Wednesday, January 19, 2011

♥ Wednesday Favorites: Happy Diaries ♥

Last post I spoke about keeping a "Happy Diary" so today it only seemed fitting that the Wednesday Favorites post be some awesome choices for your journal. Remember to always keep the well-beng of Mother Earth in mind; it all goes hand-in-hand when practicing Positivity--share it with the earth! So here are some of my favorite eco-friendly notebooks that I have stumbled across.  

EcoJot: These are the ones that I use and I absolutely love them for so many reasons. The covers are super cute and have lots to choose from, including a ton of different sizes. Their prodcuts are 100% post-consumer recycled, so no new trees are cut in the making of their journals! The paper is acid free and processed chlorine free, and all inks and glues are vegetable based. Even the mill where the notebooks are made is powered by biogas harnessed from a nearby landfill! As if this isn't great enough, they have a "buy one, give one" program where they have so far given 70,000 notebooks to children in countries all over the world including, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Niger, Poland, Zimbabwe among others. 

Inspirational Journals: at Tees for Change! They have a couple Inspirational covers to choose from and come in different sizes too. They are made with 100% recycled chipboard and white inside paper and come wrapped in a biodegradable bag made from plants.

So there are only a couple that I really wanted to share with you today but I HAD to share these because they are a Must for your Happy Diary needs ;) 
Exercise for the day? What are YOU Grateful for? 

Have a fabulous day Lovelies! 

Peace & Love

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