most obvious advice ever, but it works! Laughter releases tension and endorphins so you'll Feel better. Smiling, all the time, at everyone, invites others to do the same, so you're creating positive energy all around. By simply smiling it also triggers the brain to be Happy. Neat huh? So Smile & Laugh it off!  

☺ Dance in your Underwear! Absolutely let go, Be Free! Let yourself jump around and dance like a maniac! No one is there to watch you--and if they are, who cares? Allow yourself to Be and have some fun! Sing, prance, jump, run around, whatever or however you feel, just go for it! Crank up some silly pop music, maybe head-bang to some metal, but I recommend something upbeat. 

☺ Hug Everyone You Love! Or just plain hug Everyone if you feel like it. There is not enough Love & Joy being spread around so help spread it, for Yourself and for Others. Hugs are amazing, everyone loves hugs, whether they admit it or not. Never forget the joy of this simple affectionate act. 

☺ Be Appreciative & Attentive. Every moment of the day try to stop and really look around at your surroundings and just Be. Walk around with Your Eyes Open! It will help bring you to the Here & Now and will open your eyes to the beauty of simplicity in life. Remember; There are No Ordinary Moments.  

Have an amazing weekend Lovelies! Enjoy it! And remember how Beautiful you are. 

Peace & Love,

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