Tuesday, January 11, 2011

☺ Inspiration: Turn Your Mood around with Writing! ☺

It's a simple step that most of us don't place the effort in; turning our mood around. Let's face it, we all have moments where life can become overwhelming, when things can get us down or just plain in a bad mood. Turning our mood around is one of those things that requires our immediate attention if we hope to carry on with the rest of our day on a postive note instead of dwelling on negativities and remaining moody. Yet we very rarely actually give ourselves the time to do so. 
Put in the effort to make yourself happy and upbeat! 

I already spoke a bit about dancing and doing something active to boost your mood and return that smile (you can check out my video blog regarding this and be entertained by my sillyness too ~_^). It's a great step, but it can be useless if you can't stop a dillemma or problem from nagging your mind. 

Sort through those problems as soon as they arrive. Focus on a positive outcome. Don't waste your time on negativity, this only re-enforces that bad attitude and makes it harder to recover. And whatever you do, do not play the "poor me" card. These things get you no where but in a negative circle.

Learn to get into the habit of using pen and paper to write down your problems and ordeals, but most importantly, your thoughts into a positive conclusion. Now, this is key so I'm going to say it again; don't dwell on negativities

Too often our process of writing and thinking means whining and venting and complaining about what's wrong in our lives. This only continues the negative attitude, worse yet, it further imbeds it into your brain. Such a continual process becomes a habit, one that is not easy to break. And this is the dilemma most of us must face; changing our thought patterns back into something positive after years of negative thinking.

So use that pen and paper as a constructive tool instead of dwelling on pessimism. If you need to let out a little vent, by all means, do so--it is often a necassary part of the process--but keep writing until you reach something positive. Learn to ask questions, to look deeper, to really let your thoughts transfer onto the page. Don't spend time thinking about what you're writing, just let the words flow from your subconscious to your conscious mind right onto paper. The thoughts should be written out just as fast as they strike the mind. All one fluid process. You'll be amazed by the revelations, epiphanies, and realizations you'll have. That is, if you allow yourself to and really get into positive habits. If you begin the process with no intention of a positive or constructive outcome then you won't get one because you'll still be dwelling on the negative. 
Learn to open your mind and let your thoughts flow through your heart. It is another key point in this exercise to ask "what would love do?" Love opens the door to enlightenment and openness, and if you are open then you will be receptive to the wonderful revelations that may come to you by hammering out words onto paper. Let go of grudges, and the blame game, and being right, let it all go and become open to your subconscious mind. 

So, to sum this up in steps and key notes:

Don't waste your time on the Negative.
Keep your mind on the things you do want, and off the things you don't.
Keep writing until you change your attitude into a positive one.
Be open and loving--so that you are Receptive to the revelations that may come.
Let your thoughts transfer instantly as they come from your subconscious to the page.
Set Positive, conclusive Intentions. 
Don't stop writing until you have a positive conclusion and can be at peace with the problem.
Write as soon as trouble surfaces in your mind--don't push it aside and allow it to linger until it reaches a breaking point.

These steps will help you maintain a Positive and Happy Attitude. But always remember to appreciate your life and look at the good in it instead of the bad. There's no point in letting yourself be miserable all the time-- you can turn your own mood around! It is in your hands, give yourself that credit. Make sure you place the effort though. If you do nothing then your bad mood will linger, don't allow it to. You are all powerful and have absolute control of your mood. Practice consistently changing it around and you will be well on your way. It will eventually come naturally and the effort won't be as great. Until you reach that point, practice, practice, practice. Never get discouraged and always be resilient. 

You are an amazing human being!

So dance, write, and do whatever else you may know that works to turn your mood around. Don't waste a second more of your time being negative! Smile, laugh, and enjoy your beautiful life!!!

Peace & Love
~Bianca xo

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  1. Such great tips! It is a great gift you give to others by writing this, I really appreciate it! Thank you <3

  2. Writing is the best therapy, and this is an interesting way of getting out a slump and bad mood that I intent to try next time!

  3. it totally works! I swear by this method. But like I said, it is definitely a key that you have to have that INTENTION of bettering your mood, otherwise all u end up writing about it negativity :p which does the opposite.


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