Saturday, January 1, 2011

☺ Starting New; Setting "Self" Goals ☺

It's a new year which means you get a clean slate. I'm not saying forget the past year or pretend like it never happened, but let it go. It held many lessons that are worth remembering whether you enjoyed the year or not. Those lessons are the Positivity you should focus on. The past serves as a reference to our growth, but learn to let go of the attachment to the events themselves. Let go, grow, and move forwards. 
The New Year is Today, which is why this is the day I choose to reflect and decide what I want for the time to follow. The concept of "New Year's Resolutions" has kind of lost it's power these days. Instead, reflect and set your desires, your intentions, your "self-goals" and Commit to these. Make them things that you can use every day as a note to grow from and stay focussed on. Make them things that will get you excited about life and give you that motivation and inspiration to achieve them. Write them down and read them every single day until they are embedded in your brain.  

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." 
~Napolean Hill

Whether you're committed to the "30 Day Self Challenge" or not, these notes are some great advice to follow for your outlook throughout the year and those goals you've set. 

So, here are my Self Goals for the year and the Challenge. This is the Life I intend to Live this Year...

☺ I'm going to be Happy all the time.
 I'm going to be the most Positive person I know.
 I'm going to Smile and be Enthusiastic about Life every single day!
 I'm going to Love my Self and my Life.
 I'm going to embrace and be confident in who I am.
 I'm going to make my life freakin' amazing!!!
 I'm going to be more social, have more human-interactions, and make lots and lots of friends!
 I'm going to seek out tons of new experiences.
 I'm going to be free and totally Spontaneous.
 I'm going to sing and Dance alllll the time! 
 I'm going to spread Love and Joy!
 I'm going to inspire others to make their lives beautiful.
 I'm going to be 100% Vegan with no slip-ups this year. 
 I'm going to continue to be as Earth-Friendly as possible. 
 I'm going to explore and travel.
 I'm going to never say that I can't. 
 I'm going to never place Limitations on myself.
 I'm going to live my life the way I want to live it and do all the things I want to do.
 I'm going to let go of Expectations (this is good, I will expand more on this soon).
I'm going to have enough Optimism and Energy to take over negativity around me. 
I'm going to accept responsibility over my own life, mood, and happiness.
☺ I'm going to let go of my Mind and stop over-thinking, second-guessing, and dwelling.
I'm going to make ReLove grow more and more!
I'm going to have an awesome sense of Humor!    
I'm going to continue to grow and better myself. 
I'm going to have a f*#king AWESOME LIFE!!!

What are You going to do this year? :) And for those in the Challenge, have you picked out your image? 
Mine is the necklace pictured. ;) 
Hope you're all having an amazing New Year!!! 2011 is gonna ROCK!!! 

Peace & Love

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  1. Positive goals are much better than resolutions for sure!

  2. Awesomely done! Well played!

    My image is the tattoo on my foot. It says Carpe Diem and I got it during the exacy moment in my life that I decided to change for the better and become the person I want to be.. it inspires me and reminds me to always seize the moment. To live for the Now.

    My list, which was harder to make than I thought it would be, contains both personal goals and things I want to do or learn this year.. and it goes a little something like this....

    * I will be a positive and happy role model for my kids.
    * I will be a positive and happy person for me.
    * I will not let negative things bring me down.
    * I will enjoy the moment I'm in and not dwell on what's next.
    * I will spead joy and laughter to others.
    * I will learn something new that let's me be creative
    * I will go down the path of vegetarianism
    * I will do a triathalon for charity
    * I will exercise everyday
    * I will reconnect with friends that I've lost contact with
    * I will f*&cking ROCK at being AWESOME
    * I will be proud of the person I am and the person I am becoming

    That's it in a nutshell! :)

  3. Honestly B....I really am using that picture of you with your sign to keep myself motivated ;) You're the most positive person I have in my life right now, so it's all you baby!! ;) haha. Corny I know.

    My list is basically lots of things surrounding the main goal of being happy. Smile more, laugh more, not dwelling on negative things, and being more active. Just noticing the little things, and taking better care of myself.

  4. I love inspirational tattoos, they are great and they are ones you know that you will never regret getting :)

    my list was harder to make than I thought too! I took half the day writing it out lol ;)

    Nicole, I am so flattered and that makes me feel amazing in return that I could be such an inspiration. So thank you <3 xo

    I love hearing your lists!! I'm so excited about this year!!! yayy!!! :D *big hugs for everyone*


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