Monday, January 3, 2011

☺ Inspirational; "Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone" ☺

I love this quote (by Neale Donald Walsch's Friendship With God ) and the lesson behind it can be incredibly liberating. 
I'll get more into the book itself  in another post, I know that some people are weary as soon as the name "God" comes into any dialogue. Just know that the book is amazing whether you believe in God or not. 


The concept of today's post is really quite simple; step out of your comfort zone and you'll discover a Life you've been missing out on. You'll like what you'll find.  

Life is about new experiences, but we tend to resist anything new or different, or even try to go running in the opposite direction all-together. 
Do something uncomfortable for a change! Life gets very stale if you stick to your habitual routine and activities and never wander from them. The Human brain needs growth and stimulation, routines stifle that life and, more importantly, can prevent happiness. Do you really think that people who lock themselves up in their little bubbles are truly happy? I mean Genuinely Happy? Unless you're some sort of strange super human, probably not. We are Human Beings and we require Being  in order to keep our lives wonderful and happy. 

Almost everyone has their own comfort zones that they would rather stay in. Break those walls! 

Step out of your Comfort Zone! Do something totally spontaneous and do something for you. Try taking up any opportunity that presents itself to you even if it may not sound particularly appealing. At least you'll have tried it for yourself and it will be a new experience to grow from regardless. Try New things! Put yourself in a situation that intimidates you, one that may make you feel a little tense at first. Do it and let go of your mind; allow yourself to ease into any situation. Be observant and open to it. Embrace it and Be with it. 
You'll be suprised by the fun you might be missing out on. Don't be so resistant. Go with the flow. Let go of your pesky mind and reserves and just jump in and go for it! What's the worst that could happen? Any experience is a good one so long as you have the right attitude. Be adventurous and have some fun!

Learn to not be so uptight, it's a key in learning to step out of your comfort zone. Go ahead, be shameless! Stop caring what others think! Be a goof and be ridiculous! Bust out a dance move in the middle of the grocery store, sidewalk, or wherever public you might find yourself today. This I am challenging you as a Must for today! Learn to be comfortable with Yourself and others will be too, and you'll learn to be comfortable doing just about anything. 

Purposely step out of your comfort zone at least once a week. You know, live a little! ;) 

Peace & Love

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  1. I'll surely try my best to challenge myself more often!

  2. This is thia great habit to get into. I will really take every opportunity to do this!

  3. it really is! Its something I need to practice more too haha ;)


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