Friday, January 14, 2011

☺ Inspirational: What NOT To Do ☺

I try to focus more time and energy on the Positive Inspirational reminders and talk, and there IS a reason for this--I'll get more into that below. But sometimes a little post like this can be helpful in breaking bad habits. 
Remember, I am no specialist, these are only things that make sense to me and have worked for me. I believe them to work by experience, so maybe you'll find the same. 

We all have those days or moments that we just plain feel down. When we feel like this we tend to make some impulsive choices we may regret or that will only make us feel worse. So, here is the list of what Not to do. 

Eating Ice-Cream, Candy, & other Junk-Food: Whatever your unhealthy food vice may be, don't eat it. Try not reaching for that tub of ice cream. All that sugar will only cause a mood crash and keep you feeling low instead of better. Try drinking fresh juice or eat some fruit, these are still sweet and will give you energy. These healthy snacks may even inspire a change of mood because you're feeding your brain healthy foods instead. 

Cutting Your Hair: Unfortunately, many of us have been there. I know taking out some aggression on your head may sound appealing, but try pointing those scissors to a piece of paper instead--you won't regret that one. Makeovers can be fun, but not when you're in a bad mood. Plus, a makeover won't do you any good if you don't change your attitude. We are all too willing to change our hair, change our look, change where we live, where we work, but most of us are unwilling to change our Selves, our Attitudes. Try to do that consciously instead. 

Stare in the Mirror: I'm not sure why we pick ourselves apart when we stare in the mirror or where the need comes from, most likely an act of self-loath or self-pity. Regardless of whatever drew you to the mirror, do Not stare at yourself and rip yourself apart. Too many of us do this and it's so incredibly negative. Whether we like it or not, everyone has some sort of insecurity, whether its big or small. But everyone is perfect in their imperfections. Everyone is Unique and wonderful. Love Yourself! Try looking in the mirror and saying something nice about yourself instead. Attitude is everything! If you're pessimistic and miserable all the time it will show, and that is the only part of you that will repel others. 

Burying Emotions/Problems: Many of us do it and it's such a big no-no. I was the worst; I would bury every problem that came up and as it lingered I withdrew more and more. Sweeping all those problems under a rug does not get rid of them. They will come back around to bite you, whether you realize it quickly or not. Deal with things as soon as they happen. Find resolve.  

Sobbing & being Anti-Social: You're upset, so you want nothing more than to be by yourself and sob. This anti-social attitude will only make you feel worse. Sobbing will make it worse too if you're wallowing in it and feeling self-pity. I'm not saying don't feel anything. I'm a firm believer in letting emotion flow and then letting them go. But take charge of your attitude, cry it out if you need, and then get back on your feet and socialize. Surrounding yourself with happy people will make you feel wayyy better! 

Miserable Diary: While keeping a diary can be fun, many of us tend to use them as a method to rant and be negative with out really being conscious of it. My old diaries scare me! They were filled with pessimism, frustration, and negativity. I was only re-enforcing that negative mental attitude. Finally, I saw this and turned it around. Now if I don't have anything nice to say, I won't say it at all. If you absolutely need to vent, then go for it; I go into more details about this method in this last post "Turn Your Mood Around with Writing." And if you reaaally need to vent, then write out those frustrations first on a scrap piece of paper and then throw it away when you're done so you can get on to writing something positive. Holding onto that piece of paper is similar to holding onto those negative thoughts in your head. You don't need them, let them go. 
There's no point in writing out little vent if you only feel worse or the same afterwards. Do not keep a diary if all it's going to be is a negative outlet. If you don't find a positive conclusion then all you are doing is re-enforcing a negative mental attitude. Reach a Positive conclusion and a change of attitude. 
Instead, keep a "Happy Diary" and focus your attention on all the Positivity in your life, it'll help change your attitude towards everything! 

Don't Dwell on Negativities: Most of us fall victim to this attitude because it's easy and almost taught. The Blog focuses so much attention on Positivity for this exact reason! Dwelling on Negativities serves no purpose--at all! If you want a negative life then by all means focus all your attention on what's "wrong" around you; talk about it, write about it, share with everyone how negative everything is. Time to realize that this is only going to make your situation worse. Focus your attention ON the things you Do want, and OFF the things you Don't what. Repel Negativity by being Positive. It IS that simple. Practice this all the time. The next time you want to share something negative on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or whatever social network, or in real life, stop yourself! Focus instead on something positive and write or talk about that. This truly truly works! And practice makes perfect!  

~Peace & Love

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