Tuesday, January 18, 2011

☺Inspirational: Happy Diary! ☺

I spoke the other day about writing for Positivity instead of Negativity. If you are taking part in the 30 Day Self Challenge then you also know that number 30 is to keep a Happy Diary. 

So what is a Happy Diary? 

It is a lovely place where you can write down Happy, Loving, Positive, Optimistic thoughts every single day. This encourages positive thinking and an overall positive mental attitude. 
Our thoughts are products of our habits and our daily lives and unfortunately we live in a rather negative world that tends to rub off on us. To some of us, happiness comes easily, to most it takes effort. It won't always, it's as I always say, practice makes perfect. And if you continue to practice one day you will no longer need that constant reminder to yourself. As to how to get there, practice positive thinking. A Happy Diary is a wonderful step to get there and to change old thought patterns into new ones. Instead of jotting down angry, pessimistic thoughts, focus on uplifting, happy, optimistic thoughts and write those down every single day in that Happy Diary. This repetition will change your thought "habits"; instead of your mind dwelling on the negative all the time it will instead learn to let go of that pessimism and not pay it any mind, and instead focus on the joys of life around you. 
Your life is perception. Remember, everyone faces ordeals and unfavorable circumstances in life, but it is how you Choose to Act about those things and how you Choose to Feel that will affect the general Happiness in your life. We are products of our own thoughts. Learn to think Positive. Practice this by writing down Positive things. At the end of your day, maybe first thing in the morning, or any time during the day that you need a pick-me-up, jot down happy thoughts. Write about how wonderful your day was instead of focussing on the bad. Write down why you love your life, and why you love the people in it. Write about the beauty that surrounds you. Write about the laughter of a friend or even a stranger you met on the street. Write down Who you Want to Be. Write down things you love about yourself. Write down all the little moments that make life so unique and beautiful. If an "unfavorable" situation occurs, write about the lesson that you took away from the experience instead of why the experience was bad. All these steps will help to re-enforce that Positive Attitude and mindset and general way of thinking. It will make you Happy about life and allow you to enjoy it. 
Nothing could change in your life and at the same time Everything could change, just by changing your way of thinking. 

So write, write, write in that Happy little Diary. Re-enforce Positive Thinking. See the world through an optimistic mind. Open yourself to the beauty of the world around you. Write down Happy thoughts and your mind will learn to focus on those Positive joys of every minute of your life. 

Peace & Love

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